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    172 wiring diagram request

    Hi, Does anybody have the official 2003 Clio 172 wiring diagram which shows the loom connectivity of the bonnet open/closed switch? if you do could I have a copy of the page showing the bonnet switch please? I've found some generic clio 2 wiring diagrams but none show the bonnet switch, only...
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    dashboard door open indication fault - 2003 172

    Hi, I've bought a 172 and the dashboard warning light suggests that one of the four switched doors/boot/bonnet is open. I was led to believe it was a switch problem but I don't think that it is. The real issue is that when I lock the car it just makes a continuous whiney beep from the engine bay...
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    Original xbox modding help required

    I know there were a few people on here that used to tinker with them and i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to how i could get out the the pickle im in. i used our version 1.6 xbox for a long time as a DVD player for my daughter then just the other day cottoned onto the soft...
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    D40 settings question

    call me a r****d, but I cant seem to get the camera to continue its numbering sequence after the memory card has been cleared, in other words every time we take some snaps then take them off the card the next batch have the same numbers and end up needing to be in different folders. anyone...
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    2nd hard drive power cable? (internal)

    hello, im not really clued up on upgrading my pc but i decided to add a 750gb internal drive to my 320 one thats already there. took the case off and slotted her in, then plugged in the ribbon type cable. only to power it up then realise i couldnt find it on the pc. after much deliberation my...
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    anyone else counting down the days lol? got my 360 but i cant bring myself to buy anymore games as i just get bored of them and resort to COD2 again online. right now i think id rather get out my snes and play a link to the past rather than saints row or just cause. dont suppose there is any...
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    problem with media players on desktop......

    help! on windows xp if i open a media player ie windows or real player it opens the program and shows up on the taskbar at the bottom but when i click the tab to display the player and controls etc it goes off the screen! ive tried the move option when you right click but i cant budge it. so...
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    issue regarding taking back a HDTV

    on december 24th i bought a HD tv from pc world. now on the sales ticked it said hdmi connectivity. i double checked with the salesperson about this as i was told by ppl in the know to get one with hdmi for future connectivity. now last week i checked and it does not have hdmi. i went to pc...
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    EA sports?

    have they ever made a game where you press the button and the person your controlling actually moves within that minute? just downloaded fight night on 360 and its terrible
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    ek9 CTR vs teg drag race

    saw this and thought there might be a few people keen to see.
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    5dr clios around the £5k mark

    what clios can you get for around 5 grand with 5 doors and pref a diesel but not compulsory, what the best specced etc. my girlfriend wants a silver clio lol (easily pleased) no jokes! and it needs to be 5dr because were expecting, what kind of year mileage should we be able to get for thant...
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    york times update.....

    everyones queuing at the minute but the 1 in front (2live) first run was 14.07 at 98mph, looks like hes gonna be the williams to beat, sound time jon! gonna be in 13s today, madness,all hes done his had a rmap to get the cams set up right
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    power wiring help required, mk1 clio

    hi, we have a mk1 clio oasis and iv just put a saxo cd player in it, everytime the ignition is off it needs the pin re-etering, but if you turn it off while car is running then back on it works, howver in the saxo it worked regardless, i was just wondering if its an easy job to avoid this...
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    wheel weight required pleesh

    how much does the 16" turini weigh? also will it be much heavier than a 15" one ta:)
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    Clio 1.2 running probs

    our 1.2 oasis nevew seems to want to start in a morning and cuts out a lot while trying to set off, then doesnt wanna start, runs ok at times then same again, any suggestions where to start to fix the prob? thanks
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    idiots guide to fitting four pots

    now then peeps, got mine today and i aim to fit them tomorrow, but iv only ever changed pads not calipers:(. now ive never bled brakes or anything but i dont mine diving in head first and trying so does anyone know where there a step by step guide to doing it or can anyone be arsed to type one...
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    FAO BONDY, BEN R etc :)

    howdy gents, what kinda price can you get piper 285s for for saxo vts? or what should i be paying for them? budget is rock bottom lol so need similar cheapness to the budgie section of london zoo also...i want some from blanks not regrinds for this type of cam. thanks. ps anyone else feel...
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    clutch help required

    some of you know, other may not, that after turning my vts standard and selling off all the bits at bargain prices iv done a u turn and decided to keep it and its getting throtttle bodies. the budget iv laid out is rather slim for getting it back to how it was(zorst etc) as the rest and mapping...
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    Funny names for induction kits

    was chucklin earlier about some of the names iv heard people or companies call air induction kits that glorify them heres what sprung to mind, can anyone think of any others ram-charger forced air induction kit ram-cooler
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    Where are you lord slay:D

    come back, we need your humour! craggy
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    standard mk1runs 14.603

    just got a text from rhys...... what a time, jons bin runnin 14.6 as well. not sure paddys best yet respect
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    GOODWOOD, was mint

    just got back, and what a couple of days, dunno which was best, toying with exotica in an elise, me getting to drive my mates elise allover(what a machine, i want) or the day itself, loads of things happened got a fair few on video but my camera kept going flat, was ace in the paddock, the v6...
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    Loud Pedal Volume Problem

    dunno whether this is the right forum as it could go in the interior one, but the thing is how do i turn it down? mine seems to be stuck on full everytime the oppurtunity arises to use it, resulting in huge fuel bills. any help much appreiciated:) craggy
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    leather colour & ice setup help required

    not a clio but what the hell, my VTS is black and has a mainly black interior. iv just totally rebuilt the beast to standard except ofr the exhaust. cos im wanting some refinement. i also have original vts alloys and speedline chronos(2116) in white. now i want the interior leather trimmed but...
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    what a beast! turbo 172

    now i got ur attention whos seen that saxo matching the mk1 in gear muhahahahahahahahahhahhahahhaha muhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha muhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha lmao:D sorry boys hehehe
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    who ca host vids that can accept over msn

    got a good un could do with hosting please but i cant e-mail as its 6.6mb ta craggy
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    best way to drain coolant on valver

    as the topic, pretty urgent please? how do you do it peeps. ta craggy
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    demon tweeks, chepest for suspension

    just got a price of 314 quid(does this normanlly include delivery?) for the bilstein sprintline kit, anyone reckon i can find it cheper? ta craggy
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    FAO simon 172 and mikeyclio16v

    simon, re-watched that 0-100 vid of urs last night, fuk me that thing flies, did you drive it off a cliff or use rocket fuel?, youve gotta haul ur ass to york for the 22nd from 40-60 it seems to rocket and over the ton it still seems to be pulling hard. mikey, cheers for the vid mate, im just...
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    my vts vs cammed well modded one

    just got this info off hardcoresax and im very happy:D its very interesting, mine must have been a freak heres a direct comparison of mine vs one that is well respected and very very quick and is stripped bare and has a lotta lotta mods. think it very close as mine has only de-cat and ind kit...