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  1. Daz.

    LY kangoo 172

  2. Daz.

    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    Pointless getting an s in my opinion.
  3. Daz.

    Illiad blue V6 255 #248

    They should ALL be driven, sod hiding them all away. God I should have bought one when I had the chance!
  4. Daz.

    Phase 1 172 - A Lovely Tit.....Or a bottomless Pit?

    You're such a meanie...
  5. Daz.

    Phase 1 172 - A Lovely Tit.....Or a bottomless Pit?

    You can't scrap it!
  6. Daz.

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Yeah I agree, why I sold my Williams I'll never know.
  7. Daz.

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    That interior makes me sick.... That exterior makes me sick.... That colour makes me... I don't like it. I'm sure you'll not be able to sleep now so I apologise :)
  8. Daz.

    200T gearbox map/update?

    Paul can't do it.
  9. Daz.

    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    I've decided end of Jan for me I'll get one... Or at least try... Should be able to commit some time to it then. Haven't touched my one x for 6 months!
  10. Daz.

    200T gearbox map/update?

    The map doesn't make it trophy quick, I don't understand where people are getting this from, it improves auto mode. The changes are the same speed it's the actual paddles that make the changes quicker in a trophy.
  11. Daz.

    200T gearbox map/update?

    There is no Trophy update for the 200, there is only AN update that improves changes in auto mode. If you're looking to make a 200 feel like a 220 you've no chance.
  12. Daz.

    200T gearbox map/update?

    No and their isn't one. The actual box speed is hardly any different on the 220, it's the actual paddles and the speed that makes the difference. Nothing wrong with the 200.
  13. Daz.

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    I forgot to say I was scratching the s**t out of this the other week when mine was down there... 😁 You need to put your good wheels back on!
  14. Daz.

    The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

    I'm starting to really want this thing.... 😁
  15. Daz.

    500bhp mk4 Clio Hillclimb Monster

    That looks f**king awesome - don't care if it's s**t or not I just want to look at it :)
  16. Daz.

    1 owner clio cup 172 -21k miles - whats it worth

    Andy & Steve look busy! :)
  17. Daz.

    New Megane 2022

    It will look 5% like that - they got it the wrong way round
  18. Daz.

    House Extension Project Number 2

    We just had a LOT of fencing done - I'd say 80% of both your sides and back - we now live on the fence as we can't afford the house anymore.
  19. Daz.

    RenaultSport Artwork

    No mk4s!
  20. Daz.

    The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

    You need to leave those on!
  21. Daz.

    The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

    Just needs a broken Mk4 there... Oh mine soon!
  22. Daz.

    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    For the first time in 2 decades I've not gone the pre order route, it's liberating! I quite fancy that pay monthly deal because why not! I'll just wait until there's stock.
  23. Daz.

    Nickson's RenaultSport Megane 225 Trophy Progress Blog

    Best thing I did was have mine painted Nimbus. Silly small thing that transformed the look in my opinion!
  24. Daz.

    These days, 5 grand buys an e70 X5 3.0SD ...

    Awesome purchase! Wher do you attach the padlock?
  25. Daz.

    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    41k. For me I want to get to the bottom of it, I don't want to run a broken car.
  26. Daz.

    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    Just under 200. Yeah but you're making the bhp figures top end but torque limited all the way through in 3 gears. It'll be in gear much slower than it should, map or no map it's not as it should be, gonna have to get em done! Plus I want to know why it's done it.
  27. Daz.

    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    Yeah, it's slow! You're not getting standard power in 3 gears basically
  28. Daz.

    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    Yeah the other was me!
  29. Daz.

    Birchdown Auto Services

    Birchdown have looked after all our cars for the last 12 years. Not a single complaint.