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  1. jp_lcr

    JDM import advice and experience

    I know a few of you have imported JDM cars into UK. I wondered if there are any importers you have experience of and would recommend? Or anyone done it themselves? I have an itch to scratch thats was JDM model only. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  2. jp_lcr

    Leak advice please

    Hi, any thoughts on what this leak is please? And how much of a job to correct. Noticed some spots on drive and then look under found this.
  3. jp_lcr

    Clio 1.6 RSi looks lovely to me I saw this when scanning eBay think its a beaut...
  4. jp_lcr

    Klarius/Ktec/Pure or custom exhaust recommendations? OEM+

    Hi, I'd like a new exhaust as mine is blowing (172 Cup). So as I've read around the forum the go to options are... 1. Klarius cat back mild steel stealth £120 2. Ktec resonated stainless steel stealth £404 3. Pure motosport is the best reviewed however requires their cat to fit so £778 (not...
  5. jp_lcr

    Dead spot in steering

    In the centre spot of my steering it feels like there is a dead / flat spot where nothing happens, for example if moving and turn left and right a little (say centre spot and 1-2cm either way has no effect on steering). Once loaded steering feels great it's just initial turn in that's very light...
  6. jp_lcr

    Nice blue phase 1 low miles Noticed this is anyone is on the lookout for a nice blue Phase 1. Its strong money but if good as it looks not mega money.
  7. jp_lcr

    CLIP or resistors

    Hi just wondered if anyone near Sheffield S20 had a CLIP and could programme out steering wheel and passenger airbags removed plus drivers pre tensioner/ seatbelt at some point in the future when I've fitted please? Or if you think it's better to put in resistors instead? Thanks.
  8. jp_lcr

    RS2 intakes back in production?

    Noticed this on Facebook RS2 intakes available to order for delivery or include fitting and mapping... is anyone on here involved? Am I right in thinking these were good then stopped being made then there was a copy SM? And this is possibly the original back in production, or have I got...
  9. jp_lcr

    Suspension for Road Going Sprint / Hillclimb

    I'm considering moving up to Road Going from Standard Class after finishing this my first season. The main reason for me is part of the fun trying is develop the car alongside my driving plus a little project through winter. I know it's a bottomless money pit could be up against 10k race...
  10. jp_lcr

    Top speed / gear ratios / calculations

    Apoligies if asked before but does anyone know the standard gear ratios for a 172 Cup gearbox, tried searching but not found it? I'm wanting to confirm max speed in each gear, think there are calculators online from gearing and tyre dimensions to work out theoretical max speed, also any easy...
  11. jp_lcr

    Race/track day most important tools to take?

    Hi, First race on Sunday want to take some basics for emergency repairs, in the box to leave in paddock so far got... Oil Coolant Zip ties Gaffer tape Electrical tape Gloves Torque wrench Pressure gauge (with release button) Track pump Was thinking a few bits from socket set and breaker...
  12. jp_lcr

    Project Unicorn - 172 Cup Hillclimb / Sprint Car

    Hi, This is my first project thread on here. I wanted to start a thread to document my attempts to get into racing, my development as a driver and my cars development... My Background In from Sheffield, been obsessed with cars since I was a kid, went to University to study Automotive...