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    Wilton Classic & Supercar

    Great day just down the road at Wilton House, weather was bad, but nowhere near as bad as expected... Wilton Classic & Supercar 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Wilton Classic & Supercar 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Wilton Classic...
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    A month in the life...

    Baby due in a few weeks, so making hay whilst the sun has been shining! In exactly one month I've managed the following... June 21st: Weston Airshow Weston Airshow 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr June 22nd: Castle Combe Motorcycle Raceday Motorcycle Raceday 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr June 27th...
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    Goodwood FoS Friday

    Had a superb day today, strangely quiet, felt like it was about 2007 again, a welcome relief to the business of the last few years on Friday... Full album here: Goodwood FoS 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Goodwood FoS 2014 by Harry_S...
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    First wedding...done

    I mentioned to my sister about a year ago how much I enjoyed designing all the stuff for my wedding, and that if she needed anything for hers to let me know... So, save the dates, invitations, place names, seating plan, menus, signs, setting up on the day, and wedding photos! I didn't really...
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    Bournemouth Wheels Festival

    Awesome day in Bournemouth today, really wasn't expecting the quality of quantity of metal they had. Had a very fortunate run in with the whole super car contingent as I was walking up to the demo area, sat on a crossing point in the middle of the road watching them all pass inches by, fantastic...
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    McLaren P1 vs Castle Combe

    I know a lot of guys here run their cars at Combe, 162mph over Avon Rise in a road car, food for thought! 3:28 onwards for Combe laps, he occasionally drives the right way around the circuit. To give that some...
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    Clio Cup - Thruxton BTCC

    A few from Quali day yesterday. Anyone know what these are coming out at on the standard dB test? Stood right next to them when they were doing it, so quiet. BTCC Thruxton by Harry_S, on Flickr BTCC Thruxton by Harry_S, on Flickr BTCC Thruxton by Harry_S, on Flickr BTCC Thruxton by Harry_S...
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    Castle Combe Spring Performance Action Day

    A few from today, as busy as ever at Combe... Castle Combe PCAD 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe PCAD 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe PCAD 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe PCAD 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe PCAD 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe...
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    £300 Motorsport Challenge

    My photography equipment has been completely geared towards travel and a forthcoming wedding for quite some time now, but I fancied a bit of motorsport shooting as it's used to be my main passion and I've completely lost touch over the past few years. As I didn't want to throw much money at it...
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    9 hours in London

    Had a great day yesterday, headed into London in the morning and got the last train home, had 9hrs in total and I just managed to tick everything off of my list with 15 minutes to spare... Started at Battersea, always wanted to see the Power Station... London March 2014 by Harry_S, on Flickr...
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    Business Use Definition

    My insurer seems a little bit confused by this... I have 3 'normal' places of work in my job as we are a multi-site business, however I only ever commute to and from one of them in a day, i.e. we never travel between sites during a work day. For whatever reason this seems to be a weird grey...
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    New York City (part 7)

    Our 7th trip to New York in the past 10 years, had a big list of different things to see/do this time which we mostly covered. Took my D600, 28mm 1.8 and 180mm 2.8, really nice and relatively light combo. NYC 2013 - Village...
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    Castle Combe Autumn Classic

    Thoughts welcome, trying to do a bit more paddock/static stuff to keep things fresh for myself, and seeing what I can do around the circuit without resorting to panning... Castle Combe Autumn Classic by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe Autumn Classic by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe...
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    Rallyday 2013

    Thoughts welcome on these, haven't shot a day of motorsport on a DSLR for about 6 months, good fun getting back into it. All taken with a D7000 and Nikon 300mm f4. 1/2500 Rallyday 2013 by Harry_S, on Flickr 1/80 Rallyday 2013 by Harry_S, on Flickr 1/80 Rallyday 2013 by Harry_S, on Flickr...
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    Forge Motorsport Action Day (Castle Combe)

    Only dropped in for 3 hours, nice varied selection of stuff including a fair bit I've not seen at Combe before... Castle Combe Forge Action Day by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe Forge Action Day by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe Forge Action Day by Harry_S, on Flickr Castle Combe Forge...
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    Honeymoon in Vegas (and the rest)

    ​We arrived back from the US of A on Saturday afternoon after spending the past two weeks out there. As some of you may know, we got married last April but 10 days before our honeymoon in July I was hospitalised with a very nasty heart virus, after a few close calls and another week in hospital...
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    2 Days in London

    Spent the night in London on Thursday, stayed in County Hall so nice and close to the action. Walked the South Bank on Thursday night, then headed to the East Cemetery in Highgate on Friday morning (incredible place) before hitting the shops. Most taken with the X100, handily my 55-200 for the...
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    Festival of Speed

    A few from the FoS today, first time at a big event with my little Fuji gear, can't believe how much easier it made things, particularly in the heat. Cracking day as always, but the Friday has lost its 'enthusiasts' charm, it's essentially just another madly busy day now (compared to a few years...
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    Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb

    I headed down to Gurston Down today armed with the X100, X-E1 and 55-200mm. Despite only being 50 minutes down the road I've never been before, it's an amazing little venue with near unlimited access for spectators, I will be back! The Fuji kit has really made me think about every shot, it's...
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    A few months of motorsport

    Thought I would throw these out there as I've not really been in the DSLR/Motorsport arena for a few years now, finally managed to dip my toe back in the water over the past 2 months... 200mm @ 1/50 Silverstone WEC 2013 by Harry_S, on Flickr 300mm 1/100 Silverstone WEC 2013 by Harry_S, on...
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    Castle Combe May Bank Holiday Raceday

    Arrived nice and early for this one today, bit of a failure though, walkabout lens broke within 10 minutes (2 days old!) so I had to try and salvage a few from everything I took in the morning, then my pneumonia got the better of me (it doesn't like warm weather) and I had to leave after Race 1...
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    Renault Twin Run

    Not seen this posted yet...
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    New Flickr

    Thoughts? The new pricing structure is confusing as hell for existing Pro users, as far as I can tell we can keep our Pro accounts for now and retain stats, unlimited storage, no ads etc, or switch to free and lose stats, get 1tb storage and ads, or pay double what we pay now and still lose...
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    BTCC Thruxton

    Fun weekend at Thruxton, as always spectating/photographing far better and easier on the Saturday imo, today was insanely busy. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
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    Clio Cup at Thruxton

    Fun day at Thruxton today, more tomorrow! ​
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    Castle Combe Spring Performance Action Day

    Plenty of interesting stuff out playing at Castle Combe yesterday...(the Clios are here.) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Many more here:
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    Clios at Castle Combe Spring Action Day

    The event itself has been discussed elsewhere, so straight onto the pics! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Many, many more here:
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    Marwell Zoo

    My first trip to Marwell for a few years, picked up a Sigma 100-300mm f4 last week so wanted to take it for a test drive. As my first heavy lens for several years it's hard to describe how much my left arm aches right now! Pleased with it though, gets another work out this weekend at Castle...
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    Sigma 18-35mm f1.8

    Yup, not a typo, Sigma have announced an 18-35mm zoom lens with a constant aperture of f1.8. I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't an April Fools, as nothing like this has ever been done... Any...
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    Website thoughts...

    I've spent some time in the past week working on a motorsport photography site (I have an awful lot of free time on my hands at the moment!), I have no technical knowledge whatsoever, so it's built using Wordpress, I would love some thoughts/opinions/criticisms/ideas...