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  1. aucky

    Geneva Motorshow 2019

    Just a few quick phone pictures
  2. aucky

    Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) 2017

    A few quick phone pics of my personal highlights. Crystal whiskey glass inspired lights:
  3. aucky

    Spotted: R200BLU, Arley

    Spotted at Arley hall
  4. aucky

    aucky's Reflex Silver MKVII Golf R detail (CarPro)

    Right then. 2 Weeks after picking it up I'm ready to give the new Golf a thourough detail. No editing or arty pics here I'm afraid, just an old point and shoot camera! Here it is: First job, wheels. Generally mucky, Golf R front brakes are VERY dusty! Wheels were jetwashed...
  5. aucky

    Spotted: 182 Trophy- Tarvin, Chester

    My Mrs saw you at the co-op :)
  6. aucky

    Twingo detail - CarPro

    I've just finished my first detail in quite some time! @sabian92 contacted me and asked for something durable that I could apply without needing the car overnight. We talked about CQUK but I didn't want the car to leave without at least staying overnight, especially with extra long cure times in...
  7. aucky

    Spotted: L5POY Albi 197

    Parked outside my neighbours house!
  8. aucky

    Spotted: Trophy at Manchester Airport

    In Jetparks 3
  9. aucky

    Derwent Water- Blue 182 with yellow cage

    Spotted you! Car looked great!
  10. aucky

    Monaco on gold wheels, Abersoch

    Spotted you on the high street
  11. aucky

    True Red Mazda 3 MPS Enhancement Detail.

    Chi asked me to have a go on his new Mazda 3 MPS for the day. The paintwork was generally decent considering how soft it is, but some swirls and tar spots were noticable upon arrival (easy to spot on flat red). Products used: Bilt Hamber Autowheel AF Avalanche & Megs APC Dodo Born To Be Mild...
  12. aucky

    182 Inferno @ BTCC Oulton Park

    Parked near Clay Hill with the family. I was about 10 feet away during the downpour cowering under my brolly :)
  13. aucky

    Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Film
  14. aucky

    172cup M56 26/01/14

    Driving southbound in the rain about 12.30pm, near Lymm
  15. aucky

    McLaren P1™ vs. the Nürburgring-Nordschleife
  16. aucky

    Oulton Park 28.09.13 French Racing Trophy & more

    As far as I know Burpspeed and FF Racing will be attendign the French Racing Trohpy series, not too sure baout the other Clio's on the forum. It should be a great day :D BARC Club Car Championships Oulton Park (International) Saturday 28 September 2013 This race meeting will...
  17. aucky

    We Are Driven - Automotive Tuning Documentary
  18. aucky

    Black RS200 with grey front bumper

    Near Cheshire Oaks today!
  19. aucky

    513WHP RX-7 Drifting

    Those flames!!
  20. aucky

    Chertsey 02-04-13

    I'm staying the night while I have some work done at MWM, anyone fancy a pint tonight? I'm at The Bridge Hotel. I'm also in Staines this afternoon. Happy Tuesday.
  21. aucky

    Black PH1, Ellesmere Port

    About 1630 by the Porsche Garage
  22. aucky

    Aucky's Maroon-5 [more CS Mx-5 content]

    Well, I caught CS-MX-5 fever. After a few weeks of searching for a winter project I went to see a tidy MK2. Full of anticipation to drive one of the ‘greatest ever drivers cars’ shot down to the midlands with a pocket of cash. However, despite being VERY tidy and well priced I couldn’t...
  23. aucky

    Honister Pass- blue 197

    Oh hi! I was sat on the road by the YHA, Trophy in the carpark.
  24. aucky

    CSCC TinTops Oulton Park 6th October [Burpspeed]

    Seeing as it was a great day last year.. (click) Who else is coming? Timetable here
  25. aucky

    Annual Costco tyre offer is now on! *20%*

    Just a quick heads up: The buy 4 tyres and get 20% discount offer is on throughout June. I've just got 4x 205/45/16 w rated michelin PS3 fitted for £383. Happy days :)
  26. aucky

    182 Trophy: Ready ForSummer *Detailing* Pic heavy!

    After a longer working week than expected and the hot weather I put off my spring correction detail and ended up with just cleanse&protect routine. Its by no means mint but looking a lot tidier now. And I may yet add another layer of Glasur ;) Body: DJ BTBM AF Citrus pH Neutral Snow Foam...
  27. aucky

    UK Open Drift Champs - MY first video attempt

    My first attempt at video editing and using the video function on my camera. Please excuse the shakey hands, lack of stabilising equipment (and view finder!). Open practise session at the UK Open Drift Championship at Buxton Raceway
  28. aucky

    Silver Punto Evo Detail (Werkstat/AF/Bouncer's)

    Quick write up of whats been keeping me busy this week. Summary of products used: AF citrus i4d Snow Foam RG soft brushes Tardis Iron-X i4d Poly clay and BH soft clay Dodo Born Slippy lube Bilberry wheel cleaner EZ wheel brush and various Muc-off brushes Dodo BTBM shampoo 2 x buckets + Grit...
  29. aucky

    Aventador J (Your new dream car)

    Pics and info: I think I'm in love.
  30. aucky

    Trophy with white wheels, READING.

    Near the uni/ shinfield road. White Turinis. Private reg. You have been spotted. Yes.