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  1. derv

    Problem recording pictures onto a DVD... keeps saying disc full, yet it's brand new!

    Re: Problem recording pictures onto a DVD... keeps saying disc full, yet it's brand n Gr, they might need formatting first before you can use them, i coudn;t tell you how to do that specifically but i'm sure someone will come along shortly to help....
  2. derv

    Your Best on Flickr?

    most interesting/most comments : low level station wolverhampton• 279 views / 6 people</B> count this as a favorite / 8 comments most viewed renault 11 turbo• 7302 views / 2 people</B> count this as a favorite / 5 comments
  3. derv

    wedding pictures

    I've took my camera to one wedding, no pressure on me though as they hired a proffessional photographer too. was quite pleased as they chose to print some of my photos over his, not that many though!
  4. derv

    Walkabout lens ideas

    I just got that lens too for my 400D, £120 off ebay. haven't had much chance to try it out yet though!
  5. derv

    Few old and new photos (might take a while to load sorry )

    i like the ones up the beacon, i haven't been up there for a few years!
  6. derv

    Flickr: which photo in your photostream has the most views?

    this is mine with 6,815 views, it comes up on google/yahoo searches mostly
  7. derv

    CS Photographers Map

    added myself, i'm in wolverhampton.
  8. derv

    Black Country Museum

    The queue is always horrendous for the chippy, love the black country museum though, i went couple years back,
  9. derv

    The "Ive taken a pic and I kinda like it" thread

    two of my faves.... angel of the north.. ... and the view from charles bridge in Prague...
  10. derv

    Cliosport Photography Forum "Photo of the Year 2008" *NWS*

    i'll put this as my ENTRY
  11. derv

    Cliosport Photography Forum "Photo of the Year 2008" *NWS*

    it was a landslide after heavy rainfall, in Looe, Cornwall...
  12. derv

    Cliosport Photography Forum "Photo of the Year 2008" *NWS*

    Three very different photos, undecided what to choose yet! 1) 2) 3)
  13. derv

    Your flickr accounts
  14. derv

    panoramic shots

    search for a program called autostitch, it's free it's quite good at creating the panoramics for you
  15. derv

    Urban Exploration

    cool, there is loads of good places in the west mids, many places are quite secure, personally i have been to St margarets (now demolished) Wolverhampton low level station (now being redeveloped) the old m&b brewery, got busted by security there but blagged it easily, there;s an old militry base...
  16. derv

  17. derv

    What mobile phone does everybody own?

    got one of these for work, think it's shite! bloody huge, shitty ring tones, has a terrible habit of unlocking itself and ringing random numbers, and sometimes refuses to accept incoming calls and diverts them to answerphone. but i have to have it cus it fits in the hands free. my own phone is a...
  18. derv

    removing scratches off glass?

    jeweller's rough, but if its any more than very light scratches then u will struggle to get rid of them.
  19. derv

    My new Silver Valver

    woo, another silver valver, lookin very nice mate!
  20. derv

    Video (Martin/Notorious)

    ha found this, c'mon martin tell them the truth! "the clio ran a 13. something with me running a 15.66... i later caught up with the clio in the fire up line only to find out it wasn't a 1.2 but a sooooooopud up williams clio now at 2.2 with a...
  21. derv

    mk1 window stuck closed... help please

    same thing happened to mine when some snow fell onto the switch, managed to get the window up by borrowing the electric sunroof switch!
  22. derv

    how accurate are sat-nav speed ratings?

    i have had my tomtom go, my Origin B2 and gone past one of those speed signs and they all showed the same speed, the speedo on my van however is out by 9mph at anything over 40mph.
  23. derv

    valver interior wiring loom connectors

    i suppose some might be for optional extras that yours might not have, couldnt say for sure though. u got electric mirrors? if not that might be one of them
  24. derv

    GF's First Car Search help

    or try and get a mk1 rt, nippy, comfy, and cheap. never had any problems with mine
  25. derv

    Norton is the Devil

    i got norton already installed on my laptop when i bought it, something popped up the other day saying something was trying to gain access to my comp so i clicked to block it, now it blocks any internet access at all!! gonna get rid and go to mcafee
  26. derv

    Haynes Manual 172?

    no don't think they have released one for the 172, or even the mk2 phase 2 clios at all!
  27. derv

    172 engine into valver

    hillpower are doing a 172/williams hybrid, but it has sat there for the best part of a year till the customer can raise the rest of the funds, nick said it aint the hardest swop in the world but i think the inlet will fowl the bonnet unless you want to go for throttle bodies.
  28. derv

    How much is it worth?

    hard to say without seeing it, but valvers don't go for much these days with no mot and little tax you are looking at £900-1600 as ball park.
  29. derv

    Does anyone else do this?

  30. derv

    Independent Photography guide

    hmm looks interesting, on the site it says you can buy back copies once it has been in the paper