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  1. rory182

    FG05 KGJ SILVER 182 - East Kilbride

    Anyone know this car? Currently for sale in East Kilbride. Not for me.
  2. rory182

    ph2 172 backbox

    My exhaust has just started blowing and my car now sounds like every chav's corsa. Would anyone recommend any oem style backboxes other than a Genuine Renault one? I know stainless is the way to go but it's just the backbox and I don't want to spend several hundred £ on the car at the moment.
  3. rory182

    Doncaster - Trophy and Silver 1*2

    Trophy with private plate JA53 parked at Bridon ropery all week and a Silver 172 cup / 182 with Turinis parked at the Holiday Inn Express one day through the week. Anyone here?
  4. rory182

    Meg R26 No. 1721 Reg SF57 UEE - Arnold Clark

    If anyone's after an R26 and notices that Arnold Clark have the one above in a Glasgow dealership then here's some feedback on it, I test drove the car today. First thing you'll notice is that it's got a fair amount of deep scratches and is peppered with stone chips in front of the rear wheel...
  5. rory182

    Airbag + Serv lights - suspect Rotary Switch

    I've searched through 8 years of posts and can't find anything conclusive so starting a thread. I recently had my oem mk2 ph2 172 steering wheel replaced with a re-trimmed oem wheel, on collecting the car from the local so called 'specialist' the airbag and serv lights were on. I immediately...
  6. rory182

    Silver R26 Uddingston train station

    Spotted parked up at 4pm, looked tidy! Anyone on here?
  7. rory182

    silver 172 Glasgow Royal infirmary

    Spotted around 2pm parked outside my flat round the corner from the Royal, 3 bloke got into it. Anyone here?
  8. rory182

    Red 200 Hardgate

    Spotted yesterday morning around 9.30 opposite the Peugeot garage.
  9. rory182

    Home Entertainment advice - adding internet radio / grooveshark

    I'm a bit of a newb with home entertainment stuff. My setup is: LCD TV Upscaling DVD player Sky HD XBOX 360 I use a Logitech Harmony control. I don't have a working hifi and was thinking of getting some sort of tablet pc and speakers in order to play a stream from say spotify or...
  10. rory182

    172 - not starting first time from cold

    I'm having to persuade the car to start in the mornings, it's been sub-zero for about 3 weeks now pretty much which has to have something to do with it. Basically I turn the key to start the car and the starter motor turns fine, no issues with the battery. But I have to pump the accelerator a...
  11. rory182

    Silver Ph1 V6 - Oxford, Saturday

    Spotted in Oxford centre on Saturday, I happened to be sightseeing so snapped a wee pic since I had the camera in hand! 52 plate, v6 clio and cliosport stickers
  12. rory182

    Williams Formula 1 Race Day - Brazilian GP 2010

    I visited Williams F1 near Didcot in Oxfordshire yesterday for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Arrived around 1pm, cracking buffet lunch, wander around the largest private collection of F1 cars in the world, drove a simulator, Jackie Stewart called us around 2.15pm to discuss the build up to the...
  13. rory182

    Black 200 - Coatbridge CL10 plate

    Spotted about 12.35 today (Monday) parked up in Coatbridge centre, I passed you in my 172 heading to Tesco.
  14. rory182

    decent looking BG 182 with Turinis on PH

    Looks quite decent for the money: belts done, speedlines, ss exhaust etc.
  15. rory182

    5 years on CS in pics

    Well I was looking through some pics and realised that my time on CS is captured in pictures: June 2004 my nice new 182 when I commuted 600+ miles per week: A CS meet at Crail in 05, back when Ali and Alan had 1.2's and Ally had his Monaco and Rufus had his cup: Peebles during a Sep...
  16. rory182

    Just bought a bridge camera

    I've just bought a Fuji Finepix s1900 super zoom camera to see how I take to photography, didn't want to go all out and get an expensive DSLR just yet. So far I'm impressed it's got manual settings to get the hang of and I've discovered I can get filters / wide angle lenses etc for it too. I...
  17. rory182

    My 205gti

    Finally getting round to selling it, had a lot on with my new job etc but want it gone before winter. Needs MOTd and taxed, I'll take care of that. Will be giving it a full detail when I get back from the London office next weekend.
  18. rory182

    172 / 182 thumb grip question

    Anyone know if the thumb grips are symmetrical?
  19. rory182

    Arctic Blue 182 - Knockhill (BTCC)

    spotted today at Knockhill parked very near my 172. It had Ness Motors stickers on the number plate. I left a cheeky wee CS flyer on the windscreen for a laugh, anyone here?
  20. rory182

    silver 04 plate 172 - Polmont

    Spotted on the road up past the school parked outside a house, I'm sure I've seen a cup there in the past. Anyone here?
  21. rory182

    BTCC Knockhill today

    Had some free tickets so ventured up to see BTCC for the first time, was a good day out. Had to leave before the 3rd touring car race but was still good. Had a bit of banter with Plato as we bumped into him on our way to the car, will get that pic later!
  22. rory182

    LY 182, white 200 and racing blue 197 - M23 Southbound

    spotted the above on the M23 heading South towards Brighton when I was heading up to Gatwick airport last Thursday. Anyone here?
  23. rory182

    172 on Koni adjustables and Eibach Sportlines

    Well I've had the 172 about 18 months now I think and living in a flat it suffers a bit of handwashing neglect. The koni's and eibachs have been on for about 11 months now and having fitted new tyres it was time to sort the camber out. Today it was treated to 2 new track rods which has...
  24. rory182

    Black 172 - Eastbourne, private plate

    Spotted last night on Terminus Road parked near all the restaurants, anyone on here?
  25. rory182

    55 plate Trophy M23 south of Gatwick

    Spotted a very clean 55 plate Trophy shortly after leaving Gatwick en route towards Brighton (heading to Eastbourne) this morning. I was in an awesome 1.4 Nissan Note hire car, woeful handling!
  26. rory182

    Silver 182 private plate Alexandra Parade

    Spotted at about 5.15 tonight I was walking back from the dentist, can't remember the plate. In fact maybe it was Danny Chau and I was being dim.
  27. rory182

    Arctic blue 182 Balby Carr Bank Doncaster

    Spotted a blonde girl driving an arctic blue 182 this morning at 9am, I was leaving the Icon building in an astra hire car!
  28. rory182

    Wheel balance issue possibly - 172

    Had two new tyres fitted last week and supposedly balanced. They're Hankook Ventus' which I already have and rate. A couple of days later I was on the motorway and there was a lot of vibration. So I took the car to a local tyre fitter for a balance. They told me they were a far bit out and had...
  29. rory182

    Racing Blue 05 plate 182 - Queens Park Glasgow

    Spotted last night after 10pm heading towards the Gorbals from Queens Park
  30. rory182

    3 day drive rev2

    Some of you may remember I did a 3 day roadtrip a couple of years back before selling my 182: I had the last week off work but last minute had to head to Doncaster. So that left 3 days instead of 5. Took Ally's 3.0 Z4 and split fuel costs...