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    2003 Renaultsport Clio 172, belts done, dephaser, full cup suspension refresh

    Our 172 is now on eBay:
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    Xbox One Gamertags

    Let's get a list of Gamertags and what you are playing at the moment, I've hardly got any friends on Xbox Live for multiplayer games: 1. K13 GRY - Forza 2, COD: Advanced Warfare, Destiny.
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    Megane r26 engine block - mising part?

    Guys, I am in the process of building my r26 engine back up, but there appears to be a part missing, any ideas what goes in the red circled hole? It must be press fit as the hole is not threaded? Any ideas?
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    83.00mm forged piston ring gap size? *Help*

    Hi all, I am in the process of building an engine for my r26... The machine shop has bored and honed the block, but have asked me to double check the ring gap size as they seem too big in their opinion. I am using Supertech low compression pistons...
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    Suggestions on engine bay colours

    Hi all, I am looking for some inspiration on what colour to paint the cam cover, inlet manifold and ancillaries for my new engine, the engine bay on the Megane is quite busy so I don't want the colour to be lost. It currently looks like this: And the parts I've had vapour blasted on the new...
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    £500 budget Computer.

    Hi guys, I am speccing / building a Computer for a friend, he has given me a £500 budget to build the base unit. He already had a good display and peripherals, OS is sorted too. It will be used for GoPro video editing, light photography work and general browsing. I've been trawling OC over...
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    F4R running in methods

    Hi all, I've had a search but cannot find a definitive answer... What method do you use for running in a freshly built F4R engine (new bores, rings, forged rods and pistons, rebuilt head etc.)? The engine is boosted, if this makes any difference. Thanks in advance.
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    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Has anybody pre-ordered one or thinking about it? Thoughts, opinions? I am gettting a little, dare I say it... bored with my iPhone. :o My partner bought an S3 last weekend and after using it I really like it!
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    BG 182, A1(M) Northbound, Jct 40~

    I was just behind you in a white Corsa rental car.
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    Harpham, rolling deep through Alfreton.

    Morning Sailor x
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    Jon_r, A1 (S) 10:30am'ish?

    Spotted you in your 172 track car today :)
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    upgrade existing P.C or build new?

    Ok, I built a 'family' P.C 6'ish years ago.. general usage; internet browsing, e-mail, storage of photos, light editing etc. current spec below, it has a decent case and cooling: The machine is on Windows Vista (:dead:) but running quite slow now. I have a budget of £600~ this...
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    Clio 200 cup racer on the road?! - Little Eaton island - Derby - 16:00

    Spotted this earlier.. White, roof vent, covered in vinyls etc. Real or replica? Anyone seen this before?:o
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    182 Trophy, A38 Derby, 16:00 17/07/12

    I was behind you in the r26 yesterday...
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    Last minunte Peac0ck meet, TONIGHT 12/07/ 19:00 onwards?

    A few guys off have decided to pop over to the Peac0ck tonight... Anybody is welcome to come along, the more the merrier. 1. Gray 2. t21ads
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    Peacock, Oakerthorpe, Thursday, 21/06?

    Hi guys, Seeing as the weather has improved this week does anybody fancy a meet at the Peacock? It's been a while and would be nice for us to get together again! :o Say 19:00 onwards?... 1. Gray 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    deep black megane r26 £7200

    Posted on behalf of a Meganesport member.... "up for sale is my very clean and very well looked after deep black megane r26. full decals 4 new hankook v12 sport tyres Xenon lights 1 preveous owner Full renault service history 4 unmarked wheels Number 1004 Recaro trendlines Brembo's 49k miles...
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    The Clio that became a kettle
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    Clio 172 TRW ball joints rubbing on ABS rings...

    Has anybody has this problem before? I overhauled the front of the GF's 172 a few weeks ago, checked it all over last night and noticed the knuckle that goes through the hub has been rubbing on the ABS ring? I removed the ball joints and refitted to double check, but the tops are still...
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    Removing 172 front ABS sensors...

    How on earth do people remove them from the hub without destroying the thing?! Any help much appreciated...
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    2000 PH-1 172 / 2003 PH-2 172.. same front hubs?

    I am 99% sure they run the same front hubs, but just want to confirm with the experts ;) Also, does anybody have the 172 wheel bearing dimensions, I've had a quick search but cannot find a definitive answer.
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    Have you seen any better spec laptops?

    The GF is looking to buy a new laptop... I've had a quick search around and this one seems a good / best specification for the price: DELL Inspiron Q15R Switch 15.6" Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M...
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    Blue PH-2 v6, A52, Derby, 7:30am

    didnt catch the no. plate, I was behind you for a couple of miles on the A52 this morning :)
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    Paint repair reccomendations.. (chipped r26 content)

    Hi guys, I am looking for somewhere to repair the door on my r26, ideally in the Derbyshire area. The edge of the drivers side door has suffered a chip (really cannot think when / how this happened), it was noticed on Sunday :( A few photos of the damage, the door is completely straight, no...
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    East Midlands / Yorkshire Mega Christmas Meal Meat.

    Guys and Girls.. It has been decided we shall hold the Christmas meal meat (get it, meat / meet.. :cool: yeah anyway) in Sheffield as this is a more central location to the majority of members. We are going to the Arena Square Pub for the Christmas meal...
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    Christmas meal / meet suggestions..

    Hi guys, Following on from the epic success of previous meets... :approve: I propose we arrange a Christmas meet, perhaps a meal and a few drinks somewhere? Christmas is fast approaching, around 6 weekends until Santa comes and empties his sack for you :) Basically we need to decide who...
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    Another Dreamer, Idiot, Chav etc.

    Oh my. At least the alloys have good tread...
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    RBR F1 car off roading, Hello F1 America

    Really surprised they did let an F1 car do this... It must be knackered after!
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    Renault World Series ... convoy, camping

    So... who is going from the East Midlands area? Is anybody planning to camp over? I think the majority of people are planning to camp over at Hamilton Fields:
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    White 197 21:00 last night, Alfreton / Somercotes...

    Hi Will ;)