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  1. Daz.

    Mk4 RS owners - help me!

    I need someone (or some peeps) with a Ph1 Mk4 RS to just go through what happens at the differing phases of when you turn your lights on as I'm having a weird DRL issue and I need to know what is supposed to happen at what point! You have Auto, headlights, sidelights and '0' which I assume is...
  2. Daz.

    Clio MK4 Peeps - Need some Bluetooth info...

    There is a lot of documented issues with the Mk4 Media Navs and the fact you can't stream music properly as the unit can't cope... My Wife's Nav S (2015) does it, she doesn't really mind it as it 'mainly' works but it f***s me right off! I'm looking into Mk4 RS' and want to get one in the...
  3. Daz.

    Clio 4 Dynamique vs Dynamique S difference?

    Mrs wants one for her new car - looking at a couple of years old ish so 2014 onwards. Unless I'm being thick I can't see what makes one an S and the other not an S? Help!
  4. Daz.

    Anyone tried Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3's yet?

    My Asymmetric 2's are shot on the front and I was going to just replace them with another set of 2's but didn't realise the 3's were out.... Anyone tried them yet?
  5. Daz.

    Experience of Renault Dealership body shop in North West?

    It looks like I might have to get some work done on the rear quarter under the Renault paint warranty. The meg is Nimbus and I've found that places round here are useless when it comes to matching it. I'm stuck because I'll be limited to dealership body shops as far as I can tell. Does anyone...
  6. Daz.

    Air con specialists in North West?

    Does anyone know of a DECENT leak detection place in the North West? After having it 'fixed' 3 times and spending a decent wedge it's still leaking as I've got no gas again in the system again.
  7. Daz.

    Anyone have the TROPHY vector file?

    I'm messing about with a project and need the .ai file for the trophy badge. Has anyone got it? Cheers
  8. Daz.

    How does Renault paint door trims from the factory?

    It just seems to me like a quick blow over a plain textured trim piece? Just wondered if anyone had any experience? I'm trying to re-create some of mine on the Megane - I'm guessing a light cover of plastic primer then paint?
  9. Daz.

    Any decent tyre fitters around Blackburn or Darwen?

    That won't complain about a wheel being refurbed 3/4 months ago? Been to 2 places and they're moaning they can't not damage the paint or spend 15 mins helping me out while I have a 4 day old baby in the car needing to get home.
  10. Daz.

    * Request from Eibach Sportline users*

    Howdy! Can anyone do me a favour? If you're running a standard 172/182 apart from Sportline springs can you measure the gap between the road and the bottom of the splitter for me please? I used to have a standard Renault splitter so preferably using one of these. Thank you!
  11. Daz.

    Dirty Leather - What do I use?

    I really want to clean the leather seats in the Megane, the drivers seat is has a lovely (not) shine to it now and the steering wheel needs a good clean. Having never cleaned leather before (properly) I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction - I keep seeing the 50/50 shots of...
  12. Daz.

    360 Exclusives

    Now the Xbox One is nearly here I've been looking online but not found much out regarding future xbox 360 exclsuives... I know they're saying the 360 will continue for another 3 years but what does that mean? I'm just wondering if I should hang on to my 360 or not really as I've not seen...
  13. Daz.

    Does anyone in the North West actually know how to paint a bumper?

    Trust me it's far worse than the pictures show... 3 times I've had this bumper done for various issues, the paint must be an inch thick by now! Originally I asked for the wings and bonnet to be blended but I'm glad they ignored me now or I'd be trying to correct even more - In the dark it...
  14. Daz.

    Wheel Repair Centre - Preston

    I've heard good things about this place but has anyone recently had any work done? I've just been quoted £400 for a wheel refurb! That contradicts a lot of what I have read recently!
  15. Daz.

    I've had a PDR session but....

    ....While the big ones I wanted gone are gone and the car looks dent free, (and mint!) when you get under car parking lights and bright sunshine you can still see tiny tiny little ones on the sharp crease of the door (Megane). They're so tiny I'm guessing they can't be fully taken out even...
  16. Daz.

    So much want!!!
  17. Daz.

    Is this fixable by a dent dude?

    REEEEEALY rather not have to get the whole side painted.
  18. Daz.

    Air con question...

    Is it normal for there to be a hissing noise for a few seconds after the car is shut off? This question isn't related strictly to clio's.. I've noticed that it sounds like a pressure release but for a measured amount of time i.e the time span is the same every time you shut it down. Is this...
  19. Daz.

    Are Mk3 Clio and Mk2 Megane external handles the same?

    ^^^ They look the same but I wasn't sure?
  20. Daz.

    Finally got round to taking pictures of the Clio's replacement.. the Megane Trophy!

    I've had this since January but only recently had time to play with it a little. As some of you know I decided to sell the 172 as after the Williams I never totally bonded with it. I don't know why it was great car I just didn't feel anything for it. So I decided to vacate the drive...
  21. Daz.

    Removing old badge stains from paint...

    I took the Renaultsport badge off the Megane to fit a new style one to the other side. It came off fine as did all the glue but the shadow/stain of the original is still there. Tried a quick hand polish and you can still see it... Any ideas?
  22. Daz.

    Urgent! Passenger window won't close!

    I opened both my windows as normal this morning to get rid of the condensation but the passenger one refuses to go back up! The drivers is fine and the relay clicks as normal when you use it. The passenger one is dead! neither switch will operate it nor will the relay click if you use either...
  23. Daz.

    Side skirt bolts

    Anyone know a part number for new ones? I've had a look on Dialogys and it doesn't state a part number for the bolts just the clips, rivets and skirts themselves. Ta :)
  24. Daz.

    Just got my H&R's back from Bilstein - Question!

    Got my H&R's back from Bilstein after an overhaul :) New inserts, collars etc... all good. Everything is there but they were sent back in bits rather than complete as the collars were seized. Now putting them back together I'm confused, do top hats seize on or do that hammer on or are they...
  25. Daz.

    Clanging rear spring since adjusting coilovers

    Might be nothing but I adjusted the drivers side rear platform on my H&R's as the car wasn't quite level each side, I dropped it exactly 12mm (so not exactly a monumental procedure!) and now whenever you go over a bump or go round a corner it just 'clangs' when you straighten up, like it's...
  26. Daz.

    Request: Phase 2's on Oz F1's?

    Unless I haven't looked hard enough, I can't find a thread on this... I can't decice if they work or not and need a push!
  27. Daz.

    Name the game!

    Been playing this with a few lads for ages and I'm stumped by this one and he's not giving away and clues! Anyone recognise this?
  28. Daz.

  29. Daz.

    Best way to straighten out bent sills/jackin point?

    Annoyingly over the last few months at some point my front jacking points have become a lot more bent than they used to be. I want a go at straightening them out and painting/protecting them. Any tips?