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    Black Clio 16v with Williams Engine

    Was fully stripped with polycarb windows, cage etc. Who owns this now?? K796 NGNG Believe I sold it to Midge
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    K796 NGN

    Who owns this car now??
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    Senior Engineer Position Offered

    let me know if any of you are interested in this please.
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    Cage is now painted!!

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    Williams Induction Question

    Is it worth getting an induction kit for the WIlly engine - I have a K&N panel filter at the mo. But I think the willy engine would probably sound great with the right kit, don't want to lose power though obviously. Anyone had any experience with a K&N on the willy engine - I had one on the...
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    Hybrid is Finished

    Just finishing touches now - All cosmetic so not that bothered. Bespoke Clutch to go with the close ratio box (which is mental - hit limiter in fourth on Sunday, gears don't last long enough long) Bespoke down pipe etc so the exhaust isn't on the floor Light as a feather - no sunroof...
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    Decals and Vinyls - Ideas please!!

    Basically I want to get a few vinyls for my car, rally style - not tacky but a couple of nice ones. Not sure where to start though! So a photoshop of ideas would be great, cheers guys car doesn't look quite like this now but I will get the ideas and be able to pass them on to the designer...
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    Where are our Pictures

    Where are our pictures and the car specs etc of the site - Am I going mad or have they been taken away!
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    custom emblems

    anyone know where i can get some made up?
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    camera mounts

    I would like to get a camera mount that seats between the two front seats but I have buckets anyone know where I should start looking?
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    Wing mirrors??

    Anyone know where i can get some race esk mirrors for my hybrid rather than the originals, guess I will need mounts too. Something like this:
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    Anyone do custom Badges/Stickers??

    Can anyone make me a stciker for the rear of my car, similar size to the Williams one? Would like to replace the 'renault' and 'clio' badges with something else.
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    Williams Induction

    Is it worth changing the induction on the williams engine or should I leave the airbox as it is?
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    Aluminum Sump

    Why would this be done- is the sump extremely heavy or is aluminium stronger than original material?
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    Hybrid Insurance Question?

    Any give me any advise on where to get insurance for a road legal Valver hybrid with roll cage and the whole works?
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    Internal Systems Technician WANTED

    If any of you have any Linux / Microsft Server experience please email me your CV's if you would be interested in a job working with me in Russell Square, Holborn. Will be looking over them over the next few weeks. Have had s**t loads already but none that I am...
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    Just to keep you updated

    Managed to get car to Oxford yesterday to the garage that will be doing my engine conversion (B-tec) Williams engine was sent to my home not the garage lol - so had to get them to redirect it - oops Garage are also going to gut the car even more than it already is: Doors will be emptied...
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    Williams Engine Advice

    Does this engine look fine:
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    Valver advise needed/What would you do??

    Ok basicaly ( I think some of you know my car) My K-reg valver has done 70k miles has been stripped out and made ready for track days and fun, has roill cage, buckets, lightweight alloys, suspension upgrade, brake upgrade. Unfortunatley today at bedford i had a major engine issue (think...
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    Towing Eye??

    Where do I find it on a valver guys?
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    paintshop - London

    Does anyone know of a good one in London - not too expensive and just want my valver either respraying or touched up a bit. Is just a track car so don't wanna spend loads
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    Any members live in this area? I have just moved there from Westminster and there seem to be quite a few clio's about with a few tweeks, don't recognise any of them though!
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    Valver Bulb Q?

    Ok, Basicallt the lights on the valvers are pretty pants - Can any of you guys give me some advise on what bulbs to buy to replace the originals that will be brighter. - Preferably from experience.
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    Valver Filter Replacement.

    I bought a K&N panel filter for my Valver ages ago - But have not got round to fitting it because when I tried last time I couldn't get the airbox of. Is there a guide for doing it - I don't want to break anything - The 172 airbox came off easily so I presume the valver one does too? or not!
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    Updated Valver Pics

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    Valver Heater Speed Help?

    Not a major issue but the heater fan in my car works on 1 and 2 but not 3 - anyone know what I need to fix this.. cheers
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    Wheel spins on it's own!!??

    When I jacked up the near side all was well - BUT when I jacked up the off side (the side the noise is coming from) the wheel started spinning - mmm what do you think?? anyone.
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    Anyone put any on the front of a valver? I have some on the back already and am going to put somne on the front to see if it gets rid of the rubbing noise but am a little worried that it will rub on the arch?
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    strange noise question??

    Ok it is coming from the offside front wheels area - gets worse when I go round right hand corners - Garage has checked bearings, brakes, wishbones etc and all fine (now anyway lol) - noise still there - sounds a bit like ribbing or wind.. any ideas?
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    Pump up lumbar support

    Ok I bought one of these other day - anyone know how to fit them lol - sounds silly but it doesn't come with anything apart from velcro straps but looking at the straps the would have to go all the way round the seat or something which doesn't sound right to me!