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  1. Chris1.4RT

    Nokia keep or not

    Hi all, I haven't been on this forum for a few years but came on today as I know there are a few geeks who might help. Had an N95 8gb for 3 years. Love it. I use it for texting (very quick and simple), music ( 4gb enough for my needs), watching converted dvds on the rest of the 8gb, Nokia...
  2. Chris1.4RT

    mint Williams 2 in South Shields

    M%%% %%X Parked up outside Gamestation next to the market. Was gonna say hello but didn't. So good to see such a good example still. Wheels looked immaculate.
  3. Chris1.4RT

    BBC iPlayer N95

    Anyone got this working with their 3g connection (as opposed to wifi)? I have. Dunno if anyone else has done it but got mine working so that it doesn't say 'please switch to wifi to view this programme'. Mine now automatically connects over my T-mobile connection and streams programs...
  4. Chris1.4RT

    Removing wrong words from predictive text dictionary - tip for Nokias.

    I'm sick of typing things like 'is' only to find it's brings up 'ip' as default just because I've used it once. Or words like 'and' become 'amd' because I used that once. Found an easy way to go back to the default word if this would be useful for other people too. -Open a blank text...
  5. Chris1.4RT

    oil change at 1000 miles?

    Hi. Is it worth doing an oil change at 1000k miles on brand new car? I bought it in July and have done 1000 miles now and although it's not due to be serviced until 12500 miles or 1 year, I feel this is quite far away. My thinking is changing the oil now will hopefully remove any...
  6. Chris1.4RT

    trophy on auto trader? cheap?!,N-4294966970-4294967142/advert.action?R=200822311178143&distance=196&postcode=ne346rp&channel=CARS&make=RENAULT&model=CLIO&min_pr=&max_pr=&max_mileage= Spotted this. 16k miles, 55...
  7. Chris1.4RT

    N95 8gb web browser screen resolution

    I use my N95 for browsing a lot and looking at pics on the internet. Thing is, since flashing to V20, the pics and web page banners are always in low res. Yes this makes the page a bit quicker to load but it's not what I want it to do. I used to always load in full res. Example...
  8. Chris1.4RT

    Broken ecu housing bracket thing!

    Any suggestions to how to fix this? The bracket snapped so I sandwiched the remaining bit between two washers which worked for a time but now it keeps popping out. I can hear it rattling and squeaking from inside the car. Cheers.
  9. Chris1.4RT

    Humming noise - wheel bearing?

    I'll try and keep this brief. Got a problem that's driving me mad. Could hear a bit of a humming noise I think from passenger rear wheel. Changed the rear discs (as they needed doing) and therefore the bearings along with them. So it now has new rear bearings. Thing is, now I can hear...
  10. Chris1.4RT

    urgent help please with rear wheel bearing

    Changing rear discs. Eventually managed to get disc off with force. Is the the other half of the bearing that's ended up left on my car? I've broken the bit in my hand and the bit around the shaft is still on. Cannot get it off. Any ideads? Cheers.
  11. Chris1.4RT

    Too much brake fluid?

    Busy changing discs and pads all round. Just finished doing the front but pushing the brake piston back in with the fluid cap off is making it overflow and drip. Is this going to cause a problem when I put the cap back on and drive? Had my brake fluid changed about 3 months ago. With...
  12. Chris1.4RT

    Changing front & rear discs - socket sizes?

    Had a scan about on here and a little bit confused as to socket sizes. I'm going to buy some new ones as mine are a bit mashed. I think I need for the front: 13mm socket, 17mm spanner for the caliper piston part. Can someone confirm? What about the size of the socket for removal of...
  13. Chris1.4RT

    182'd lower spec Clio, Jarrow area

    Keep spotting this lower spec Clio done up with 182 bumpers, lights, wheels etc. Sorry for the lower spec comment, just not sure what type of Clio it is. Looks decent enough, just the colour a give away. Spotted a few times around the bottom of the John Reid road area. Anyone?
  14. Chris1.4RT

    Goosed memory stick?

    Trying to recover data off a usb memory stick for someone at work. Using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard without any luck and GetBackDataFat32 and Data Doctor without any luck. Getting read errors at best and nothing at all on other tests -won't even pick it up. Goosed? Cheers. Chris.
  15. Chris1.4RT

    Selling a new mobile?

    Ok I really want the N95 8gig (and don't try to talk me out of it!). But I want it on t-mobile as I want the web n walk. Can I get a new contract (currently on Orange) with t-mobile and get a new N95, then sell it immediately on ebay? If so I plan to buy a N95 8gig off ebay and use...
  16. Chris1.4RT

    Cam belt change Newcastle

    Need my cam belt doing asap. Renault want £700. Tried to haggle them down to effectively £500 (£600 all in with brake fluid at £29.95 and coolant change at £74.99) but they weren't having it. I got quoted £350 at that Renault specialists next to the Metro Arena - anyone have it's name...
  17. Chris1.4RT

    Another upgrade Q and an insurance Q

    As Orange haven't got the N95 8gb yet, would they give me the cash equivalent of say an N95 and therefore easily enabling me to buy a sim free N95 8Gb? (I know I could just get an N95 and sell it). If I don't get insurance this time around and the phone develops a fault. Is that still...
  18. Chris1.4RT

    hard drive problem sata i and ii

    Will a sata ii hard drive (3gbps) work on a sata i board (1.5gbps)? Having a bit of trouble with an install. My mate says to use the jumper on the sata ii hard drive but there isn't one. Cheers.
  19. Chris1.4RT

    Renault MP3 radio? Compatibility

    Will one of the new Renault cd/mp3/radio's work in my 2003 172 along with the Alpine changer and fingertip controls? Cheers.
  20. Chris1.4RT

    Laptop problem

    I've been given a Packard Bell Easynote R1938 laptop to see if I can fix. Upon switching on, I get a grey boot image saying Packard Bell with press F2 to Bios and F8 for boot options. Then nothing happens, it won't post or boot. I press F2 and F8 nothing happens. Inserting a recovery...
  21. Chris1.4RT

    N95 8GB

    Anyone know when this is out and who if anyone will be doing it? I don't consider the N95 that much of an upgrade from my v5 N80. I would consider the 8gb version though as my N80 is limited to the 2gb card.
  22. Chris1.4RT

    A+ , MCDST, etc from home?

    Thinking about doing both of these before forking out over a grand for a CCNA or MCSA. Both the A+ and MCDST are at my local college for about £500. I've just looked on ebay and there's loads of cd rom tuition guides to these courses. Could I just do the stuff from home, learn it and...
  23. Chris1.4RT

    Brake warning light problem?

    My 'STOP' light and brake warning lights keep coming on whenever I'm sat on an incline at traffic lights or if I corner hard on a long bend. I've checked the brake fluid level but it's topped up - ie about an inch from the very top of the spout. Can't be my pads can it? I don't have wear...
  24. Chris1.4RT

    skipping intros of a dvd on a dvd player

    Did you know most dvds players will go straight to the main menu, bypassing all the rubbish if the minute you load a dvd keep pressing 'dvd menu' on your remote? Keep pressing it and within 10 seconds or so the menu will appear.
  25. Chris1.4RT

    Monaco Blue 172 Gateshead

    K7 T** Spotted booting it up towards the Mecca Bingo area, Friday 3rd, 18:00. Nice sounding motor!
  26. Chris1.4RT

    Nice little Clio 16v one owner from new Still love to have one of these as a second car before they'll all gone!
  27. Chris1.4RT

    More Than (insurance company) = cheap!

    Been with elephant for last 4 years as I've always found them to be the cheapest. This years renewal on my 172 with them is approx £700 based on 31 yr old, no points, 7 yr ncb, mother and gf on policy. Me with one claim, gf with one claim. Protected no claims. Thought I'd check out More...
  28. Chris1.4RT

    Yellow R27 & Yellow R26

    :D In Benfield Renault, Gateshead. Both priced at mid £18ks. Didn't realise the Clio was so expensive. Would have thought the Megane was more though unless it was second hand. Didn't notice the reg. Prefer the decals on the Megane but either car, I'd take off the bumper ones...
  29. Chris1.4RT

    PC help please

    Ok I'm trying to get a webcam set up on my mate's mam and dad's pc as my mate's got a job abroad. The webcam is a cheap one off ebay but I had it working fine on my pc. Took it to theirs, set up yahoo (& msn messenger). Camera works fine when you select it within My Computer. Will it...
  30. Chris1.4RT

    Anyone played Manhunt? PC problem

    I bought this game about 6 months ago and was really enjoying it, you know hacking people to death. I got up to the bit with the tramp but he wouldn't follow me no matter what I did. I ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Since then, NOBODY will attack me. Not even the first...