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  1. Paul_P1

    Casino Royale BD - Blockbuster

    Just popped my first BD into my PS3 and I get the meesage that there is a region mismatch between the player and the disc. I put Saw 3 into the player(also BD) and it worked fine. Have Blockbuster bought a job lot of unplayable discs, anyone else have the problem?
  2. Paul_P1

    172/182 Crossford, Fife.

    That wasn't a WRX you were tailing closely my son, next time follow me down the wagon road!;)
  3. Paul_P1

    Megs 220v polisher

    Hi guys, Where is the cheapest place to buy the above? Also the Impreza isn't plagued by bad swirling, so what's the best pad/polish combo to try first? Cheers!
  4. Paul_P1

    Spec C Pics

    Finally managed a good cleaing/waxing sesh and the sun happened to be out so I've taken a few pics of the new rally ****!;) It's been remapped and made 346/341 bhp/lbft, near as dammit 260bhp/tonne, amazingly quick!!:D
  5. Paul_P1

    Painting Carbon Fibre?

    Hi Guys, Just put a deposit down on a Impreza STi Spec C, only thing is it has a a WRC style carbn fibre bonnet. The importer has asked if I want to to swap it for a normal bonnet or keep it. If I kept it I'd like to have it matched to the colour of the car, is this possible?? Cheers, Paul
  6. Paul_P1

    MK1 172 - Barnton, Edinburgh

    Own up, who was trying to sport me today in my S2000, had the human speed limiter in the passenger seat!
  7. Paul_P1

    R-Sport ECU

    Quicky guys! In the process of trying to fit my R-Sport ECU into my Cup, only I can't get the metal cover off the top of the ECU!!! ArghhhHH!!!! Anyone got any tips? Are there any latches, where do you pry it from the front or the back? Cheers! Paul
  8. Paul_P1

    Factory deom. settings for 172 Cup - Central belt?

    Does anyone know of a 4 wheeel alignment place in Central Scotland, close'ish to Fife? Also, does anyone have the geometry settings for the Cup handy, just incase I have to go somewhere local. Don't want them putting standard FWD settings on it! Cheers, Paul
  9. Paul_P1

    Ps2 -> Lcd

    Hey guys, can someone give me a link to the cable I'd need to display my PS2 on an LCD screen? Cheers!
  10. Paul_P1

    RSport ECu, Decat and brakes.

    Hi guys, Can someone give me some direct links to buy an RSport ECU and decat for my 172 Cup? Is the site in Holland the only place you can order the ECU from? Also, I want to put the decat on without putting a blarty exhaust on, so would prefer to keep the standard exhaust on, is this...
  11. Paul_P1

    Windows Media Center XP

    Does anyone know where I can 'obtain' a copy of the above? Tried some of the usual places, but can't get any to kick off! Cheers!
  12. Paul_P1

    182 Auction

    For anyone that is interested -...
  13. Paul_P1

    Fuse gone again!!!!!! The fuse circled above has blown again in my brothers Cup, once replaced it works fine. Is there anyone out there that knows what the fuse is used for? We need to have a rough idea of what is causing it to blow. Cheers
  14. Paul_P1

    Fuse blown - Why

    My bros Cup has been out of action for the last couple of days. Just wouldnt start! Got a mate up today with a fault finder, it came up with a error code indicating there was a acutuater relay fault? Bosch didnt seem to know what the problem was and had never heard of it before. Anyway, he...
  15. Paul_P1

    Kenwood HU - Cup aerial....

    ....connector. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of convertor to allow me to plug the aerial lead from my brothers Cup to a new Kenwood HU? Cheers Paul
  16. Paul_P1

    Pager Alarm systems

    Has anyone fitted any form of pager system onto their existing alarm system. What were your experiences, did it work, did it give false alarms etc etc. Cheers Paul
  17. Paul_P1

    FAO of Viceroy and other SA members!,,1369-1372_1426714,00.html">,,1369-1372_1426714,00.html Check out the link above guys. Also why is it you dont get the virgin fuel as they call it?
  18. Paul_P1

    Hard Drive MP3 players.

    Has anyone fitted a hard-drive MP3 player in their car, something like one of the Dension models? Would like to know how easy it was to fit and what the sound quality and usability is like! Paul