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  1. J

    whirring noise

    help needed. i have a 2004 renault clio sport 182. which has developed a whirring noise recently i have noticed that the noise gets much quieter if i turn right.. in my quest to find the location of this i have changed all the wheel bearings, bought from renault. i have changed the tyres both...
  2. J

    dash strips and door bullets.

    I have just had the above items done. Steering wheel insert and dash strips done with a silver base coat with blue main coat with blue flake in. Door bullets done in normal black with hand painted decals. What are your opinions? Also i can get them done in any colour you like if other...
  3. J

    headlight washers

    I have read numerous posts on here about them leaking. It looks like my cars crying lol. I have been reading about the non return valves but they seem to have mixed reviews. What other alternativea do i have to solve this. As i have considered taking them out ans putting carbon blanks in but im...
  4. J

    Cheap daily

    here is a link to the car i have on gum tree. thought it may be some use to somebody if they want a daily as that's all i have used it for. many thanks
  5. J

    clio on gumtree Must stress this isnt mine!
  6. J

    Team valley

    Hi i was just wondering if anybody from here visted tonight. I saw 3 cliosports tonight. 2 silver 182, and a artic blue one. Then there was me and my mate in his rb. Didnt want to seem like a nonse and say hello incase they wernt from here. Should arrange a mini meet up there??
  7. J

    Clio 182 Bg

    hi all i have recently came back to the world of clios after been absent for 2yrs. i was trawling through the forum and various dealers to find the right car for me. on the 19th march i went to view an arctic blue one at dtm cars. from the pictures it looked clean as a whistle and i was excited...
  8. J

    brake help

    I am collecting parts to upgrade my brake setup on my car. So far i have bought ferrodo ds2500 front pads, Brembo high carbon discs, and im trying to land some braided brake lines. Apart from having the braided lines i wont have an upgrade on the back axel. Will this be sufficent to run on the...
  9. J

    decat question

    I dont mean to sound like a utter douche here. But i am looking for a decat pipe to go with my scorpion exhast system that came with the car. Do i need to get a decat pipe that matches the same model as the exhaust or can i get an alternative one?
  10. J

    tyre help

    I have recently bought a 182ff which came with hankook venture v12s on the front and landsail (i have never heard of them) on the back. I have done about 400 miles on the tyres and the road noise coming from the front is horrific. So bad in fact i thought my wheel bearing was shot. I was...
  11. J

    black gold

    I have recently purchased a 182ff black gold. And the paint work suffers from swirl marks and in parts looks quite flat. Amongst some light surface scratchs What is the best way of regaining the shine. I have booked a machine polish and i have invested in some poorboys polish and wax...
  12. J

    old member new start

    hi all i have decide to have a look back on this page i spent many a hour trawling through various threads and looking for bits for sale when i had my 172 berg, which unfortunately i got rid of back in September 2012. (what a mistake that was) in the next few months i will be looking for new car...
  13. J

    bit optimistic with these figures 0-60 in how fast ??
  14. J

  15. J

    someone save this poor clio!! clearly a case of ZERO taste
  16. J

    advertising FAIL
  17. J

    is this the elusive petrol blue colour?? never seen one of these...
  18. J

    cleanest clio for sale atm???
  19. J

    glacier white clio what sort of thing would you suspect is wrong with this if anything cos in my opinion it seems like a bargin
  20. J

    dimmer!! may be a repost sorry if it is:o after checking i have found out i have spelt the title wrong. my apologies
  21. J

    led sidelights

    as above, i am looking for some white maybe blue led sidelights where is the best place i can get these from. also has anybody had any issues with the police with having blue sidelights? or will it fail a mot because of this issue aswell? thank you :)
  22. J

    yx05 guf

    asda boldon underground iceberg 182 with carbon fibre splitter. very clean example. I was in the berg 172 that was infront of you ha.
  23. J

    wheel balancing in sunderland/surrounding areas

    hi i am in dire need of getting my wheels balanced i was wondering if anybody could reccomend anywhere local to me for this service at a resonable preice the cheapest i have been quoted is 6.25 per wheel and that was with kwick fit. is this a good price???
  24. J


    This may be a stupid question but im going to ask anyway my friend and i have recently discovered that the 1.2/1.4 clio has the same part/manufactur number as the clio sports.we asked a local retailer. would it be possible to fit them shocks as a direct replacment. and if not why? They...
  25. J

    team valley

    As above was going to have a trip down tonight. anybody fancy it?
  26. J

    OH dear

    not anybodys on here is it...
  27. J

    Help please thats a link for my original post can you gimmie some advice sory to double post in advance :P jack
  28. J

    buying from germany

    hi all i am in the process of buying some fk auomotive shocks from a depot based in germany the website is i was wondering if anybody has had any issues with these and are these products genuine as the seem to be quite cheap in comaprrisn with other will known...
  29. J

    WANT in my opnion the best colour for the 200 :)
  30. J

    rear shocks advice needed

    hi all i am currently in need of a rear shock for the iceberg 172. my mate said he has had normal clio shocks to his clio and they ran fine. my question is will they run okay on normal shocks and if so will i need a pair or can i just buy 1 failing that where is the best place to get cheap...