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  1. Pedromac

    How much?

    I never got round to getting these refurbed and put on my car as some bint crashed into me and the car is now a write off! So how much could I get for these? Team dynamics 1.2 16" not in bad nick tbh. Two tyres OK but other 2 are gone.
  2. Pedromac

    Write off?

    Gutted a woman went into the side of me last night!
  3. Pedromac

    Lowering spring's

    Anyone used these or know anything about them? Good or bad?
  4. Pedromac

    Changing xenon bulbs

    What a nightmare am having changing the main beam bulbs on my mk2 172. No room what so ever. Any tips as am ready to explode [emoji35]
  5. Pedromac

    Coil cover

    I've just taken the engine cover off and was wondering if I need a coil cover or something just in case water gets in
  6. Pedromac

    My Monaco

    Pretty standard apart from power flow exhaust and fattys induction kit. Needs lowered and got a set of team dynamics to put on then I'll be happy, well for a little while [emoji2]
  7. Pedromac

    Lowering springs

    Am looking at lowering my Clio but not sure how low to go, its currently sitting on standard springs with 16s so its like the gran canyon in there lol I don't want it too low as there's a s**t load of potholes and the odd speed bump where I live! Any advice and pics would be appreciated [emoji2]
  8. Pedromac

    Spray vinyl?

    I can't remember the name of the stuff, you spray it on like spray paint but its like vinyl, rubber!
  9. Pedromac

    Wiper blades

    What's the best blades as mine are s**t, need good ones as get a lot of rain up here [emoji299] [emoji299] [emoji299]
  10. Pedromac

    Exhaust bumper trim

    Am going to be fitting my new back box soon and need to cut my bumper to get the beast to fit, not sure if the standard trim will do as the tail pipes radius is around 4 inches. Can anyone tell me if the standard trim will do? URL...
  11. Pedromac

    Sign language lol

    Cracks me up every time [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  12. Pedromac

    T cut

    Will this stuff do the job on my Monaco blue Clio?
  13. Pedromac

    30bhp for that price, surely not?
  14. Pedromac

    Air filter for ph1 air box

    Question? What's the best air filter for a ph1 air box as I've purchased the air box, now looking for an air filter.
  15. Pedromac


    I've got a set of team dynamics pro 1.2s to go onto my Monaco Blue Clio, which am going to get refurbed but for the love of f**k I can't decide on a colour, yellow, gold, black, silver. At one point i was dead set on yellow but then i seen a nice Monaco blue Clio on the welcome pack cover with...
  16. Pedromac

    LED speedo

    Anyone came across this? If so any good?
  17. Pedromac

    Lutecia badge

    Can anyone please tell me if the lutecia badge fits directly in place of the Clio badge? Also where can I get one from? Cheers
  18. Pedromac

    below glove compartment

    Hey I've just bought a Clio 172 and there's some wiring hanging down below the glove compartment ( subwoofer and amp wiring, I think) is there supposed to be some kind of cover for underneath there?