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    one for the twingo/1.6 owners

    bit of a botch but it fits... (excuse the welding, wasn't me)
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    brum brum engine pics

    looks like my lad is a quick learner :cool:
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    little bit of overlap

    sat unwinding after a chaotic day (normal) had an engine on build stand with no plugs in sat under our new super dooper led lights and noticed light coming from the exhaust port. took a minute or so to realise but snapped a quick pic anyway because it might be interesting to some.
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    the future for 197 owners??

    4th crank i've pulled out inside a year that's cracked across the big end journal!! no blueing to the rod and minimal on the side of the shell. sorry pic isn't the best.
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    who was booked at efi this saturday?

    sure i've seen two people say about being booked at efi this saturday?
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    Peco exhaust

    So I hear someone who does a bit with Renaults is talking to peco about a range of exhausts and decats etc for the Renault sport range. Best bit is there will be a bit of actual development going into it that will even involve rolling road figures as well.
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    Low boost 182

    Low boost 182 that I started on a while ago, should of been a quick job but that didn't happen!! Few things then got changed and added along the way but now it's about 95% finished thought I'd stick something up about it. Will be running low boost on stock ecu with efi boost module. Genuine...
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    group N cam timing

    group N cam timing finally got round to doing something with cam timing on standard cams. car is a 172 cup, btb exhaust and cat, mtc inlet elbow and cone filter. car always felt strong and pulled well. the red is from it's first power run so we had a start point, was on standard renault map...
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    s7 video with aux microphone?

    is there anything that will record video but use an external mic for the sound?
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    3 cylinder clio engine

    must be something new they are working on
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    197 engine in 182...???

    has anyone ever done 197/200 engine in a 182?
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    fuel sender resistance

    anyone know the resistance for full and empty tank?
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    roof bar problems

    tried fitting a set of genuine bars the other day, front one went on and tightened up fine but the rear kept pulling up and out when i tightened it up, did it on the side that was tightened last. anyone else had problems with them?
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    hp2000 pads

    any views on them? never used them but throwing something on my lads twiglet and wondered what these are like? either these, some ds2500 i found or m1144 mintex.
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    cheap ditch finder tyre review...

    well after some pleb...:innocent:...taking camber bolts out of the wife's car, forgetting to do the tracking and her then doing 2,500 miles inside edge of her v12's have scrubbed off!!!! decided to really push the boat out and throw a pair of these on it tomorrow morning... at £30 each it...
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    bargain R888 £44.90!!!

    was happy seeing this... thought i'd order a few sets until i noticed they've only got one left:cry:
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    Another SM inlet results...

    this time on a 172 cup, previously rs tuner map, 182 exhaust manifold, standard cams and timing, powerflow exhaust, 200 cell cat and can't remember what induction kit??
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    SM inlet turkish rs2 ish one...results so far

    fitted one of the turkish discussed in a colourful thread here phase 1 172, epas, matched standard inlets and pms exhaust, car made 179bhp and about 162lbft torque (cant find old print so don't know exact figure)...
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    should be a nice payout at least, 3 x whiplash claims:wink: bit of t-cut and knock the wheel back in to place!! (apologies for the crappy pic)
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    door dimensions and weight

    any idea on door dimensions and weight?
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    mot fail high emissions

    took a car for mot today, emissions were that high it set the carbon monoxide detector off in the flat above the garage!! how cool is that:cool:
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    dead reverse

    ph1, locks up in reverse but fine if you dip the clutch or let it lock up and then move again, also reversing very slowly it seems fine. am assuming it's the diff but any other suggestions welcome. it's not the circlip.
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    bottom pulley

    am sure they shouldn't look like this...:quiet:
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    identifying brembo calipers

    anyone got any idea what these are off originally? no dust seals and the piston edges are drilled. forgot to look for any numbers on them!!
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    idler and tensioner pulley dimensions??

    anyone got the dimensions for the pulleys on the aux belt? got a pair that aren't boxed and can't for the life of me think of what they are for?
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    uniroyal rs3

    have ran all sorts of tyres over the years but got to say how impressed i am with these so far, only done a couple of days on them but pushed them a bit in the wet and they are proving to be a good tyre and the best bit...they've got sharks on them!!!!!
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    what would you pay for/expect to pay?

    thinking about doing a few 'sets' of powder coated under bonnet bits, inlet, engine mounts, belt covers, alternator brackets, stat housings etc... done one load for mine and some for the wife's car, got some spare bits so was thinking about getting some done and flogging them on. would be on an...
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    vacuum hose?

    found a vacuum (?) hose but nowt on each end and not sure where it goes? one end was down on the nsf clipped on the chassis just by the acoustic valve, the other end was between the battery tray and the strut tower. got me really confused as i don't recognise it from anywhere and the car is...
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    oh blinkin' flip!!!!!

    decided to tart up under the bonnet while i was doing cam belt on my car, looked at the belt that was already fitted and looked reasonably new but thought might as well change it anyway as the cam cover was coming off to get coated and i wanted to check what cams are in as it's a bit too grunty...
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    182 cam part numbers

    possibly bit of a dumb one, what are part numbers for standard renault cams and how are they marked? doing a belt and a few bits on mine today and i could of sworn the renault numbers are cast into the cam? numbers on mine are dot punched on, i could be totally wrong about them being cast in but...