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  1. welshname

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Anyone seen this pi network thing? You need an invite to sign up apparently but it’s mining on your phone, but not on your phone. I haven’t a f**king clue tbh but I’ll look at some point tomorrow. Invite link below if anyone fancies taking a nosey. I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital...
  2. welshname

    Covid182 the longest clutch change ever

    Only just found this thread and read start to finish. Cracking work
  3. welshname

    Do I need a hub or switch? Simple question for someone in the know.

    No one uses hubs anymore. A switch is what you want.
  4. welshname

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Setup slightly changed now. Using SABNZBD for downloads and also using Ombi to link with Sonarr and Radarr to enable easier searching and adding of films/tv. lovely
  5. welshname

    VOIP office phone systems

    We’ve just moved to RC for a 200 seat contact centre. Not really had too many issues and FYI you can use physical phones with it. We looked at solutions from 3XC and a lot of others but RC won out based on the CC platform rather than UC. For UC Gamma Horizon is a decent shout.
  6. welshname

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    I disagree. Play game with disc, lose disc or pc dies and it’s a pain in the arse. Riot games really need a launcher though, it’s becoming a pain with all the different individual game installs.
  7. welshname

    VW Golf 1.8t Sport Estate

    No idea. I’m still that close to 20 that I can’t grow a beard
  8. welshname

    VW Golf 1.8t Sport Estate

    Still closer to 50 than 20
  9. welshname

    Saxo VTS

    Really clean example. It’d have to be two tone for me though
  10. welshname

    My New Forester Sti

    Wrong. You need to go back to the man maths drawing board and redo your sums
  11. welshname

    Luke’s OG Megane RS 250

    I can’t wait. You have spring compressors right? And you’ve actually looked for a guide first?
  12. welshname

    Luke’s OG Megane RS 250

    Every time you attempt DIY or car repairs all I can hear is the benny hill tune. love this car. OG is the colour of champions.
  13. welshname

    My New Forester Sti

    It’s aged him hugely
  14. welshname

    My New Forester Sti

    That your onlyfans tag line?
  15. welshname

    My New Forester Sti

    Flol that’s definitely it. It’s bad that I recognised the driveway from all the other for sale pics 🤣. Didn’t even need to check the reg.
  16. welshname

    MK5 Golf - Spares or Repairs **ebay**

    Where the f**k have you been you cockwomble?
  17. welshname

    Scrooge’s 2015 Range Rover Sport SDV8

    That’s because it was a faster, more luxurious Toledo. The E63 was a land yacht that if you had looked at it more like the move to the Range Rover and less like the E55’s younger brother you’d have been fine with it.
  18. welshname

    One of, if not the worst S3 I’ve ever seen

    Almost as bad as the guy that had a tiger stripe under bonnet. It was f**king gash
  19. welshname

    My New Forester Sti

    That’s bizarre. I tagged you in his thread asking about these a few weeks back, and you go and sell yours to him.
  20. welshname

    Cookie's 2013 E63 AMG

    No one would notice
  21. welshname

    Cookie's 2013 E63 AMG

    Please buy it off him so I don’t have to hear him moaning about how he doesnt get to use it and wants something boring instead. Please
  22. welshname

    My mates just found out his car is cat c

    Are there any honest dealers that have signed up to use your service?
  23. welshname

    MR2 K-swap Project

    @Dr Jekyll had some iirc.
  24. welshname

    Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

    I can’t wait to see this built. It’s f**king hilarious
  25. welshname

    List of faults on a forgotten about 197

    RIP. my 197 started having strange electrical issues, turned out that some CAN wires in the harness in the engine bay had shorted together and needed stripping back and repairing. Down by the fuse box in the top right of the bay as you’re looking at it. Under all that basically. It’s...
  26. welshname

    AG200 Rescue

    The rear calipers aren't actually Brembo though...
  27. welshname

    Ollie's Silver Cup - JMS RS2/Wilwood/2118

    It was sold and parts added/removed between this and a blue 172 cup iirc. guy that owned it went to an Alfa Romeo Mito or something similar
  28. welshname

    New 182 owner

    Pics of the DC5.
  29. welshname

    Half Life Alyx

    VR only and not the half life 3 people wanted. It makes me sad.
  30. welshname

    VW Golf GTI

    I have battery drain with the random android head unit that came in the car. Only really an issue if the car is left for 4days for me. It starts like crap in the morning though but most of these cars do. i need to fit the later gateway or whatever it is, but haven’t gotten round to it. As...