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  1. derv

    nice parking..........

    oops indeed...
  2. derv

    attatched pics in threads

    right on cliosport i see attatched pics fine and most other sites, but one site i go on ( ) if people attatch pics i cannot see them, or i will only see one of them, which may change if i refresh, but still only see one at a time! ive asked admin on there they seem unable...
  3. derv

    Sony Cybershot DSC-P200

    right prob gonna sound a right tit here but this is doing my nut in. i have just bought the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 and ive read things like "set the exposure time to 25 secs" or watever, but how the hell do i do it? i cant find out how to do it, the manual is useless and an internet search has...
  4. derv

    williams engine to 16v gearbox?

    just wanna make sure that the 16 v gearbox is ok to use with the williams engine as i have got one being delivered this week but he hasnt got a gearbox with it? any other things i need to consider when getting the williams engine fitted?
  5. derv

    is my wheel gonna fall off?

    maybe a bit extreme, but for the last few weeks whenever turning right in my car (valver) there is a horrible screeching sound, today i took the wheel off to find very fine score marks on the disc, then i noticed u can physically 'move' the disc about an inch side to side:S surely this cant be...
  6. derv

    New clio ad

    anyone seen it? just saw it on channel, 4 says "french car, British designers" never knew that one!
  7. derv


    i swear i saw the cup flying up the A48 i think it was, in south wales about lunch time!
  8. derv

    more trax pics
  9. derv

    lady in black mk2 172 m56

    spotted today late morning time, near the m6 turnoff ish, had 3 small cliosport stickers fa*2 lsj
  10. derv

    williams M56-M6 10:30 am

    spotted today on the exit from the M56 onto the M6, driven by a young lady with a guy navigating by the looks of it. had a k&n sticker in the window anyones?
  11. derv

    hot today!

    i think my temp sensor must over-read a little but its still so damn hot!!
  12. derv

    valver before/after cleaned pics

    im sure your all bored of just cleaned pics but with my car it dont happen very often! :oops: enjoy
  13. derv

    oh dear!

    my friend stacy spotted this beauty round walsall, sorry if its anyones on here but it aint nice!
  14. derv

    jilly b

    i swear i seen ya today driving a silver 182 through walsall, if not it was definately your evil twin!
  15. derv

    FAO peeps lookin for valver parts

    ive just been down cliospares in wolvo, and hes got 2 valvers in for breaking, one with a mint phase 2 interior. and he has got quite a few phase 2 alloys and the centre caps! so if anyone is lookin for some might be worth be worth giving them a bell.
  16. derv

    one of those days!

    got in the car this mornin and some snow fell in and onto the window switches in my valver, didnt think much of it, got as much out as possible only a little bit left, after work had to go to the dentist, 2 minutes before i get there i opened the window a little bit to let a bit of fresh air in...
  17. derv

    replacing batt terminals

    right todays task was to get rid of those stupid screw down things that renault have kindly put on the battery terminals, they really are crap, my positive side one was battered and loose so it had to go! first bit was to dissconnect the battery...
  18. derv

    thats better! (earth)

    just thought id share this with everyone, incase someone has made the same mistake i did. basically when i earthed my amps i just bolted them to the boot lock, it worked so i carried on with the boot build. now i have been told that even though it works it isnt an ideal earth as it was. i had no...
  19. derv

    upgrading eath cables

    anyone done this on a mk 1? ive read that its worth doing, i can see 2 earth cables, but its so tight in the engine bay, i cant see if there are any others? in the valver is the altenator grounded to the chassis?
  20. derv

    door connector on valver

    right, trying to get new speaker wire through the connector block, into the door, but having difficulty getting it off! i know someone off here has done it before, how do i get it apart without snapping it? to make it more clear here is a pic of what it is...
  21. derv

    anyone been on the m6 today

    near junction, 7 going northbound today, just got out of the 40mph roadworks, saw national speed limit signs, so accelerated, up to 75, then my laser detector went crazy!! even when i came off the motorway at 7. couldnt see any one, about, any one else with a detector been up that way?
  22. derv

    great another problem...

    clutch cable has just snapped!! managed to drive it home, by starting up in gear and getting it in to 2nd and third, getting back into second was a bit noisy though! lol, is this a hard job to do cus i need it for work tommorow?
  23. derv

    advice needed......

    right, following my incident the other day where a pedestrian, ran out in front of me, i got a quote for the repairs... £400. now do i legally have to tell my insurance company about the incident even if i dont go through my insurance? my only worry is a while back my mate hit a cyclist who cut...
  24. derv

    had an accident!!

    scariest moment of my life i think today, going to the supermarket with my g/f when 3 girls ran across the road, straight out in front of me, 2 of them stopped one didnt, and i hit her and she went flying onto the pavement. She was shook up, and luckily think her only injuries were a bruised...
  25. derv

    exhausted and gutted!

    my new wheels arrived today, which is about the only thing that has gone right so far. took one wheel off fine and swopped it. try to get the next one off and cus the locking nut and key, were so worn it kept slipping. tried everything, knocking a socket, on, it spilt. tried grips, no joy, then...
  26. derv


    the plastic engine cover fell onto the manifold last night and has melted, and now the car stinks!! how can i get rid of the awful smell?
  27. derv


    i hate it! if anyone is thinking of going northbound on the m6 in the midlands dont! last time i saw they had blocked the motorway off northbound just before junction 10. just taken me an hour and a half to get 7 miles. and that was avoiding the motorway! my left leg is now numb from the heavy...
  28. derv


    messing about in my boredom, doing online quotes, thru direct line, tried the reg of my old rt 1.4 which i have done in the past no probs, but this time it says its a 1.8 rsi! think its an error, or do you think someone has done an engine conversion?
  29. derv

    FAO benj

    found another one! checked the number plate too, its definately a valver!
  30. derv

    wheels online

    anybody of any DECENT sites for buying wheels on the net, i cant seem to find anything! cheers.