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  1. TomS

    Chris vs the red devil

    Hi Guys Managed to meet up with Chris (ukaskew) for the first time in a good few years (shocking how quickly that's gone) since he last photographed the Lupo Gti. He worked his magic with the vee so I'll just let the pics do the talking. He's a perfectionist and wasn't 100% happy with all...
  2. TomS

    Pointless drive - I couldn't help it

    Sunny Sunday afternoon, the vee was sat there gleaming.... I just couldn't not take it out. A few pics - that's about it really. Never fails to make me grin like a tool when I'm pootling around in it. Enjoy: A couple of pics from when I went to see clarkie: 2 of 25 :)
  3. TomS

    From YOJ - back in another clio!

    Hi All I'm sure a few of you knew of my old valver. Well after selling the YOJ a few years ago, I moved on to a Lupo GTI and now have a Polo GT as a daily worker. Love my VW's and the quality just can't be faulted of both those cars. This weekend I picked up the new arrival and for...
  4. TomS

    Illiad Blue V6 255 - Downs Bristol

    Was half way through some football drills and noticed a nice vee rolling past. Very nice indeedy. This was about 8.30ish.
  5. TomS

    Sami - Cribbs Causeway

    Spotted you today matey, you were driving past Dick Lovetts, I was in the Loop driving the opposite way. Valver looked old school :approve: Tom
  6. TomS

    Place to order meg's consumer stuff?

    I'm after some Gold Class shampoo and some NXT wax for a colleague... Spoke to Alex at SP but he doesn't sell it anymore :( any where sell it online at a good price? Thanks TomS
  7. TomS

    Oii what you looking at? the face off...

    Found a couple of pictures of the Evo FQ 340 Ralliart we had for the day last year..... Thought I'd line it up against the YOJ.... I think I know who would win in a stare out comp.... lol :o Will always remember driving through the centre in town and these ladies came over to us...
  8. TomS

    Aye aye... a couple O' valvers!

    Bristol - Spotted a black valver heading out of yate at around 5.50 this evening, flashed and you flashed and waved :cool: Also see a red valver every morning in Tytherington at around 8.15... we both flash every time! :approve:
  9. TomS

    Quick P21S question..

    Just received my Tub of P21S from Alex at Serious Performance. Looks like a great wax. Can anyone tell me how it is best to store it? It says obviously keep out of sunlight. Just at room temperature ie in garage or room? Cheers TomS
  10. TomS

    Justin? Old Sodbury...

    saw a 172 a few mins ago as I was heading back from dropping the young lady home... saw the xenons and the blue as you went past.. maybe you mate? Tom
  11. TomS

    bit of valver help if you will.........

    Haven't driven my car for 5 days or so.... It won't start at the moment... thought it was the battery at first... but when I go to start it up there is a sort of electric ticking sound quite loud... and then nothing happens any of you lot know what it could be? Thanks Tom
  12. TomS

    Minter of a williams - Newquay

    Me and Tucks spotted a lovely williams 3 in newquay town centre, really did look in great condition. wondered if it was anyone on here Tom
  13. TomS

    UFO - M4 towards Reading

    Spotted this eve - V6 UFO - Lunar Grey V6 255... looked brill
  14. TomS

    Cup N Valver: Location: Field: Castle Combe

    ChrisE and myself decided to grab some pics after the rally day at Combe... Here's a few:
  15. TomS

    Mk1 172 - Thornbury Bristol - Bell end

    Booted it to my back bumper... don't overtake in the 60 zone.... wait until the 30 mph limit through a village doing approx 70..... fookin knobend..... I was pmsl @ you thinking your cool looking at me as you overtook.... and yeah I was calling you a c**k.... pmsl ah....... home now...
  16. TomS

    Malmesbury Leisure Centre - 172 Cup

    Spotted with Dark anthracite wheels... 9.15 tonight.... Tom
  17. TomS

    South Wester's at FCS

    Few from today I took.... I'm sure ukaskew/freebone/Rich have some more to post, but for now... my ones... A quick stop off on route to the show.. Trying to keep up with those pesky 182 things ;) Some S.Wester's represesting lol Freebone owned in the worst way by...
  18. TomS

    The Clio Williams Thread...

    Please can I ask all Clio Williams owners to post pics of their cars? Not interested in hybrids tbh... just the genuine's please Thanking you Tom
  19. TomS

    Ali - having mechanical issues?

    Spotted you bud.. had to carry on as I was late for pilates.. Hope you sorted it
  20. TomS

    Illiad V6 255 - Bath

    Saw you driving on the d/c heading out of Bath town... about 6 ish yesterday
  21. TomS

    Monaco 172 - Cup style - Nr Frome

    Spotted you around 7.30 fri eve.. decal'd.. xenons.... looked so sweet Maybe in the club?
  22. TomS

    Monaco valver - M5 Glos

    Spotted at around 3.50ish today as I was on way home from Uni.... you were heading other way back towards Glos/Chelt.... noticed that bonnet bulge from miles away! :approve: A rare spot.... hardly ever see a valver let alone another monaco.... you wouldn't have seen mine.. was driving another...
  23. TomS

    MK1 sidelight bulb..... confirmation please

    After fitting mine with Osram Silverstar main/dipped bulbs.... I am after some of their sidelight bulbs..... am i correct in thinking I need "501" ?? help appreciated Tom
  24. TomS

    South West MK1's - DUF/SDV/YOJ Representing

    lol I'm feeling the need for some MK1 pics after all these MK2 threads YOJ SDV DUF Its been emotional.. I just felt the need......
  25. TomS

    Blue MK2 Phase 2 clio - Venue Cribbs

    Sunday - 9.30pm (ish) Spotted your car parked near the cinema in the car park..... cliosport sticker and Rentech sticker on rear screen. Not seen you about before..... Howdy Tom
  26. TomS

    Iliiad blue V6255 Venue Cribbs C'way

    Parked outside Hollywood Bowl.. around 9.30 Very nice Tom
  27. TomS

    Friday - Black 182 Cheltenham

    Parked along side of road just outside of centre Not R-Jay? Doubt it.... he never drives the bugger! ;)
  28. TomS

    Blue clio mark1 16v.. Bath

    "I spotted a blue 16valve today around 10.30ish near bath, im not local to bath but thought id post and see if they are on here... had huge mud flaps and driver was male... sounded loud thinking of buying a clio soon.. the 306 is boring... haha Jim" ^^^^^ pm i just had from a...
  29. TomS

    YOJ 'n' SDV mini meet # 2

    Neil and I decided to have another mini meet in the valvers, before heading off to Chepstow to have a look at the ralle cars being prepped before tommorow's Wyedean event. Took some nice shots of the two....... Sizeing each other up...... Also had a good look at...
  30. TomS

    FAO Yozza and SteveV6 (RE YOJ)

    Hi fellas Strange coincidence this morning filling up at my Shell garage on way to Uni.... Bloke filling up next to me in a Arctic 182... I go to sit back in car after paying... and he say's hi... after having a quick chat he tells me he was the owner of YOJ before you Yozza! he mentioned...