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  1. MrBean90


    How much does it cost for a 172 full body does anyone know? Because by the time a coversion is done it could be worth just gettin the 172 like some of u say, but sayin that £2300 third party f&t isn't cheap! I've looked on ebay etc n googled 172 kits n not a lot is coming back?
  2. MrBean90


    Alrite, i passed my test earlier this year and bought myself a 1.4 mk 1 clio, perfect first car but now it just lacks power for my liking. I am 18 and get hammered by the insurance of a 172, but love the look. So it got me thinking and i came up with the idea of buyin a 1.6 16v clio dynamique...
  3. MrBean90

    Williams Seats

    Ok sounds good, any stores that sell the runners or just have to look for runners off other williams? The williams it will be coming off will be the same year
  4. MrBean90

    Selling tips

    Some people to think the car has be trashed if its had modificaitons but saying that it is very hard to thrash a 2.0 litre engine around town etc as it is capable of so much
  5. MrBean90

    Williams Seats

    Does anyone know if a set of williams seats, front and back, would fit a mk1 1.4RT 1994 (M) clio. I want to know if it would be a straight swap or if any alterations would need to be made. Thanks, Chris
  6. MrBean90


    Sounds obvious but a firewall could be blocking it?
  7. MrBean90

    Drivers Door

    Alrite, the other night somebody tried to break in to my Mk1 Ph1 RT clio, i knw who in their right mind would run the risk of getting cought to break into it? But anyway they didnt quite get in but managed to make a nice mess of my drivers door, i have managed to bend it back into place but it...
  8. MrBean90

    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    Re: someph-ing different........... Car looks mint!
  9. MrBean90

    Induction Kits

    nice one mate found one on the site
  10. MrBean90

    Induction Kits

    I have seen on most new clios the fog lights ar removed and silicon hoses fit perfectly for a nice cold air flow. I have a mk1 and as you all probably know they arent circular like the hoses, they are rectangular, i was just wondering if anybody knew if i can get hold of an "end" that can fit...
  11. MrBean90

    cooling pad for notebook

    With notebooks you have really just gotta make sure all fans arent be covered completly, however you can buy docking stations which i believe can have extra cooling systems built into them....
  12. MrBean90

    Mk1 Gearbox Oil

    I was just wondering if anybody could tell me how to check the level of oil in the gearbox, or how to change the gearbox oil on a mk1 1.4 RT 1994 (M). Any Feedback/Pictures/Info would be brill, MrBean90
  13. MrBean90

    My company

    Word advice, you want the administrator link to be hidden and only the administrators to know what the address to it is, if the link is nice and open for every one to click, then people are going to try cracking it...
  14. MrBean90

    Western Digital My Passport

    Yeah, FAT32 is only designed for hard drives below 32GB i think ? NTFS was designed for bigger Hard drives for the simple reason that its file structure makes it alot faster to access, move and delete files.
  15. MrBean90

    What Laptop???

    you can download Tuneup Utilities off the net, thats a good prog to clear up all of the cr*p! let me know if u need a hand using it but im sure u will be fine, let me knw if u get it n if it works, its free for like 30 days, but there are ways around the free trial ;) lol...
  16. MrBean90

    **Alloy Wheel Guide**

    Nice one helped me out!
  17. MrBean90


    ok sounds gd, thanks for the info..... any sites or companys anyone knws of?
  18. MrBean90


    Is there much work needed to put 15's on? i am lookin for a set how much u sellin em for?
  19. MrBean90


    Just lookin for sum info on alloys for a mk1 clio, its an M Reg. The size of the wheels on the car are 13" does that mean thats the max size i can put on the car without any other work being done, i.e just put em straight on. Also anyone know of any good websites to get alloys from? the cheaper...
  20. MrBean90

    help belt noise!?

    i dont knw to much about cars but u tried the fan belt? doesnt that make an annoying sound when its slipping or dried out?
  21. MrBean90

    Hello all...

    Hi there recently joined the site, looks great and already been getting some great replies to posts! Just past my test a week ago and bought a mk1 clio 1.4rt and loving it! Regards Chris
  22. MrBean90

    5.9 on the Vista scale

    very nice system you got there, my mates got a decent system and makes me laff when ya see the size of the fan jsut for the graphics cards, that shows how powerful the badboy is!
  23. MrBean90

    What Laptop???

    sounds like you already have a decent enough system to do the things you want. Overclocking can be great but it puts the processor under more strain and therefore rumours have it that some PC's have set on fire because of the amount of heat it causes. This will not be the case on your PC so dont...
  24. MrBean90

    Networking Laptop and PC

    sounds like a firewall on the pc is your problem, to clarify this try and send a simpel icmp packet, what i mean by this is ping the laptop from the pc( this should work) and then ping the pc from the laptop (this shouldnt work). disable the firewall and try again, if it works then u still want...
  25. MrBean90

    Fan Belt

  26. MrBean90

    What Laptop???

    yeah i knw what u mean same reason i got my laptop! lol, i have had no problems with mine so far... You can throw a lot of stuff at that laptop ur looking at and it should be able to handle it cuz its got 2GB memory, whats your comp got in it atm? is it 512mb?
  27. MrBean90

    Fan Belt

    My fan belt is slipping and therefore i have bought a new one for pennys and i am going to fit it this friday, i was just looking for a little bit of a heads up before doing so....i have a 1.4rt mk1 Clio.... Is the fan belt easy enough to change? Does the front wheel have to come off to reach...
  28. MrBean90

    Water Coolant Problem?

    ok mate thanks for the info!!
  29. MrBean90

    Water Coolant Problem?

    I was driving around in my clio 1.4 RT mk1 earlier today, i opened the bonnet to find my jack when i saw that the container which holds the water coolant was bubbling at the top, not leaking severely but bubbling slightly as if a seam has split. Should i be worried, any solutions?
  30. MrBean90

    what does the RT stand for in Clio 1.4 RT?

    ok nice one thanks, Race technology sounds good lol, Rusty... not if its looked after ;) Renault Top, that could explain why its got electric windows/mirrors, central locking, not bad for a M Reg .