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    172 exclusive, tesco norwich

    Didnt know about these, saw It yesterday! Lovely colour
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    black and silver v6 snetterton

    Loads of clios at snetterton this evening, including an epic black and silver v6 with racing stickers. So much want
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    blue 172 A11 friday eve

    Had a play with a blue 172 on the A11 to snetterton in my 197, had a cs sticker
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    Albi 197 harlow

    Im in harlow for work this week and seen an albi blue 197 morning and evening going past kwik fit, love it cos its the same colour as mine haha
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    headlight restoration

    Ones faded on the gfs car, anyone done theirs? Or wanna do these for me?
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    Paint skills?

    Anyone willing to spray my 197 wheels gloss black? Id do it but im terrible at painting! Will pay obviously
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    Light blue 197 and Thetford

    Followed it earlier on way to pick up bits for mine!
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    Kleers meet snetterton

    Going after work this Wednesday, anyone else going?
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    Boot lock

    Hi the mrs's 2004 clio 1.6 16v boot will not unlock with key button, so I cant get in the boot! May try opening from inside and seeing whats broken/stuck. Any ideas? How easy to change would a lock mechanism be? Thanks
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    Few at snetterton this evening

    Couple on track and a few in the car park, im on track next summer Wednesday thing
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    Exhaust clamp size

    Does anyone know the size of the clamp just after the pre-cat on a 197 manifold? I bent mine fitting my decat now its blowing!
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    Drop links

    Mine are knocking, Wheres best to get new ones? Cars a 197
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    clio 197 rear window seals

    Mine have split, bought new ones but how do I fit them? Bit wary of removing glass!
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    Snetterton this Sat

    Trackday! Im booked anyone else? or just come watch/laugh/take the p*ss!
  15. R

    White 200 snetterton today

    On track! I went to spectate
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    Finally joined

    Hi im Rob from Norwich, got a 2007 Albi blue Clio 197 and have finally joined up to here!