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    few back on cs pics of the 200T EDC

    As i am back on CS thought it rude not to share some picks of the T lol Turbosmart Wheel HP itg Comments welcome
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    Scorpion 200T

    The guys at Scorpion have had my 200T for the last week to develop a new exhaust for the 200T this is the first mod on the car and has made a big difference as they are very quiet standard. power wise with the Cat back there were 4 BHP gains with decat but leaving in the pre cat around 7 BHP but...
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    Clio 200t LHD help

    Hi I need some help im working with a well known company to produce an induction kit they will be looking to sell this world wide so I have been asked if we can get the following pictures .. We require a picture showing the clearance between the hose and the fluid reservoir there is a...
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    Hello All

    :D im am the new proud owner of plate 250 i will get some pics uploaded once cars clean