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    My new car. Sheep content

    Well all this is Markcups fault as I had a sit in his over at SRR last year. Ive had it about a month now and am still so happy with it, drives lovely, so much more torque than my old 182 with rs2 manifold. It is totally standard at the moment although I can see the mountune mp215 coming in a...
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    Arctic blue 182 - M40 near Oxford

    Spotted today just after half one. Didn't notice any cliosport stickers, looked nice and clean.
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    Trophy - Brackley

    Yesterday (friday) afternoon spotted a Trophy near Tesco in Brackley. ​anybody on CS?
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    Cloud of white smoke and no coolant

    On my way in to work this evening, just come off of a roundabout when in my rear view mirror a get a massive cloud of white smoke car grinds itself to a halt pretty quickly. Pop the bonnet and the header tank is empty, look under car and I can see coolant dripping from the manifold to decat...
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    Do I need spacers?

    Right I am going to be undertaking a full suspension refresh (shocks,bushes,wishbones) and I will be replacing the springs with either sportlines or cooksports. Now the car Is a cup packed 182 running standard 182 wheels with 205/45/16 rubber, but once these tyres are finished I will be...
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    RB 182 milton keynes

    This evening just before 8, waiting at roundabout to comeon to the a421 close to the waitrose depot. I was in a Chevrolet spark, shame I wasn't in my RB
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    RB182 project thread. From daily driver to weekend toy

    Well I think its about time I started a Project thread for my 182. I've owned it for just over two years now and has done me well. I originally bought it with about 80,000 on the clock and as it has been my daily driver it is now sitting on 117k. When the car was bought it was a completely...
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    Mini meet Silversone 22/10/11

    Hi, a few of you may have seen these as i posted them up in the local group but i fugured i would make a thread for media anyway. A few of us met up at sixfields in northampton some came and went then the few remaining went for a drive to silverstone to get some pics and here are my ones sorry...
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    Anybody used or even heard of these guys Nowhere near me just browsing ebay and stumbled on this advert. Sounds too good to be true (probably is).
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    camera advice

    Evening all I'm after getting the other half a decent camera for her birthday (which I can also use). At the moment we just have a dire point n shoot camera, budget is up to £350 I've been looking at some of the 'bridge' cameras and I was hoping the cs experts would be able to point me in the...
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    Red mazda 3 mps

    Buckingham on sunday night near focus, i was in my rb. I'm sure a member on here from buckingham changed their clio for one.
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    black ph2 172

    I see a black ph2 172 most mornings at about 7:50 on the A421 heading round Buckingham when i'm on my way home from work didn't get reg, always makes me smile after a wave :cool:
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    not sure if this is the right area

    Hi been having a quick look around I live between oxford and northampton so looking like this is the most sensible group, was wondering if it is the right area as most seem to be down south. Am located brackley/bicester/mk area.
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    Picked up my clio

    Hi all, i posted a while ago now that i was currently looking for a 182. I am very pleased as on friday i picked it up, needs two new front fog lamps which i currently have just need to change them over, all in all i am very happy with it seems to drive very well, relatively rattle and squeek...
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    A little assistance please

    Hi there I have been looking around recently as i'm after a 182 my budget is up to 5 thousand and i'm ideally after a racing blue or the metallic electric blue (sorry can't remember the colour now). I have been checking all the usual places and it seems price seems to vary massively, im located...
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    Clio newbie

    Hi all Well not a clio newbie yet but in about 2-3 months i should have 4-5k (then what i can scrape together from selling my 306xsi) to be spending on a 182 nicely spec'd. Thought i would join up to find out what associated problems clios seem to have and generally take the time to learn about...