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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    Got it back today, happy with it considering how much i paid (£350!) but i HATE the vent they have cut for the T/B filter, looks sh*te, but i will get something sorted for it soon, and it serves a purpose.
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    Santa Pod scruteneering

    Its gonna be the same as york i assume? I dont have the part that holds the battery to the tray but York said because i have a carbon bonnet it didnt matter. Should i get this addressed before the RTOC day? [Edited by clean16v on 28 June 2005 at 6:38pm]
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    The fastest N/A Clio’s on the site Left to right, mine (13.7), Martins (14.0) and 2Lives(14.0) After a day terrifying the more exotic machinery out there including twin turbo Supras, Scoobys, GTiR Sunnys.............vids to follow!
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    UK’s most poweful, and fastest N/A Clio

    Well that we know about anyway! 13.7@101, i think itll be easily seeing 13.5s once the weather has chilled out a bit and im running less then half a tank of fuel. Will be put to the test again at Santa Pod in July! Some vids will be posted later, best drags were against a new shape Scoob that...
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    Getting the beast ready for York

    Spent most of today jsut sorting a few things out. Tidying up the wiring after the gearbox went in, a new feed for the stereo, strip back seats, spare wheels etc!
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    my new bits ;-)

    ordered this today, black bits will be sprayed white
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    Williams 2 ABS

    Do they have ABS?
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    Look at what i found! Im 2nd in reaction times! And Jon, 2Live, not the one in front no more!
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    200bhp Clio coming on great!

    Just to keep all updated on my project, got my Williams wheels today, they weill be sent to Pro Clean to have them sprayed white with a silver lip. Megane head is on its way to BenR at the moment and teh car is being dropped off at GDI HQ on friday for Ben to wave his AngelWorks wand at it...
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    Williams, worth more in pieces

    Williams are dipping into the high £2k price bracket for decent examples, with Engine/Box/ECU worth over 1k, williams track worth £400, interior, wheels the car worth more in pieces?
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    First comparison of clio!

    Had a nice few little blasts with my mates cars yesterday. firstly my mates 2.5 Z4, from 30+ there was nothing in it until over legal speedds, only gear changes were giving me teh minor advantage, and secondly my mates chipped TTR, again peanuts in it until silly speeds, although i didnt manage...
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    What car next

    Hopefully teh S3 is gone 2moro, now to my favourite part! picking a replacement. Criteria is as follows, must be a drivers car, need something that will get me working hard and still have plenty left when i run out. Insurance is also an issue, less then grp 15. At the moment im down to a few...
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    clio experts apply here!

    right guys, a few days ago i saw an........M reg Williams.......1! It was defo a 1 cos it had the plaque! and def an M-reg? i thought all Ms were 2?also, when did th e182 come out? i saw an 04 plate 182 today, but seen a 54 plate is that possible?
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    MPG of a 182

    Hi, can anyone give some guidelines as to the MPG of a run in 182? Not quoted figures but actual proven figures please!
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    MK1 clio. The final word.

    Few of you on the site know me, a few dont, i have owned and built 2 of the quickest clios on the site, and ive owned 3 valvers in total and an RT. I bought the car i have always wanted last week, an Audi S3. Ive owned and driven many cars, been to many race meets and 1/4 mile events, and i just...
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    Where are all the RR results

    come on then boys(+girls), how did everyone get on?
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    oh dear oh dear! advice please!

    just got back from a blast in my mates golf TDi, 130bhp, heated leather seats, diamond black, LUSH, the clio obviously gave him a pasting, then we swapped cars and went for a blast, again the clio dominating BUT ive fallen for the golf, the leathers, the comfort, the torque! Seriously thinking...
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    producer with no MOT

    Mate got pulled last night, his car had no MOT as he forgot to get it renewed. Any ideas what wil happen to him, i heard its a set 25 quid fine, any ideas guys?
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    FAO valver owners

    what speed do you get at the end of each gear please, on standard limiters
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    cams are in! car feels slower

    had kent cams fitted today, BUT they ahve been set up like they are standard, not as kent intended. Idle seems fine, had full exhaust system and modified air box done at the same time, it sounds really good, BUT the car feels slower! much slower low down the revs, between 5k-6.5k it gets really...
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    16v rear bearing HELP!!!

    car was in the air today, brushed past the rear wheel and thought the boody thing was gonna fall off! So i need a new bearing, heard that they aint easy to fit though? Are tehy pressed into disc, are they difficult to fit? any ideas/info would be great
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    FAO BEN R RE:cam timing

    RIght, got cams put in today, they set it all uo as normal, crank at TDC, cams at TDC etc, then we looked at the notes you gave me, im guessinng that we loosen the pulleys, then turn the camshaft until our dial gauge matches the figure that Kent have given me for lift at TDC? so in other words...
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    SMT6/STAND ALONE ECU group buy

    There was a thread a few days ago about people who were interested in a group buy for SMT6 ECU re-mapping. If anyone is interested can you please put your name down here, you will need a deposit of 150 pounds and the whole system costs 600 pounds fitted/set up/RR time/VAT etc. IF we can get more...
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    182 finance options

    any one wish to give away some details of their finance arrangements for the 182? very interested on monthly payments, deposit, loan term etc.
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    got these today mate, thanks a million, cant come highly recomended enough, top bloke and stupidly cheap prices!
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    can a valver have no power steering

    can i change my valvers PAS set up in favour of a manual rack? will the track have to be sorted as all valvers came with PAS? i know id need a custom fanbelt to get rid of pump but is ther anything else? cheers guys
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    1.2 viper on a williams

    can i get away with this? i can get hold of a viper off a 1.2 corsa, if i can get a pipe made up to connect the viper to the throttle body, will i have any other [problems for instance the viper being designed for a smaller engine?
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    williams cambelt/tensioner/idler

    getting my belts done soon, ane getting tensioner and idler done also. anyone got any views/chepest place to get parts etc? any help/comments appreciated!
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    16v/willy 4 pot conversion behind 15’s

    any ideas guys and girls? want to keep em behind a set of team dynamics pro ace 1s, these bad boys have loads of clearence for caliper but not sure what the cheapest option is
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    FAO Adams_16v and 2 live

    i know you guys are running cams, and both un chipped? what problems ahve you faced and do you have any recomendations? im looking to take the cams out mesalf, send them to biondy to get them re-ground, then have a garage fit them. will the timing guide be given with the cmas etc? cheers lads!