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  1. Chris1.4RT

    Nokia keep or not

    cheers, already packed the N8 back up. It's a decent phone to be fair. Maybe not the fastest but decent all the same. Just dying support I feel.
  2. Chris1.4RT

    Nokia keep or not

    Hi all, I haven't been on this forum for a few years but came on today as I know there are a few geeks who might help. Had an N95 8gb for 3 years. Love it. I use it for texting (very quick and simple), music ( 4gb enough for my needs), watching converted dvds on the rest of the 8gb, Nokia...
  3. Chris1.4RT

    mint Williams 2 in South Shields

    M%%% %%X Parked up outside Gamestation next to the market. Was gonna say hello but didn't. So good to see such a good example still. Wheels looked immaculate.
  4. Chris1.4RT

    Clio GT

    not keen on that, looks like a tarted up 1.2. lacks any aggressive looks of the 197.
  5. Chris1.4RT

    N96 iPlayer help... 'unable to get licence'

    I used to be able to use the iplayer on my N95 8gb, albeit V1.0 Beta (hacked to allow N95 over 3g). Quality was absolutely fine, rarely buffering. Recently, although it loads, everytime Realplayer asks to connect to service, I then just get 'unable to connect'. It's really annoying asit used...
  6. Chris1.4RT

    eee pc whats better

    advent 4211 which is basically an msi wind are supposed to be pretty good.
  7. Chris1.4RT

    BBC iPlayer update for Omina, C905 and X1

    Use this on my N95 already. Streaming it over T-mobile 3g while sitting at work. Very rarely stutters. Excellent quality.
  8. Chris1.4RT

    Decent MotherBoard

    can't go wrong with Asus. I have a year old P5K-E wifi. Cracking board. Excellent for overclocking.
  9. Chris1.4RT

    BBC iPlayer N95

    Anyone got this working with their 3g connection (as opposed to wifi)? I have. Dunno if anyone else has done it but got mine working so that it doesn't say 'please switch to wifi to view this programme'. Mine now automatically connects over my T-mobile connection and streams programs...
  10. Chris1.4RT

    CPU & RAM Overclocking Thread.

    Got my Q6600 sitting at 3.6GHz on air cooling. Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro along with Antec 900 case (two front fans, rear, side and top). 800Mhz ram @960mhz. Asus P5K-E wifi OCZ 600w stealthxstream psu 2x74gb raptors in raid0 2x80gb wd 80gb in raid1 8800gt 512mb @700mhz Been pretty...
  11. Chris1.4RT

    Selling a free upgrade

    I never even took my tmob n95 out the box. sold it as new and sealed. used a n95 8gb i got elsewhere. Never had any comeback off tmob or buyer in 9 months since sold.
  12. Chris1.4RT

    Any way to get around the BT £125 reconnection fee?

    We recently paid £29.99 about 3 weeks ago. Offer they had at the time. BT suck though.
  13. Chris1.4RT

    CPu ? How Hot is Too Hot ?

    Got my Q6600 running at 3.6Ghz on air cooling. Antec 900 case, two front fans, top fan, side fan, rear fan, ac freezer7 pro cpu cooler. Had a bit of a (pointless) argument on here a while ago, can't find the thread. About whether I could get 3.6 on air cooling. There's a few lucky other...
  14. Chris1.4RT

    Virgin Media Renewal

    I threatened to leave to go to BT, at first they wouldn't drop it. Arranged BT and then VM rang back saying they'd give us 10mb, free calls for £22/month down from£35 for 8mb and calls, all so long as we cancelled BT immediately (which we could have). Didn't take them up as I was peeved off...
  15. Chris1.4RT

    What Processors/GPU's You had in the past ?

    Are these new i7 cores worth the upgrade expense (obv inc motherboard too and probably ram)? I'm running a well overclocked q6600 and wondering if I'll see much benefit. Running 800mhz ram @960mhz. edit Actually just been doing a quick bit of reading on wikipedia (bit out of the loop with...
  16. Chris1.4RT

    What Processors/GPU's You had in the past ?

    Gone from K6-2 300 with 16mb Voodoo Banshee to 2500 Barton with 9500 Pro to 3000 Barton with 9800 Pro to e6600 with 7800gtx to current q6600 @3.6 with 8800gt ssc @700mhz upgrading soon...
  17. Chris1.4RT

    Humming noise - wheel bearing?

    I know what you mean. Never got to the route of the problem but ended up trading it in (not due to that I might add!).
  18. Chris1.4RT

    Removing wrong words from predictive text dictionary - tip for Nokias.

    ^^ that never seems to work in my experience. I've typed words out over ten times and it'll still give me ip instead of is. My method works for me anyway. Couple of ways to try people.
  19. Chris1.4RT

    Removing wrong words from predictive text dictionary - tip for Nokias.

    Got it from here. Worked ok for me on N95 8gb (fp1 phone).
  20. Chris1.4RT

    Removing wrong words from predictive text dictionary - tip for Nokias.

    I'm sick of typing things like 'is' only to find it's brings up 'ip' as default just because I've used it once. Or words like 'and' become 'amd' because I used that once. Found an easy way to go back to the default word if this would be useful for other people too. -Open a blank text...
  21. Chris1.4RT

    Yahoo Mail

    I've recently become a BT customer and when you phone them up, it's already a prerecorded message (in case you've rang up to complain) that the BT Yahoo mail is not working properly and will be fixed asap.
  22. Chris1.4RT


    I've got one if anyone wants it. It's a genuine Renault one with screws. Off my old 172, now sold the car. Clean break roughly in the middle. £5 for postage and it's yours.
  23. Chris1.4RT

    N95 Sat nav

    think you need to get over to another forum mate rather than creating a new thread for every single of your n95 questions!
  24. Chris1.4RT

    N95 Tricks

    Most apps nowadays tend to need to be signed. You can install unsigned apps by hacking your phone manually or by using a program called Drakkarious.sis Google it.
  25. Chris1.4RT

    N95 software update help

    When you update, it has to have a sim card in. In doing so, I personally thought it identifies the sim's network and then gives you all that providers access points etc. My N95 8Gb is an unlocked Vodaphone one. When I put the T-mobile sim in and updated, the T-mobile internet access points...
  26. Chris1.4RT

    N95 apps & games

  27. Chris1.4RT

    N96 ordered.....

    Have you ever had a phone that long? so the iplayer app is not coming out for fp1 phones? just when i thought my n95 8gb rocked!
  28. Chris1.4RT

    oil change at 1000 miles?

    I think like me, most Clio owners need to get a 172/182/197 out of their system. Enjoy it for a few years then move on when responsibilities kick in. You will enjoy it. Just make sure come cambelt time it gets done properly. I had a nightmare and that's what made me trade it in.
  29. Chris1.4RT

    Dodgey copy of windows XP

  30. Chris1.4RT

    oil change at 1000 miles?

    doing it diy tomorrow. Brett, the car is decent enough but no 172. Handles quite well, rides smooth and quiet. Not slow but I know my old 172 would murder it. 172 was more of a wolf in sheeps clothing, this is more a sheep in wolfish clothing. It's slower than it looks the Clio was the...