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  1. rsdan

    Inferno orange 182 A12 Lowestoft to Blythburgh

    as in title followed you or at least tried keeping up with you coming down the a12 , Believe it could have been joe meekings old turbo charged one
  2. rsdan

    Rb 182 halesworth co op

    As above at around 6 on Saturday managed to park next to it and grab a picture, seen the car around a few times but noticed today it had a sticker in the window so thought I’d see if your on here
  3. rsdan

    My RB 182

    So earlier this year I managed to pickup a full fat 182 in rb.After much searching I found a reasonable one at a good price so we made the trip to go get it. Here’s the car as I brought it.
  4. rsdan

    Smoothed bullets/ stickers

    looking to smooth and paint some door bullets for my rb clio, does anyone know where I could get the 2.0 16v made up in rb? Want something like this Cheers
  5. rsdan

    Pressure washer choice

    I've just got some halfords vouchers for Christmas and so I'm thinking about spending them on a new pressure washer as my old one recently stop working. I want one which is comparable with a snow foaming lance .Would this one be my best choice for the money and use on a car...
  6. rsdan

    New outer rear quater panel

    Hi , I've had a bit of an accident in my Clio and have managed to damage the rear quater. I was wondering weather anyone supplies new ones of these or if it's a case of just cutting one out from another shell ? It's only the outer skin what I would need :up: Cheers
  7. rsdan

    Koni adjustable shocks fitting HELP

    Can someone please enlighten me as to which order all the bits go, such as washers dust boot ect Thanks
  8. rsdan

    Ph1 cambelt kit

    May have made a mistake in buying the wrong cambelt kit , I thought both ph1 and ph2s were the same but am now lead to believe the tensioner is different. Does anyone know if this is true and if there are any other differences ? Cheers
  9. rsdan

    Silver ph1 172 gt yarmouth

    You were near the halfords industrial estate area heading towards Bradwell , car looked really smart and stood out well. Sure I saw a cliosport sticker in the rear window to
  10. rsdan

    My silver ph1 172

    So after recently selling my dci 172 rep and moving on to a mk6 fiesta zetec s for my second year of driving I decided I would like a 172 after my second year of driving when my insurance drops a bit more as I really liked my clio, however when a family member was selling his ph1 172 at a good...
  11. rsdan

    My dci 172 replica
  12. rsdan

    200 steering wheel

    As above , my dad has just brought his second mk3 clio 200. In his first one the steering wheel had worn very badley and was very dirty. On the new car however it is in mint condition and very clean, My questions is what is the best product to use when cleaning this and is there anything it can...
  13. rsdan

    Tesco east Dereham 197 with pic

    Was a very tidy looking car not sure if it had a CS sticker or not
  14. rsdan

    Ly 200 lowestoft

    Parked next to you today near halfords then was behind you over the bridge, car was looking very smart and a lot cleaner than mine 😂
  15. rsdan

    Black 200 and 172 replica

    Not the greatest pictures ever but here they are anyway :smile:
  16. rsdan

    White 200 martlesham

    Just seen on tesco car park with CS sticker . is looking smart
  17. rsdan

    Have to clio a clean

    Gave the clio a good clean this weekend, used a Failey budget range of products compared to some on here but was still happy with the results,washed with murr car shampoo, auto glym polish then super resin polish and finished with turtle wax, also used various other autoglym products on the car .
  18. rsdan

    Ly 182 lowestoft

    Presume it was you who was standing by it so gave you a little wave , car was looking really smart though :up:
  19. rsdan

    Lowering spring help

    Hi hoping some body can give me some advise about my springs . Yesterday I was doing some work on my car and noticed the rear springs were very lose, infact you could just pull them out, so I would like to know if this is normal for lowering springs? Would it be okay if I was to by some new...
  20. rsdan

    Yarmouth~lowestoft 182 cup

    Followed a 182 cup with fluorescent green stripes,cage and badges with a clio sport sticker in the back window , looked smart and sounded nice to :up:
  21. rsdan

    Blue 182 cup lowestoft

    Caught up to on kessingland bypass then followed for a bit, sounded nice too
  22. rsdan

    Monaco 172 replica

    Hi just thought I would start this as I have been changing a few bits on my car and plan to do a few more bits on it.when I got it I removed fly eye off rear lights and yellow tints off the fogs. I then painted the bullets silver added sport door cards and handles. Also fitted a sport grill and...
  23. rsdan

    Monaco 172 Lowestoft

    Was behind you at the lights just down the road from asda and noticed the clio sport sticker in the back window .
  24. rsdan

    New member sport dci sport

    Hi I've been on here for a while but never really had any thing to post about only having a 1.2 8v lol. But having to travel a long way to work and back I decided a diesel would be good I also liked the ideas of a 1*2 replica so when I saw this for sale locally I had to have it :) here are some...