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    Max power - Sheffield

    Bit of insider knowledge for you! Max power(I know!) are putting on a show this summer at the Sheffield arena and surrounding area. I know it will be full of nova boys but it could be somewhere all us northerns could meet up?
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    1.6 16v Mods

    Hi Ive not been on here for a while, just wondering what you people with 1.6s have done to your cars??? Chris
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    Can you modify a Diesel turbo lump the same way you can a turbo petrol lump? e.g. Intercooler, run at a higher bar??? Cheers
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    Fuel economy

    The fuel tank of the new clio is supposed to be 50 litres but yesterday I ran the car so that the gauge was at the bottom. The trip said about 40 miles left. I filled up at the petrol station and the tank would only take 40 litres, so where are the other 10???
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    One for the burberry boys!
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    He just doesn’t like cliosport
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    K-tec 172 and Cup Bodykit New body kit from K-tec for the Mk2 Clio 172 and Cup I think it looks quite nice!
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    K-tec Carbon bonnet

    Finally got my pics for max power live uploaded. So here are some pics of K-tecs 172 and some other random Clios The thing I noticed about K-tecs products were how much better the quality was than other companies.
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    Ipaq navigation

    Anyone know how I can turn an Ipaq into a navigation tool and speed camara detector? I know it can be done but dont know how? Cheers
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    Purple V6

    Looks Quite good
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    Anyone know where I can get this bumper
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    Just been looking at your website and seen the KTR RAMCHARGER INDUCTION KIT What clios will this fit? The second picture looks very similar to my engine but it looks like the scoop sits behind the radiator, how does it fit? Cheers Chris
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    Performance Mod £4.99 for 20bhp Bargain!!!!
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    Head units with screens

    Are there any headunits with TFT screens that can be taken out? eg For security???
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    V6 pics from Main page

    If you havent seen them:
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    Stopwatch 0-60

    I know this subject has been up a few times but yesterday I did a few 0-60 runs. I used a mobile phone to time it. The thing is I had it in a phone holder, so first I had to press it, then start going (Some time added there), then I went up to about 65 (to take into account the speedo being out)...
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    Standard air box and filter

    Just had the standard air box and filter off the car and its a strange thing. There is a large plastic box, with nothing in (See below) And the filter looks very restrictive. There is the usual paper filter the the top is covered in a cotton...
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    Cold air feed

    Anyone have a good Idea where I can run a cold air feed from as the engine bay is a little tight. Dont really want to take a fog out though. Also the black air box has nothing in it, the filter is behind the block so what is it for?
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    Only 7 away!!!

    We are only 7 away from having 2000 furum members. I think thats quite impressive!
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    Exhaust price

    This is what have said: Stainless Steel Systems; Cobra Sport stainless steel systems are custom built from the highest quality grade 304 stainless steel and manufactured using professional high frequency TIG welding. Cobra Sport offers a unique lifetime guarantee and a...
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    Wheel Key

    Where is the key for the standard dynamique alloys centre cap (Plastic bit) inthe manual it says its in the glove box, but its not? Any clues
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    De locked

    I only noticed yesterday that the driver side door of my clio is de-locked, anyone else have this on there 2003 clio?
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    My Clio

    Went for a bit of a thrash today, and took some pics:
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    BB Clio in Max Power

    Anyone seen the BB clio turbo in max power, its got the cliosport sticker on the side! There is also a dodgy corsa with a V6 body kit!
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    Power Figures

    Does anyone know a good website to find the performance figs for cars eg bhp, 0-60 etc Ive tried Parkers but they dont do all the models? Cheers Chris.
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    Super Unleaded

    Does anyone use super unleaded (97Ron) I tried it for the first time the other day. At first (40 mile) it made the engine very loud and it didnt run very well, but now it seems alot better What are everyone elses opinions of it?
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    Most powerful in your class

    I think it would be a good Idea to find out who has the most powerful clio in there class (Also should start a good debate!) So who has the most powerful: 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 3.0 So it doesnt matter if its a 1.4 16v or an rt, or if its a willy or a 172.
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    1.6 16v dynamique owners

    Would you say that the stated 0-60 time is right (9.6secs) Because my 1.2 16v had a stated time of 13 seconds but it was quicker to 60 than that?
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    Got my Renault sport 110

    Picked up my Super 1600 yesterday. Its so much better than the 1.2 16v I had an expression before and I can say for sure the dynamiques are far better. The steering is more reponsive, the gears feel better, suspension feels stiffer, Climate control is wicked And the side repeaters are now clear...
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    Hill Power

    Do the Hill Power induction kits fit all clios i.e. 2003 1.6 16v? Anyone?