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    How many true lifers?

    I've owned my 172 cup since back when they were rock bottom price wise and now at the point where it could probably do with having some coin thrown at it over the next couple of years to keep it tip top and sort a few niggling things that have developed such as rust around filler cap area etc...
  2. D

    Tempted by the new GR Yaris?

    I love a little hot hatch and although I can't see me selling the cup, I have some serious throb for the spec attached to that new Yaris GR and the gadget trickery diffs etc It got me wondering if in time it would make a good replacement for a Clio.... if they are held in high regard when...
  3. D

    Blue 172 Cup - Homebase carpark Hove

    Spotted earlier today. Looks clean.