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  1. Amberlamps

    Convertible roof cleaner + sealant.

    A lady friend wants her convertible roof cleaned, sealed and basically looking like new. Could someone recommend a few items ranging from budget (but still good if that exists), to premium stuff. Also bearing in mind i have never cleaned or sealed a convertible roof, something easy to use...
  2. Amberlamps

    Door alignment.

    My drivers side door is rubbing on the jamb as seen in the pic below. Any way of adjusting the door or the hinge to stop this?
  3. Amberlamps

    RB182 Monkseaton

    Spotted about 12:15 parked on Earsdon Road near West Monkseaton Metro
  4. Amberlamps

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

    Massive Borderlands fan, can't f**king wait!!!! Claptrap as a playable charachter :clap:
  5. Amberlamps

    Fuel flap removal

    Is it possible to remove just the flap itself, rather than getting behind the arch liner to remove the nuts that will most likely snap anyway? Gently prize it out from where i've marked it on the pic?
  6. Amberlamps

    Todays work.

    Been waiting what seems like an age for a decent day to spend some quality time on the car. That day arrived today, hallelujah \o/!! No pics of the process, but it consisted of: Wash - Rinse - Decon (AF ObliTarate and AF Iron Out) - Rinse - Clayed (Farecla Clay Mitt) - Wash - Rinsed again. I...
  7. Amberlamps

    3 seen Newcastle/Northumberland

    Out for a hoon today and spotted a Arctic 182 at the Shell garage in Annitsford about 3pm Another Arctic 182 parked up in Pigton. And a Albi 197 heading into Morpeth about 5pm.
  8. Amberlamps

    Crack in inlet manifold.

    Got my inlet manifold all painted up and looking quite nice. Finished off the lettering today and then found this: Never noticed it when painting it, so f**k knows how it occured. So i'm guessing its just bin worthy now?
  9. Amberlamps

    RS Tuner

    Not mine, but someone could get a decent(ish) bargain.
  10. Amberlamps

    Changed headlights over, now car won't start

    Managed to grab a set of second hand xenons from here as the clips on mine were snapped. Decided to change them over today. All went well until i tried to start the car up. Sort of turns over once, dash lights come on, air con etc, as normal, just the car won't start. Also can hear a...
  11. Amberlamps

    Arctic 182 Shiremoor - Newcastle

    Spotted about 2:15pm in Shiremoor heading towards the Metro.
  12. Amberlamps

    Skoda washer blanks.

    Just seen these on ebay (click) and wondered if anyone knows if they will fit onto a 182? Seems like a cheap alternative to the renault and streamline ones, thats if they fit.
  13. Amberlamps

    Which of these.....

    sample kits would be best for a beginner? Either This or This. Or is there any better ones out there.
  14. Amberlamps

    Copying movies from HDD to USB stick problem!

    Trying to copy a load of torrented movies from my hdd to a friends usb stick. However, once the movie has copied to the usb stick it wont fecking play!! Keep getting a wmp cant play this file bullshit, and vlc, just nothing happens! Wtf am i doing wrong here?
  15. Amberlamps

    Longlife exhausts Ashington.

    Anyone used them, or know anyone thats used them?
  16. Amberlamps

    New K-Tec exhaust, anyone have it?

    Found this and was wondering if anyone has it? I know K-Tec get some abuse here, but ive never had a problem with their stuff.
  17. Amberlamps

    What's this panel called and is it removable?

    This one above rear passenger windows? The paint on mine is bubbling in places, looks crap and would like to sort it out.
  18. Amberlamps

    DF057 fault.

    Am i right in thinking its the lambda sensor? Also, the baffles are gone in the centre silencer, could this cause the code to pop up on the fault reader? Dont wanna have to fork out for a new lambda, if its the centre box causing it, as i will be getting a new exhaust. Cheers.
  19. Amberlamps

    182 JP Exhausts exhaust.

    Been trawling ebay lately for a 2nd hand exhaust and found this Its a custom one from JP exhausts in Cheshire. After some searching it seems they made the Yozza exhausts???? Just emailed the bloke...
  20. Amberlamps

    Recommend me a new TV please.

    For a grand, no more. Preferably 55", 3D and with all the smart TV stuff. Would like good sound quality also as we don't use speakers atm. Can get a Panasonic Viera TX-L55ET60B for a grand, installed and calibrated, but just wondering if there's anything better for that price?
  21. Amberlamps

    RB 182 Silverlink/Halfords - Newcastle

    Spotted about 5:30pm today, just caught a glimpse as i was in a hurry.
  22. Amberlamps

    Blue Vee and red 197 N.East

    Blue V6, only caught a small glimpse as it came past me the other way, never the less, it looked fecking amazing, love the V's. Spotted top of Bedlington about 5pm Red 197 spotted top of Forest Hall/West Moor about 4:40 pm.
  23. Amberlamps

    Cooksports fitted, now tyres rubbing on arch liners.

    So i had my Cooksports fitted yesterday, along with new dampers. Took it for a spin and noticed the front tyres rubbing on the arch liners, mainly on full lock left and right. Got home and had a look and the tyres are catching on this bit (first pic in step 2, bit that bulges out)...
  24. Amberlamps

    Should there be oil here?

    Just had the inlet manifold off to seal up a couple of bolts that were weeping oil a little bit. Anyway, i noticed a bit of oil in the opening on the pic. Is it normal? The oil was still wet.
  25. Amberlamps

    What paint for the sills.

    My sills look really tatty and spoil the look of my car. Whats the best stuff to paint them with? My brother reckons underseal, my dad reckons some anti stonechip paint. Is there anything better than those suggestions? Thanks.
  26. Amberlamps

    Alien 200, Shell garage, Annitsford/Dudley

    Around 12:00pm. Looked very nice!
  27. Amberlamps

    Partly refreshing suspension.

    Thinking of doing this soon. Will i need the cup wishbones with more castor or standard wishbones for my FF 182? Also thinking of maybe buying 2nd hand wishbones and polybushing them, good idea, or just get new oem ones?
  28. Amberlamps

    Red 200 top of Laverick (Blyth)

    At about 14:05 this afternoon heading towards A189.
  29. Amberlamps

    Blue 197 and Red 200 spotted around Newcastle/Tynemouth

    Blue 197 spotted at West Moor, went left towards Longbenton past Findus this avo. Also a red 200 at Tynemouth/Cullercoats on the sea front. Both looked smart as.
  30. Amberlamps

    Connects2 USB interface

    Just a quickie really. Im after some extra connectivity and prefer to keep the standard set up. Does the USB interface connect to the HU or the changer under the passenger seat? Thanks.