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    Update on the 340i

    Looks awesome mate, your photos have swung me on the splitter... Makes the M-PERFORMANCE one look gash IMO!
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    The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

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    The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

    Proper job, love this Odyssey. I need to visit Mick's new place and generally annoy him / knock things over... It's been too long :love:
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    F30 330D XDrive

    I am trying to justify the same move... Had my 330D for 2 years, great car but I am no longer doing the mileaege to warrant a diesel!
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    Update on the 340i

    Looks great @BIFCAIDS I am looking to make a similar move... Currently have an E91 330D, but not doing the mileage to support a big diesel anymore. I've narrowed down my search to an F30 340i, they seem a great choice without jumping to crazy M3 costs. Did you find it a big step up from your E90?
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    M11 GTT

    I can remember seeing this fresh from the body-shop... Must be 12yrs ago? Looking forward to seeing it back on the road mate.
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    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    @naffoff looking at the photo, the heat shrink joint is almost 2yrs out of date? hmmm
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    E36 - Budget Project Car

    Nice find! - Was it local?
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    So I've bought the DC5 replacement.. (Evo Content)

    I worked in Malta for awhile in 2017 (Delimara power station upgrade to LNG).. I saw a few Renaultsports on the island, but the driving roads are less than great!
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    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    That's amazing, well played sir! I've owned my E91 330D LCI for 18 months now... Cannot see me changing it anytime soon.
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    Buy an e90 335i they said, it'll be fun they said ...

    Will be following this.... I want to tidy up a few items on my E91, but my knowledge is poor! All hail E90_Dave :)
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    French/Swiss/Italian Alps on a Dorsoduro 750 (pic heavy)

    Awesome photos, it brought back memories of my previous trips!
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    Am I institutionalised?

    Identical scenario as me... (Just replace the Golf with an A4!) I've been looking for the right spec 330D touring for 2 months now, cannot find one at all! But it needs to be Msport, pro nav, less than 100k miles etc. My A4 has creaking suspension, the speakers work when they feel like it...
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    Crank bearings color code?

    The Renault items *might* be fine, all depends how your clearances measure up... If they're out, look at King or Glyco bearings - They offer different sizes for the F4R engine.
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    Crank bearings color code?

    Maybe because I am old skool, or maybe because I went through the same grief building a forged F4R engine... Or maybe both! ;)
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    Crank bearings color code?

    The colour relates to clearance / size of the bearings IIRC... Renault installed different size bearings to accommodate tool wear, when manufacturing the engine. Annoyingly, Renault only supply 1 set of main and big end bearings for the engine - As you've found out. Your best bet is having the...
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    The New Family Bus

    My A4 Avant PD130 is on 177K miles... Original engine, turbo, clutch etc. She runs perfectly. In 37K / 2yrs it's only cost me service consumables, a broken rear spring and front lower arms.
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    Sensible Car. e92 330d.

    If this was a touring, I'd be all over like a tramp on dropped chips... Great spec / price, should sell easily!
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    These days, 3 grand buys an e90 330i ...

    So much car for the money!
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    Belt and dephaser etc Derbyshire

    Diamond Motors, Long Eaton. 110% I live in Chesterfield, he's looked after my Megane r26 for several years.
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    New East Mids area Rep :)

    U WOT M8!!!!!!
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    New East Mids area Rep :)

    And me.
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    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Fantastic news mate! - Big relief.
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    Just purchased Engine Dynamics forged turbo 280bhp engine

    Why go to all that expense and effort with the engine, but keep stock rods... I cannot see them lasting long at your power level. I'd look into that, cannot imagine ED fitting standard rods on a "built" engine.
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    Engine rebuild - First start

    Hahaaa... I was beyond paranoid first time I drove it!
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    Engine rebuild - First start

    500 miles is plenty to run an engine in... Everybody has their own opinions / methods, I just gave mine plenty of varied load and didn't let it sit idling.
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    Engine rebuild - First start

    I did probably went OTT, but I got the oil cheap so didn't mind using it. 50 miles, changed oil and filter... no chunks of bearing, job's a good 'un :) 300 miles, changed oil and filter with Millers CRO. 500 miles, changed oil and filter with Millers CRO. 700 miles, new filter and fully...
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    Engine rebuild - First start

    I used the Millers running in oil on mine.
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    Engine rebuild - First start

    I would be cranking the engine (without fuel + spark) to establish oil pressure... If you can, use a mechanical gauge to check pressure. If oil pressure is good, fire her up! DO NOT let it idle, the engine needs load to bed the rings in. When I started my forged engine first time, I held it at...