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    Car F*cked.

    Chevrolet spark from enterprise will be about the cheapest although it only cost me £1 a day more to rent a corsa from them.
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    How much do you top up fuel a week?

    Terrible thread, OP needs to get a grip, the 1*2's are cheap to run compared to just about everything else that is as quick. I used to do 250 miles a week and spend about £45, and as for your milltek and decat hurting your mpg its not, the only thing hurting your mpg is your right foot, my mpg...
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    Best Stealth Exhaust?

    Supersprint make one that looks lovely If Fred can still get them made up his stealth exhausts look great. Kam Racing also list a stealth system by Janspeed that I've not seen before.
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    U2 downloads new album to every iPhone

    As far as I'm aware this is still the case, you are just paying to borrow the music from apple.
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    ARGHHHHHHHH I hate Clios

    Looks just like mine did when it dropped a valve.
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    Is my gearbox on its way out?

    Where is that from? please don't say renparts
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    Is my gearbox on its way out?

    Agency also keep the bits for the Clio boxes themselves so it would take them less time than any old gearbox 'specialist' who has to order the parts in.
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    Best courier for an engine and gearbox?

    Palletline were cheaper than paisley freight when I shipped an engine down from Scotland
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    DrR's Race Red Fiesta ST-3

    Looks great, best colour :)
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    CSS'14 peoples opinions and experience

    So we have a CSS including camping as its been a "big part" in previous events and admin stay in a hotel? Us and them?
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    CSS'14 peoples opinions and experience

    If it was track orientated or had Interesting things to do such as Gaydon or Duxford (duxford was awesome btw) then I'd have been there. However Billing no thanks only live 30 miles from the place, never been but know its a s**t hole.
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    Few Spots in Banbury

    Just got to venture over to Banbury myself, looking at kitchens, wish me luck.
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    whos had cooksport and eibachs....

    Out of interest how old are your dampers? and are they cup or non cup?
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    renault sport clio reputation

    My auto wipers used to do my head in, pretty much seemed to do the opposite of what you wanted them to do. I found the auto wipers on my 306 to be worse and the ones on my fiesta st are better but still not perfect.
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    Which Clio to get or maybe an ST???

    It would also cost you a fortune to get above the 190bhp mark in a 172 as well. you could match the stock power of the 172 fairly easily with the ST as don't the respond very well to breathing mods?
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    Exhaust with standard noise levels.

    The KTR/Janspeed with a centre silencer is very quiet iirc
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    Lights kept failing my MOT test

    Most people refuse to post them as they usually get damaged in transit fingers crossed for you. I also have serious bad feelings towards renparts after they lied through their teeth regarding a used engine last year, delivers late and was seriously down on compression despite promises it was...
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    Lights kept failing my MOT test

    They will probably turn up damaged anyway.
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    help wiring up my omex rev limiter/ launch control

    is there something wrong with your right foot?
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    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    I don't think so, I'm 26 and on a very good wage for my age. A couple of dealers had one in but it was in the showroom, I was told If I bought it I could take it round the block! I mean how do you expect to sell a 'drivers car' like that? Never had an issue test driving a 200 when they came...
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    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    Never said it did, but f**k Renault thinking it will just sell without even letting people drive one. I'm sure they are a spot on drive but when its my hard earned cash going on a car not just leasing it for a year then I want to drive it beforehand.
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    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    Local garages wouldn't let me have a test drive of one, so went to Ford who practically threw the Fiesta ST keys at me.
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    car not starting after loud lorry like sound

    Have you even read the thread, he states there was metal in the inlet. Sounds like yet another dropped valve on a f4r, happened to me last year. Seems to be happening more frequently now these engines are starting to age. Pick a replacement engine very carefully and be wary of Renparts who will...
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    Modified Classics / Retro Appreciation Thread

    love it when Speedhunters post good stuff
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    Emissions waning light.

    It will come on again, might take a couple of hundred miles but it will be back.
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    fiesta st quick??

    I genuinely loved my 182, and loved driving it, (even loved the chavvy exhaust) I agree completely it's a car you could enjoy thrashing it or just gently driving it to the shops, the 182s came well specced for the age. If I could afford one as a 2nd car to track I'd have one. Sadly mine was...
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    fiesta st quick??

    would you prefer it if I said "yea boi ma new ST is well quicker than my old clio innit"