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  1. rory182

    FG05 KGJ SILVER 182 - East Kilbride

    Anyone know this car? Currently for sale in East Kilbride. Not for me.
  2. rory182

    Clio crushed by a building, BBC news

    Glasgow, Patrick area
  3. rory182

    Where is the 200's sweet spot??

    My 182 was much nicer after 36k miles than from new, my 172 on 72k miles flew!
  4. rory182

    Hankook V12's - What does everyone think of them?

    Nothing wrong with the Hankooks in the wet, I ran them on my 172 and have them on the TT and would recommend them to anyone, not sure about their RWD performance though. Previously I only ever fitted Michelin Exaltos.
  5. rory182

    172s are dirt cheap now

    but you'd achieve 80% of the improvement with track rods alone probably
  6. rory182

    Favourite pre 90's cars

    Miura, 240Z, Triumph GT6, AC Ace, 3.0 Healey
  7. rory182

    Anti virus recommendations?

    I just use Microsoft Security Essentials
  8. rory182

    raced a V6 last night....farnham

    Ilyiad (sp) blue, not arctic
  9. rory182

    Which Tablet?

    I've noticed capacitive screened Android 2.3 tablets appearing via Maplins now, my GF has an Ipad its cracking but I personally wouldn't pay the premium for an apple product. I'm not sure what android 2.3 is like on tablets?
  10. rory182

    Blind much?

    it didnt look like inferno when I drove past, figured it was resprayed
  11. rory182

    Blind much?

    Saw that on kepochill street last week, fugly
  12. rory182

    running lumpy at idle! Help!!

    plugs were shot
  13. rory182

    Albi R27 - Kilmarnock Evans Halshaw

    its still on their website, car dealers suck boaby
  14. rory182

    Renaultsport with the oldest cambelt?!!?!

    I bought a 1990 G reg 205gti in 2008 on original belts, nursed it home from London and got belts and water pump done immediately! The alternator belt was severely perished
  15. rory182

    Albi R27 - Kilmarnock Evans Halshaw

    Looking at a few options, there was a blue 197 at Arnold Clark in Linwood on 21k miles for £8k the other day but I think it sold just as i was looking at it lol
  16. rory182

    Albi R27 - Kilmarnock Evans Halshaw

    Very well priced, I went to see an Audi TT 240 Quattro sport yesterday, garage had 3 TT's listed turned up and not one TT there, the 240 will apparently be there at 1pm today and already has 2 people viewing it. **** sucking mother f**kers garages. That R27 is priced lower than all the 197's...
  17. rory182

    Albi R27 - Kilmarnock Evans Halshaw

    If it were Nimbus I'd prob go buy it right now lol
  18. rory182

    running lumpy at idle! Help!!

    Well my exhaust isn't to blame, suspect plugs / leads / coil so have ordered all of the above, will report back next week
  19. rory182

    help with new steering wheel

    The rotary switch behind the steering wheel, if the wheel is removed without centering it then it can break it. Happened to mine and cost £200 to fix from my local Renault dealer after paying £80 for a diagnostics to confirm, bum rapery
  20. rory182

    36K and 5 year Belt Service - any alternatives to Ness Motors Perth?

    I'd suggest driving to brum one week and visiting Fred
  21. rory182

    help with new steering wheel

    Might be the slip ring thats broken
  22. rory182

    running lumpy at idle! Help!!

    Bit of a bump but I'm getting some hesitation when I pull away and its noticeable if I short shft into a higher gear e.g. 4th or 5th at say 20mph it stutters, hesitates. The coincidence is I have a new renault exhaust centre section, tailpipe and sleeve fitted with new cat gasket. I shall take...
  23. rory182

    ever booted it away from the Traffics

    Lol the OP still has his Accord Type R
  24. rory182

    Caster adjustement

    What suspension is the car on? Adjustable top mounts are available I believe:
  25. rory182

    Unstable Handling

    Alignment place I use said never to use pattern tie rods as they're pish. So I still think it's the tie rod.
  26. rory182

    Strange handling issues - Koni shocks/standard springs - 172

    Backs harder than fronts and whatever you prefer in terms of stiffness / ride quality
  27. rory182

    Greasy Front Shock

    It makes a right mess, sticky being grease. Dunno if gaz dampers are oil filled anywayvwould presume they're gas? Shock oil will be runny and not sticky like grease