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  1. welshname

    T9 ECF - M60 Ashton Under Lyne

    Anyone on here? Black 182 I think, couldn’t see properly in the dark. Looked like it has a Cliosport sticker
  2. welshname

    J90 SCU - Trophy - B&M Hyde

    Spotted today. Anyone on here? Looked well.
  3. welshname

    LV55UHF - BG 182 - Globe Cafe Dukinfield

    Just spotted today outside the cafe opposite my work. Really tidy example! Think it's also on the next street to where I'm moving to near Hyde park? Could be a different one but don't see many round here.
  4. welshname

    BG 182, Turinis, Sabelt wheel - Boyd's Walk - Dukinfield

    Spotted yesterday turning out of Boyd's Walk. Has TPI Polarised wheel nuts too and a couple of stickers in the back which I couldn't see. Looked great. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. welshname

    Silver Ph1 HUGE WING M60

    Just spotted a ph1 with a massive wing and holes drilled in the rear bumper going the opposite way up the M60 towards Ashton under lyne
  6. welshname

    197 Intermittent Starting Problem

    So the car strikes again. A few days ago the car wouldn't start, just turned over at the normal speed but wouldn't fire. Immobiliser light was out and no warnings or faults on the dash either. After a few attempts it started and was fine for about a week. Went out to the car again and same...
  7. welshname


    Anyone play the beta of this? Just purchased it today as I loved the beta. Can't wait to get home and play for a few hours. Awesome game and great fun rather than stressful to play. Was really surprised how Blizzard have pulled off an FPS game.
  8. welshname

    Clio 197 - Won't start

    So I've had a bit of an issue with the 197. First off I was driving home and the "ESP Deactivated" warning came up. Thought nothing of it and assumed it was a dodgy sensor or ABS ring. Then I got "Brake Fault" followed shortly by "Steering Fault". All this time the car was driving fine aside...
  9. welshname

    Alternator Woes

    Just wondering if anyone know whether a 225 alternator will fit onto the 197. I've been told it does and I can get hold of one much easier than I can a 197 item. Anyone? @Scrooge @Budgie
  10. welshname

    Recommendations for a used Canon body

    Afternoon, So I'm after a replacement Canon body. Ideally want to spend about £300 on quite literally just a body, not REALLY interested in the kit lens that would have originally come with it. I did have a 400D but I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never be getting that back. Only...
  11. welshname

    Blue/Grey MK3, non sport, twin exhaust

    Spotted last night just after the Junction for Ashton Under Lyne on the M60 near the police station CS sticker in the rear quarter window.
  12. welshname

    Eddie's E21 316 (E30 325i Engined)

    It's for sale good and proper this time!
  13. welshname

    Welshname's Deep Black 197

    So as some of you know I've been looking for a 197 for a while. As much as I loved the monaco the time had come where I had to draw the line with spending any more money on it. So...The replacement is a deep black 197. Spec: Xenons Cornering Lights Climate Control Cup Spoiler 19mm Spacers...
  14. welshname

    Silver Ph1 - Asda Ashton under Lyne

    Spotted this morning behind me. Was going to wave but my passenger would have thought me a proper moron. Might not be on here but had yellow fogs and an old school CS sticker in the rear window.
  15. welshname

    [Dec 4, 2014] NW Central - Monthly Bury Pub Meet (Bury)

    As I've discussed in the other thread I'm looking to start a monthly meet on the first Thursday of every month. (This isn't set in stone yet but we shall see how this one goes). Thought I'd get this one set up early as last time I set one up last minute you lot didn't get involved. Info is...
  16. welshname

    Oulton Park - 15th November

    Anyone going to be there? I'll be venturing down around lunch time, maybe a little earlier. Say hello if you're knocking around.
  17. welshname

    Gavin - Ashton

    What you doing round these parts? @gavin
  18. welshname

    Arctic 182 - Guide Bridge

    Just spotted. Couldn't tell if you waved or were tapping on your steering wheel but I waved back anyway.
  19. welshname

    Monthly Meet - NW Central

    Okay so as I mentioned in my first thread I'm looking to organise a monthly meet for everyone to get to know each other and for a general catch up for those that already do! This sort of meet is ideal for mid week so I'm thinking the first Thursday of every month? I'll post a thread up nearer...
  20. welshname

    NW Central members in here!

    I know this area has LOTS of people in here but very few who are active at meets so I want to get an idea of what we are working with. So if you're covered by the NW Central area post in here so I know who's who! And also any ideas for meets would be great. As I've already mentioned I'm...
  21. welshname

    Flamer SB02HVK - McDonald's

    McDonald's Failsworth. Sounded good. Some sort of induction kit anyway!
  22. welshname

    New Area Rep - NW Central

    Well yesterday the new area reps were announced and due to the lack of applications from this area (read: none) I offered to take over the role. For those that are new or just don't know I'm Rhys, I drive a Monaco 172 and I have a stupid haircut and no chin. I'm hoping to get this area back to...
  23. welshname

    Amazon Fire TV

    With the disappointment that there won't be the Nexus Player in the UK (at least, not yet). I decided to have a look at the Amazon Fire TV. This is available from the 23rd of this month. Specs are as follows: Qualcomm Quad Core Krait 300, 1.7GHz (CPU) Qualcomm Adreno 320, 400 MHz (GPU) 2GB...
  24. welshname

    Bury Pub Meet - Wednesday 22nd October.

    Thought I'd throw this up as it's been a while and it'd be nice to see everyone again, date can be changed but thought it's easier to put one in. @Kneel @Jon.G @eddie @Jonff @Christopher @jesus @Darren S @JoeyD Apologies if I missed anyone in the tagging, mind is drawing a blank. Pub is...
  25. welshname

    Front ABS Rings

    Afternoon, Got a cracked ABS ring causing the ABS to be a little bit funky under low pressure, low speed braking. Off to the 'ring next week and should probably fix it before I go. I've found them on GSF and was told by Feirny that ECP do them, but can't see them on ECP's website. Anyone...
  26. welshname


    Just driven past me as I was coming off the M60. Do you have an R spoiler fitted? Gavin.
  27. welshname

    Cup holders

    So as we all know the standard Mk2 cup holders are a joke. I'm off to the ring in a few weeks so need a decent solution as I can't not have a drink and whenever you have a bottle on the passenger seat it ends up in the foot well or down the side of the seat. Has anyone ever come across a...
  28. welshname

    Spirit Blue Fiesta ST

    Puressence Or at least I'm assuming it is going off the plate. Looked good. Spotted in Clayton?
  29. welshname

    Ph1 Gearstick into Ph2

    Looking at fitting the Ph1 gearstick into my Ph2 172. From what I've been told the cat needs to come out. Is there a way to do it without removing the cat? I was thinking that disconnecting the cat the centre section join, undoing the dogbone mount and moving the engine forward on the mounts...
  30. welshname

    LY200 Globe Lane Industrial Estate - Dukinfield

    See this every single morning. No idea if you're on here or not. I'm the one in the Monaco 172 driving the opposite way.