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  1. Owen92

    Spotted: Blue and Green 9.3.15 Little Chef Norwich

    Spotted this Clio yesterday outside the Little Chef/ Travelodge and wondered who's it was?
  2. Owen92

    [Feb 7, 2015] Cambs/Hunts Monthly Meet - Meet Details (Huntingdon)

    So after some discussion, it has been decided on a monthly meet and eat. The location has been chosen based on a few reasons. First off being location as it is fairly central and easy to get to for our area. The car park is big enough to accommodate a a fair size collection of Clios (and a...
  3. Owen92

    Cambs/Hunts Monthly Meet Idea Thread

    As this areas new rep, I'm really keen to get a monthly meet started. This meet will be the same location every month. The idea is for the meet to be at a local pub restaurant. At the moment I'm thinking of The Granary in Peterborough. We have used this location as a meet before, as the food is...
  4. Owen92

    FAO Cambridgeshire/Huntingdonshire/Rutland Members

    As I've just been given the rep position for this area, I'd like to get an idea of how many active members the area actually has. Then hopefully we can use this to come up with meets that will be the best for all of us. So let's use this thread to get to know each other and throw some ideas out...
  5. Owen92

    CSS 14 Multi Region Convoy - Thrapston Services A14 - A605 - A45.

    As I was planning a route for this I came up with the idea of using Thrapston services as a meeting point for different convoys to merge into one for the last 25minute stretch before reaching Billing. The plan will be to meet at Thrapston services which is J13 of the A14. This is also the...
  6. Owen92

    Advice and criticism please? Clio and landscape pictures

    This is my first proper camera, so I'm looking for some advice and criticism on these pictures so I can better myself. The camera itself is a Fujifilm S6800 bridge camera. All advice and criticism on these pictures are welcomed. I know the quality isn't great.
  7. Owen92

    May 5th Hunstanton Meet Attendance List Thread.

    Following on from this thread: Just to make it a bit easier to see who's actually coming, please add your name to the list. Can we save any discussion for in the other thread and leave...
  8. Owen92

    WP04 Black 182 with gold bullets. A1M Peterborough

    Saw this earlier, 19:45, heading southbound. Thought it was Spinksy at first but then noticed it wasn't Spinks driving.
  9. Owen92

    Bank holiday monday Hunstanton meet 5th May 2014 12PM

    After organising a couple of meets in Peterborough, the idea for a meet at Hunstanton has come about. The idea is to meet at a car park on top of the cliffs, which should make for a good photoshoot location, and bring disposable BBQ's and some food and then do what we want to do. The location...
  10. Owen92

    Peterborough meet May 2014

    After the last meet, I thought it would be a good idea to skip a month so we can organise things a month in advance and avoid the hunting around for somewhere that will take us. With it being May bank holiday on the 5th of May, I was thinking we could have a drive down to the coast. Whether...
  11. Owen92

    Peterborough Meet March 2014 Ideas Thread

    After the pretty successful meet last weekend, I want to make this a monthly thing. So if people post their suggestions for a meet on Saturday the 1st of March, I'll pick the most popular to do. Just bear in mind there is a karting meet organised for the East of England region at the end of...
  12. Owen92

    Peterborough Meet February 2014

    Following on from comments in another thread and conversations I've had with other members from this area, I'm going to try and get some regular meets sorted as this area is missed out when it comes to meets. A couple of options I've come up with are a Meet and Eat at somewhere like Chiquitos...
  13. Owen92

    The electrical fault tracing advice thread

    I seem to keep giving the same simple advice out about basic fault tracing, so here's a thread that we can all add our knowledge to. Bulbs If a light is out, check the bulb! A bulb can go at any time, even just after fitting. Even if two go at the same time, check the bulbs first as this will...
  14. Owen92

    Peterborough to CSS convoy thread 2013.

    Is anyone interested in a convoy from the Peterborough area to CSS, joining up with the Yorkshire and East Mids convoys along the way? My idea is to meet at somewhere like Peterborough Services at 9:00 and meet up with the other convoys at Brampton Hut Services. If anyone has got any...
  15. Owen92

    Car occasionally taking a long time to start.

    I've got a mk3 Clio 1.2 that's on 7000miles. Occasionally it will take a while to start, sometimes it will start straight away. I've tested the battery with a Midtronics battery tester and the result came back as a good battery. Any ideas what is causing this?
  16. Owen92

    Anyone got a spare 200k?

    Well Volvo are releasing a new truck and as part of their advertising they are currently doing an ebay auction for charity. They are auctioning the first truck of the new FH range.
  17. Owen92

    Van insurance for 19yr old

    I've had a quick search but nothing has come up. Basically I'm 19 and need to hire a van in a couple of weeks to help my nan move house. I drive vans at work but can't borrow one for the weekend as the Transit is a breakdown van, so needs to be at work ready for call outs, but also has work...
  18. Owen92

    Anyone from around Leicester/Nottingham fancy meeting for a few drinks?

    Just wondering if anyone fancies meeting up for a couple of drinks on wednesday or thursday evening, or sometime next week to help pass the boredom?
  19. Owen92

    Mk3 non sport to 200 bumpers

    How easy, if possible, would it be to fit bumpers from a 200 to a mk3 1.2? Also would I need any other parts aswell as the front and rear bumpers?
  20. Owen92

    Safari windows collapsing.

    I've had a look and can't seem to find the answer. I've somehow managed to make safari windows to collapse back into the safari icon when minimised. I want to be able to get it back to minimised safari windows to show up in the activity panel on the right hand side of the dock. Can someone tell...
  21. Owen92

    **05YVY Peterborough

    London Road going past Hampton at about 4, was behind in a white Micra with blue stripes down the side.
  22. Owen92

    CSS Tug Of War East of England

    Anyone up for the CSS tug of war thing?
  23. Owen92

    Video through Carminat Sat Nav?

    Had a quick search and couldn't find anything about this. I was wondering if there is anyway to play video through the Carminat TomTom on a mk3? Would be good when I'm waiting for work to open, to be able to just watch a video.
  24. Owen92

    Spotted 2 tonight in Peterborough

    Saw 2 Renaultsport Clios tonight. One in Park Farm and parked next to one in Tescos. Just wondering if its anyone off of here?
  25. Owen92

    Problems with iPhone USB leads? Recommendations?

    Is it just me or do the USB leads for the iPhones/iPods break really easily? I've had my iPhone 4 for about 18 months now and am on my 5th USB lead, 3 of them being the official Apple ones, then one from Maplin and the latest one being an extra long eBay special one. every single one has...
  26. Owen92

    The most dangerous way to lower your car?

    Saw this on the Internet and thought it has to be the most dangerous way to lower your car? pics at the bottom of page 1
  27. Owen92

    Newbie with Clio on its way

    Just thought I'd introduce myself a bit. I'm owen from peterborough. Currently got a Peugeot 106 but have got a new Clio Dynamique TomTom 1.2 16v on order so a bit of a step up from a pug