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  1. jooliona

    regarding my car i feel i deserve right of reply on this thread considering it is about my car, and I am not going to pay membership fee for the privilege to do so. this kind of petty, small-mindedness is exactly why I stopped paying...
  2. jooliona

    recent new clutch +engine and gearbox mounts - now whines

    So as per the title really, my gbox now whines a bit - can only assume that some oils leaked since having the above done. Is there a way to check the gbox oil level? How much should be in there and what weight etc. Thanks
  3. jooliona

    Had clutch replaced, under hard acceleration - noisy rumbly and slight rock/knocking?

    It seems to come from the right hand side of the engine bay and only under hard acceleration.. So assumed it was the engine mounts. The cars done 191k, i've had the clutch replaced and presumably the engine mounts, when reinstalled after dropping the subframe to get the gbox / engine apart have...
  4. jooliona

    Clio 172 Speedo sensor / cable

    So i was driving along when all of a sudden the speedo just drops to 0. When i give the engine a blip, it'll come back to life, seems to be worse in the wet and can only assume its a sensor. Which part do i need and how hard is it to fit? Its a 2002 model..
  5. jooliona

    Which clutch...

    OK so my 172 has done 190k and is starting to feel like the original clutch is on its way out... Which clutch should i get the Valeo or transmech from euro car parts. In addition, whilst this is being done should get the water pump done at the same time or is this in a totally different area...
  6. jooliona

    silver 172? many upgrades incl recaros, wilts

    this was a while ago, but it was a good looking car so it stuck in my mind, was heading north out of shaftesbury, pretty sure it had CS sticker(s) so maybe someone on here...
  7. jooliona

    mot failure - front coil spring incomplete

    guessing i should replace coils & shocks at the same time as they've never been done? my car is getting on in miles (140k) so don't really want to spend a mint; upgrade is a nice idea but getting/keeping the set-up right seems to be a minefield and to be honest the ride is already hard...
  8. jooliona

    goodyear f1 asymmetric

    does anybody know if it's possible to get this tyre in a size that will fit my 16" standard 172 ph2 wheels? been searching online and no luck. :(
  9. jooliona

    a few spotted in dorset & somerset

    saw quite a few today, so thought i may as well post them up... racing blue 182, no stripes, yeovil paul j, also yeovil another racing blue, with stripes, a35 near dorchester (your passenger headlamp needs a new bulb) monaco blue, a303, private reg J9 #EE, don't know if it was an O or D...
  10. jooliona

    s20 cup

    heading south on m1 yesterday afternoon...
  11. jooliona

    photoshop request please could some kind sir or madam put this grille onto a monaco bleu 172 pls? i want some idea of how bad it's going to look against the std top grille and in general... a side-by-side "spot the difference" style montage would be ideal :cool: cheersy
  12. jooliona

    172 ph2 front bumper grill (bottom)

    i seek a bottom grill which has a smaller mesh than standard so that stones can't chip my AC condensor (again) anybody know where i should look for such an item? i've already checked demon tweeks. budget around £100. and it has to look nice too, pref black so that it doesn't jar too...
  13. jooliona

    baked bean, south of Bath on A36

    following me from limpley stoke yesterday afternoon, until i turned off to farleigh hungerford...
  14. jooliona

    monaco 172 m5 bridgwater north fri 27th

    somebody beeped & waved at me, heading north on fri pm ?!?! it was quite congested around there but much worse heading south! presumably the mass exodus to glasto in full swing!?
  15. jooliona

    any tips for getting those annoying torx screws off the engine cover

    there's two left and i'm probably seconds away from rounding them completely :rolleyes: how easy is it to snap the engine cover off anyway? might be my only option the way things are going... whose genius idea was it to put the brake fluid reservoir in a completely inaccessible place :mad:
  16. jooliona

    '06 197, A4 Batheaston bypass

    around lunchtime today...
  17. jooliona

    front strut mountings

    approx cost to replace, incl fitting? also is this aka top mounts cheers :) also why are these dead already at only ~70k miles?
  18. jooliona

    SL52 monaco blue, m5 south yest

    as above, around nailsea/weston area approx, morning
  19. jooliona

    spanner for alloy centre caps

    seems i can't find the spanner to unlock the centre caps of my alloys. not sure if i ever had one but as the tyres have been changed several times now it could have vanished long ago. long and short of it i need to source a replacement asap, can i get it from any renault dealer or would they...
  20. jooliona

    06 vee, orange? m5 south of bristol today

    on a breakdown truck/transporter. sup?
  21. jooliona

    battery died...

    was listening to music for half an hour with the engine off (fan was going as well, d'oh!) and the battery went flat! had to call the AA to jump start me :o he says i should get a new battery. just wondering where's best to buy and how much it will be? ta
  22. jooliona

    PC - what is it and who does it

    and yes i have searched! no matches! it sounds like a good thing cos the people who talk about it have very shiny cars! thinking i wanna get mine a going over before the winter sets in. also for another car (evo) - wilts/somerset area prices/info/etc ta :approve:
  23. jooliona

    a37 south of yeovil this afternoon

    silver 182 closely followed by a blue 182 i think, could have been racing blue... seemed like too much of a coinkydink!
  24. jooliona

    insurer "won't pay for modifications"

    ok, phoned up today to tell them about my new exhaust. as usual, got the "sunday staff" i.e. some pleb in timbuktoo. they have charged me an additional premium, but said that they won't pay for the modification. i presume this means that if i have an accident and the exhaust needs...
  25. jooliona

    flame? red 172, bristol city centre

    about 4pm ish today
  26. jooliona

    racing blue, m4 west, newport area

    around 3:30pm today
  27. jooliona

    South West Dings & Dents pics

    i am amazed! :cool: before :dapprove: during - yes that IS a blow torch! :eek: after - phew! :approve:
  28. jooliona

    a few today in somerset

    t11 umy blue cuppish in bridgwater k18 two silver 182 (natch) on a39 awful lime green mk1 in pilton - sorry but i had to laugh ;)
  29. jooliona

    silver ph1 V6, frome bypass

    today lunchtime, caining it up the crawler lane to the a36 junction
  30. jooliona

    orange 172, trowbridge

    lunchtime today, platinum renault sticker in window