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    Fibre glass door in regards to mot

    I’ve been stripping out my daily (1.2 mk2) and trying to get the mpg up for a while now. I’ve been considering grp doors, bonnet and tailgate but I’m a bit concerned about the mot verdict. The mot test manual has no reference to fibreglass, or any specific materials but I can almist here the...
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    Mk2ph1 1.2 d7f to mk2 ph2 1.6 k4m

    So my 1.6 failed it's MOT on emissions today. They said it was blowing, the engine was misfiring and the lambda (rear) sensor needs replacing. It has a power flow exhaust. I can deal with the hole easily but I want to know if any parts can be transferred from a 1.2 8v d7f engine. My first...
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    Battery mishap

    Stupidly knocked the negative link off my battery last night while disconnecting the positive. Big sparks everywhere but no serious damage. The trip computer and all warning lights are functioning correctly(tested most sensors) but the pioneer head unit isn't working. Any real damage I should...
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    Steering wheel stuck on rack

    As above my steering wheel is stuck to the shaft. Any advice on removal?
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    Mk2 k4m 1.6 intake pipe setup?

    Anyone know the of a air intake pipe designed for the k4m 1.6 engine. (To go on a mk2 ph2 Clio) I've tried to make one from odds and spare silicone tubes laying about but the 90 degree bend at the manifold is pretty much squashed against the bulkhead of the engine bay. It's worth noting this is...
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    Fibreglass doors/boot/bonnet

    Looking at fibre glass body options and just wondering what people are getting for their money? I'm not really looking for a dedicated track toy and would like to keep the current door cards, speakers and electric mirrors. I was looking at this site...
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    Remove door card sealant

    As above. Has anyone got a miracle method of getting rid of the sealant. You can see in the image below, some numpty has pushed the stuff into the screw threads. All other clios I've just taken it off with a blade of some sort but that's become a real pain in the arse and a complete waste of...
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    Cig lighter replacement

    Recently got a dash cam that needs a 12v connection. Sadly my cigarette lighter has seen a lot of use and is rusted beyond use. What's even more annoying is that the brand new replacement I got, doesn't make a decent connection. Does anyone know where to get a 12v plug that will easily replace...
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    Pioneer head unit fitting

    Two questions: 1 have I lost something here? Or do I need an adapter? 2 am I right in thinking this the steer column control connection. Only ask because there is no link for it on the adapting loom. Not too fussed about the radio function(was going to remove antenna). I'd like the steering...
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    Sport sill strips

    Removing a pair of 172 door sill strips but I don't know what's holding them down. They seem to be stuck at two points but I can't pull them off without bending them. Any advice?
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    Rear seat removal

    Has anyone actually removed the rear bench bolts without ruining them? I've only ever got the front bolt loose and the rear always sheared off. I realise I only need the rear bolt off but I'd like to actually refit some seats
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    Engine crane advise

    Basically, I'm taking out a 172 ph1 engine tonight and just need to check I'm not going to drop this on my foot. Where's the best places to fit the harness? I've got 5 seat belts and 3 towing hooks to boot.
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    Spinning subframe bolts

    Just a quicky. The rear 18mm subframe bolts are spinning on my mk2 ph1. Can't get enough room for a spanner on the top nut. Any advice that doesn't involve wd40 or impact gun? I'm about to grind off the bolt heads. Just want to get some alternative ideas
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    Full suspension swap?

    Currently I am breaking a phase 1 172 and considering swapping the hubs & struts over to my non sport phase 2. I'm just wondering if the struts and hubs are a straight swap. I didn't want to swap the driveshafts because of the abs ring compatibility issues.
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    Wrap vs plastidip

    I'm after opinions on long term results. People have been telling me wrap is better long term but plastidip is easier. Basically I'm feeling lazy and my paintwork is dogshite. Wouldn't mind wrapping the whole car if the result lasts a few years but really wouldn't mind plasti dipping if it...
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    172 rear calliper bolt stuck

    My 172 ph1 rear brakes have seized in storage but I can't get the pads out because of the bolt pictured below. Sockets won't fit over the bolt because of the pad assembly to the left. As you can see the bolt has started to round at the the top. Any suggestions? Don't really want to buy a new bolt
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    Knocking coming from tracking?

    Currently driving my 1.6 about and there's a knocking coming from the front of the car increasing frequency with the speed of the wheels. At first I thought it sounded like a loose wheel bolt but they're all tight. That's when I noticed it only knocks when the steering wheel is between neg 20...
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    Engine oil amount? F4R

    As above. Tried draining a 172 f4r that I'm overhauling and it filled an 8 litre drain pan completely. Pretty green mistake I know, but I never checked the proper amount of oil it's supposed to hold. Anyone know the exact number and any consequences over the over fill?
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    Removing fuel tank mk2 ph1

    Looking for advice as I've never removed a tank from a clio. On other cars I've siphoned fuel, clamped & cut the fuel line and dropped the tank. So far I can see three bolts holding the tank in place but the fuel line seems quite brittle. Any advice would be appreciated
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    Rear disc conversion (old nag, new situ)

    Before you say it, yes this topic has been raised, answered and flogged to death by non sport drivers going for those 1*2 reps. And, no, I don't want to just buy a better car and, yes, I know the rear brakes do very little. But my situation is slightly different. The drums on the 1.6 I just...
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    Gear/clutch troubles

    Got a weird one for you all. During rush hour today my daily 1.2 made a little bang and all of a sudden 1st gear was almost impossible to engage. 2nd was difficult but possible. All other gears were fine at speed. I pulled over briefly to check things over. With the engine off, the gears all...
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    Jc5-029 part no location

    My clios got gearbox trouble. It's a mk2 ph2 and it SHOULD have the jc5-029 gear box with the speedo sensor. However someone has swaped out the original engine and now I am unsure as to whether or not the box is compatible. Already raised the car and had a poke around but it doesn't seem to have...
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    Mk2 1.6 engine

    Just a general info enquiry here. Worked on a 1.4 the other day (my first engine other than a 1.2 or 2.0) and was just thinking about the 1.6. I'm looking to upgrade to a nicer but still relatively cheap Clio for a daily. I've seen a nice 30k 1.6 on sale for £1600 and I'm curious. I don't see...
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    Suspension for dummies

    Just fitted -60mm lowering springs at the rear on my 1.2 because the arch gap was LITERALLY 112mm vertically. Problem is the springs are almost completely compressed (to the extent that the coils are now touching). The back end feels jumpy so I want to get some firmer shocks but I can only find...
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    Removing elf sticker

    This is more a post attempt question. Tried removing the elf sticker in my daily. (Like I do with all my clios). But the sticker came off and left an unsightly adhesive residue on the glass. Atm I have tried wd40, White spirits, rough side of a sponge and coke. Any recomendations to get the...
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    Diy refurb

    Opinions wanted on my refurb practice?
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    Ticking from rear subframe/bearing?

    My 1.2 has developed a ticking coming from the rear of the car that increases with the speed of the car. The drum brakes have just had a service, I have 20mm h&r spacers fitted and there's nothing visible that's out of place. This makes me think it's the bearing. Anyone got advice before I...
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    Welding tips?

    may be a colossal r****d here so please forgive. I need to do some welding on the inside of my car. Trouble is I need to take the welding unit in the car with me. So the welding unit and myself will be stood on the metal that I'm welding. Basically do I need to do anything extra to ground...
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    Need part number for a ph1 172 gearbox?

    To be specific a 172 exclusive ltd edition. its the one with the speedo sensor built into it. Much appreciated
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    My 1.2 dynam practice model

    Thought I'd do a little project post with my 1.2 runner. I have a few other projects in the mill atm but this is the only one I've commited to keeping. I don't have a starting photo as I wasn't even thinking of her in that way but she was still black, had silver 15" stocks, that awful grey...