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    Yarmouth Meet. (CS Areas Day) 21/09/14

    Oh dear, glad I didn't bring my unwell clio out for it
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    172 exclusive, tesco norwich

    Didnt know about these, saw It yesterday! Lovely colour
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    LY200 Riverside Multistory, Y66 CLO

    Sure ive seen this too, love it
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    black and silver v6 snetterton

    Loads of clios at snetterton this evening, including an epic black and silver v6 with racing stickers. So much want
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    blue 172 A11 friday eve

    Had a play with a blue 172 on the A11 to snetterton in my 197, had a cs sticker
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    Yarmouth Meet. (CS Areas Day) 21/09/14

    I am from Norwich! Looking forward to this 'proper' one haha
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    Yarmouth Meet. (CS Areas Day) 21/09/14

    Ive only been to one meet, but everyone was friendly and it was fun
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    Albi 197 harlow

    Im in harlow for work this week and seen an albi blue 197 morning and evening going past kwik fit, love it cos its the same colour as mine haha
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    Yarmouth Meet. (CS Areas Day) 21/09/14

    Im up for this
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    Local norwich meet?

    Join Date * Re: Local norwich meet? 1.Markerboy2002 2.His Wife 3. LankyPestero 4. Padray/Sean 5. Potentially Danny Barton 6 . Rob197rs 7. Rob197rs's gf
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    EoE Spotted Thread

    Had some fun with a blue 182 on the way home today, R200 sumthing was reg I think.
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    Local norwich meet?

    This section seems to have died! Ill come for a meet tho =)
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    headlight restoration

    Ones faded on the gfs car, anyone done theirs? Or wanna do these for me?
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    Albi 197 with yellowy wheels a11

    Its meg engined I think, mate sent me a pic of it from Snetterton last nite
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    Running with no backboxes (very short term solution)

    Take it off and put it in the boot, popo pull you just say 'its just fell off!' Win
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    Kleers meet snetterton

    Yea thats the one! I just parked where I was pointed too. Mini meet next time? All clios together!
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    Paint skills?

    Anyone willing to spray my 197 wheels gloss black? Id do it but im terrible at painting! Will pay obviously
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    Kleers meet snetterton

    Ha I took a few pics of it! Its awesome, put my standard looking 197 to shame!
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    Kleers meet snetterton

    Saw loadsa clios! In love with the black one with red wheels!
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    Light blue 197 and Thetford

    Followed it earlier on way to pick up bits for mine!
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    Kleers meet snetterton

    Going after work this Wednesday, anyone else going?
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    Who has those renault sport Decalls on the side ?

    and yes that is a shocking picture!! MY phone is ruined and i dont have any others of the stickers ha
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    Who has those renault sport Decalls on the side ?

    Have them on my 197, I like them!
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    Flame Red 172 Norwich

    Followed that the other day!
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    Showplates! Gotta represent

    I think I want some!
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    Area Rep.

    Never seen the EoE section so busy ha
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    Area Rep.

    I definitely dont mind the pub!
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    Drop links

    They are getting worse! Any ideas whos cheapish before I go to renault?
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    Area Rep.

    I do trackdays but as for meets, sitting in a car park for hours seems pointless