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    5 turbo...rebuild begins!!

    made a start....
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    my 5 turbo 1 rolled

    rolled my 5 turbo 1 at werrington hill climb....i know a lot of you guys like this car. i am gutted. walked away without a scratch. look at page 2
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    Hill Climb

    wiscombe hill climb near Honiton this weekend...i'll be there in the 5 turbo (see avatar) gonna be a few showers so could get very interesting!! I think there are about 150 entrants.
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    Noise pollution

    has anyone seen the petition against the government green paper to get tougher on motor sport? i can put up a link for you guy's to sign if you want? RIP the airfield....^^ these are the t@ssers we need to stop..before GB becomes PB (pathetic briton)
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    Speed Hill Climb

    just to let you know there is a Hill Climb at wiscombe park near honiton on 26/27th april. i'll be there in the 5 turbo. do a search for wiscombe for more details. alex
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    williams question....

    can anyone tell me ....was there a limited edition williams 2 called an ayrton senna? thanks
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    sprint times airfield Nov 18th

    best times only. in no specific order. danlp6.....101.36 rob669....100.12 paulj.......100.17 markcup....57.61 saner......103.23 yasser......58.23 burp.........59.51 clarkiev6...58.48 graham h.100.73 adjusted matteh....100.73 adjusted tucks.......101.95 adjusted championship...
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    19 years old

    and i can buy a 172...where would i go for the cheapest insurance quote pls.
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    V6 in car vid

    from the airfield for those who missed the earlier thread.
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    car show on sunday near exeter

    anyone know anything about this...on the race course i think.
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    a few of my pics....FCS
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    my new cap...

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    cam belt v6

    just managed to remove the engine and a new clutch and new cam belt, got the engine back a day! just got to connect all the pipes etc then she should fire up..
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    blasting across woodbury common this morning...
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    can you fix my puncture!!!

    woman DROVE in and said can you mend my
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    speed sensative volume..

    just decided to see if mine actually had this....and low and behold it has. the faster you go..the louder it gets...slow down and it goes quiet!!!
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    cam belts......

    after lots of pm's i thought i might post this for you guy's. V6...all in fitted inc water pump and aux belt.. £875.00 172..all in fitted inc aux belt.........................£350.00 hope this helps ... clarkie.
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    Clarkie givin it loads....

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    Now sat on 18's

    dunno if i like them...
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    for those of you.......

    who have never been to an airfield meet here is a short vid!!
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    Airfield meet/ car video

    sorry its a bit r 5 turbo 1 )
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    you would think....

    that when there was a chance to have a blast round a disused airfield there would be alot more than 15 members up for it. £ 15.00... meet loads of fellow members and have a laugh. i know that some are a long way away but that is part of the fun..the drive down.
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    the big 30

    no not my the miles on my vee.
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    castlecombe yesterday..

    just the one of me givin it loads....122mph at avon rise...then 40mph around quarry..
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    just got back and it was superb!! track time was ace and i have never seen so many french cars in one place....loved it!!
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    hillclimb video

    i am racing at wiscombe park this weekend...just thought i would let you know there is a video of what we do on this web site......
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    through the gate.......

    at wiscombe park hillclimb....
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    acrebo following me in my Espace 7.30 this morning...
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    Think your unlucky??

    try this poor ford escort owner....1999 t reg..... i got to weld it up!! probs gonna need a bundle more next year as well...(underneath)
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    brake dust eaten my wheels i refurbed em....luuurvely!!!