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  1. Haybails1980

    Black 2*0T - Newbridge MacDonalds, Edinburgh

    Spotted a black 200T or 220T in the car park of MacDonalds at Newbridge just outside Edinburgh today around 2:15pm. Reg was SC18 X**.
  2. Haybails1980

    Oil Pressure Fault - Clio 200

    Got a “Oil Pressure Fault” message on start up yesterday and today from cold but went off after about 10 seconds. Anything I should be wary of and check?
  3. Haybails1980

    BG 182 - Cultins Road, Edinburgh

    BG 182 parked on Cultins Road in Edinburgh near the Vauxhall and Ford garages earlier today at 3:05pm. Reg was NG05 WFD.
  4. Haybails1980

    Black 197 - Aldi, Livingston

    Spotted a black 197 with black alloys in the Aldi car park in Livingston at 1:35pm today. Reg was SJ07 JCV.
  5. Haybails1980

    Blue 182 - Livingston

    Spotted a blue 182 parked in the parent and child spaces of Sainsbury’s in Livingston today at 2:55pm. Reg was FA04 XZU.
  6. Haybails1980

    Black Ph2 V6 - Edinburgh

    Spotted a black ph2 V6 parked on Atholl Crescent in the west end of Edinburgh just before 2pm today. Reg was V6 TFF.
  7. Haybails1980

    BG 182 - Hermiston Gait, Edinburgh

    Spotted a BG 182 parked in the Hermiston Gait retail park car park in Edinburgh today at 12:30pm. Reg was C11 PLM.
  8. Haybails1980

    RB 197 F1 - Edinburgh

    Spotted an RB 197 F1 this morning heading west on the A8 going towards Edinburgh Airport at 7:50am this morning. Reg was SL57 KOJ.
  9. Haybails1980

    Blue 197 - Dalkeith

    Spotted a blue 197 in Dalkeith tonight at 6:25pm. Reg was LD02 TOD.
  10. Haybails1980

    RB Clio 200 - Dalkeith

    Spotted an RB Clio 200 leaving the Tesco car park in Dalkeith tonight around 6:20pm tonight. I didn’t catch the reg but noticed it was a ‘12 plate.
  11. Haybails1980

    RB 200 - Edinburgh

    Spotted a RB 200 heading west on South Gyle Broadway in Edinburgh this morning at 8:15am. Reg was LT12 YTA.
  12. Haybails1980

    Silver 200 - Tesco At Hermiston Gait, Edinburgh

    Spotted a silver 200 parked in the car park at Tesco in the Hermiston Gait retail park in Edinburgh today at 6:20pm. Reg was NA13 ZHT.
  13. Haybails1980

    Black 200 - Edinburgh

    Spotted a black 200 parked on Bankhead Drive this morning at 8:05am. Reg was SM11 ACY.
  14. Haybails1980

    BG 182 - Sighthill, Edinburgh

    Spotted a BG 182 on Bankhead Avenue in Edinburgh at 8:05am this morning. Reg was C11 PLM.
  15. Haybails1980

    RB 182 - South Gyle, Edinburgh

    Spotted an RB 182 parked on South Gyle Crescent in Edinburgh at 8:10am this morning. Reg was AV54 WXB.
  16. Haybails1980

    Ph2 Blue 172 - Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh

    Spotted a blue Ph2 172 parked outside the car showrooms on Bankhead Drive in Edinburgh today around 1:30pm. Reg was AO52 XMV.
  17. Haybails1980

    Silver 197 - M90 Near Dunfermline

    Spotted a silver 197 with black alloys heading north on the M90 just before Dunfermline this morning at 10:50am. Reg was SV08 VRT.
  18. Haybails1980

    Silver Ph2 172 - South Queensferry

    Spotted a silver track/stripped out Ph2 172 in the Burger King car park at South Queensferry around 4:45pm. Reg was NL02 VYG.
  19. Haybails1980

    Ph1 V6 - Edinburgh Yesterday

    Spotted a silver Ph1 V6 near Edinburgh airport parkand ride yesterday morning around 9:45am. Reg was ML02 RVY.
  20. Haybails1980

    Storm Grey 200 - Edinburgh

    Rather annoying (lol) I spotted a Storm Grey 200 heading down towards Princes Street on the bridges around 2:10pm today. Reg was RE11 TEC.....which must be Rentec related.
  21. Haybails1980

    Ph1 172 - Edinburgh Yesterday (23/3/19)

    Spotted a Ph1 172 leaving Edinburgh on Glasgow road around 6:50pm yesterday. I was behind you until you turned off before the RBS building at Gogarburn. Reg was X98 BDB.
  22. Haybails1980

    RB 197 - Edinburgh City Bypass

    Spotted a Racing Blue 197 on the Edinburgh City Bypass approaching the Gogar Roundabout around 12:10pm today. I couldn’t see the reg due to the central reservation and I was heading the opposite way.
  23. Haybails1980

    Black Ph2 172 - Newbridge, Edinburgh

    Spotted a black Ph2 172 heading down towards Newbridge from Wilkieston today just after 5:35pm today. Reg was SK02 UOW.
  24. Haybails1980

    Blue 197 - Straiton Retail Park, Edinburgh

    Spotted a blue 197 leaving Straiton Retail Park in Edinburgh today around 12:40pm. Reg was LD02 TOD.
  25. Haybails1980

    Blue 182 - Alloa

    Spotted a blue 182 on Clackmannan Road in Alloa this afternoon just after 2pm. Reg was SN04 VHR.
  26. Haybails1980

    Clio Williams - M90 Near Dunfermline

    Spotted a Clio Williams heading south on the M90 passing Dunfermline today around 11:20am. Reg was C18 WLM.
  27. Haybails1980

    Black 200 - Gyle, Edinburgh

    Spotted a black 200 heading from the Gyle estate into the Gyle shopping centre at 5:30pm. Reg was CL10 XGX.
  28. Haybails1980

    Blue 182 - Gyle, Edinburgh

    Spotted a blue 182 parked on Redheughs Avenue in the Gyle estate in Edinburgh opposite the RBS office at 1:30pm today. Reg was SX04 DDL.
  29. Haybails1980

    Red 197 - The Gyle, Edinburgh

    Spotted a red 197 with cup spoiler leaving The Gyle in Edinburgh at 5:10pm today. Reg was **** TZS.
  30. Haybails1980

    Silver 182 - The Gyle, Edinburgh

    Spotted a silver 182 parked on South Gyle Crescent in Edinburgh at 12:40pm today. Reg was ND05 YSP.