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  1. Danix60

    Water pump torque

    Hi Mates, Is there an special order to torque the water pump bolts? Cheers
  2. Danix60

    Recommendation for alignment settings

    Hi there, Looking for a wheel alignment settings, The car is mainly used for track, Car setup: Bilstein B14 PMS v2 solid top mounts Nankang ar1 Rear is lowered to maximum And front somewhere around 40mm If needed I can add front camber bolts I want the car to be a little bit more sharp...
  3. Danix60

    Clio 172 sump gasket

    Hey, After changing twice the sump gasket, going to do it for 3rd time, any recommendations how to fit it without having leaks after 1 year? Thanks
  4. Danix60

    Ph2 Seats onto Ph1

    hey guys, just wondering if i can straight swap my ph1 seat to ph2 seats, any wiring needed ? thanks !
  5. Danix60

    Inside door clip

    Looking for a door clips, can't find it name or part number, Thanks in advance :)
  6. Danix60

    Side mirror cover

    Hi what color will fit with sunflower yellow ph1? Thinking about black/grey/white Or just paint them yellow?
  7. Danix60

    172 Ph1 Exhaust system

    hey, was thinking to upgrade the original system, found that system : or maybe keep the original cat, they also have a decat/upgrade cat there is a better option ? maybe get...
  8. Danix60

    Ph2 Steering wheel into Ph1

    hi, didnt found any answer about ph2 steering wheel in a ph1 clio, there is a way to make that work ?
  9. Danix60

    Roof paint cracking

    Hey, Recantly my car had a respray and body repair, They guy told me the roof had a lot of body filler on it and he wasn't sure how much time the repair will last, Today after 2-3 months of the respray, I saw some little paint crack on the roof, There is something to do with that? Or stop it...
  10. Danix60

    Water pump bolts

    Hi, last week I replaced the water pump on my 172, 2 of the bolts of the water pump got rounded. The water pump is in place and has no leaks, still thought to replace those bolts. Any Idea how could I do that? Cheers.
  11. Danix60

    Gearbox oil leak

    Hi, Got a little leak from the gearbox, cleaned all the area and it seems to leak from here : Any clue?
  12. Danix60

    Replacing water pump.

    Hi guys, My water pump failed this week, it's leaking and I discovered it's the original one, never replaced, so ordered water pump, aux belt kit, and Renault type D coolant. What I need for the job? What's the easiest way to do it? Cheers, Daniel.
  13. Danix60

    Wheel alignment after removing shocks

    Hi guys, Did wheel alignment on my car 3 months ago. Last week i bought sportlines , After removing the front shocks, it will be necessary to do alignment again? Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
  14. Danix60

    Gear oil leak

    Hi, Spoted a little leak between the engine and the gearbox. Maybe the oil seal? Cheers, Daniel.
  15. Danix60

    Budget coilover or not?

    Hi , Looking to lower bit the car and improve handling, current on new standart shocks, Saw vmaxx, or bilstein b14 and weitec, Any good on those? Or just replace springs with sportlines? Cheers, Daniel. Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
  16. Danix60

    removing firewall heatshield

    hi, wanted to remove the firewall heatshield, will it effect something ? chrees, daniel.
  17. Danix60

    Gearbox oil

    Hi, looking to change the gearbox oil, wanted to ask what to pick, ELF nfj 75w80 or Motul Motylgear 75W80 ? Cheers, Daniel.
  18. Danix60

    172 ph1 gearbox leak

    hi, spotted a leak from the gearbox, i think its from the selector link , and some where near that area. will add some picture first thing at morning, any idea where it can leak from ?
  19. Danix60

    172 ph1 front lip

    Hi, saw over ebay some lips, from scenic and skoda fabia, they will fit the ph1 like on ph2? Cheers.
  20. Danix60

    Bit of water from roof

    Hi, i noticed some water draining from the roof, its all wet between the roof and roof interior, also noticed water on rear passenger foot. Tried to seal the antenna but i dont think thats the problem. Its a 172 ph1 without sunroof.
  21. Danix60

    Eibach sportline

    Hi, Does lower the car with eibach sportline and new renault standart shocks will improve handling? And it will be a good setup with the standart shocks? And not kill them fast? Clio 172 ph1 RS
  22. Danix60

    172 ph1 headlight adjuster motor

    hi, the adjuster motor on both sided is trying to adjust it self all the time and it dosnt stop. found here a thread talking about the level motor sensor one the rear axle, didn't find it. the ph1 172 has that sensor ? or what else can cause the motor gone crazy ? (tried to replace the motor on...
  23. Danix60

    fix sticking TB ?

    hi, got a ph1 172 and the TB is sticking, tried to fix it but it always coming back. there is a fix for that TB ? a new one is very expensive :coldsweat:
  24. Danix60

    fix 172's side skirt screw holes.

    hi, yesterday my jack failed and it managed to hit the side skirt and brake the holes, and now i cant refit it, took it to some local bodywork garages, no one wanted to even look at it. so was thinking to repair it by myself. any tips ? Daniel.
  25. Danix60

    clio 172 ph1 stalk adapter

    hi guys, im looking for a adapter for the stalk that will work with my pioneer 7250US i contacted caraudiodirect and they asked for a photo of the connectors, i know the little yellow connector near the HU and they asked about the display, does the ph1 has a different connector for the display ...
  26. Danix60

    Clio 172 front arch liner

    Hi, The front left front arch liner is missing, any chance to get an aftermarket and not renault genuine? Its too expensive for a piece of plastic. Thanks :)
  27. Danix60

    Clio 172 Fuel pump wont prime.

    Hi, tried to find here some answers for my problem without success , the fuel pump wont prime, but if i connect the + wire to +12v with a relay the fuel pump works, the fuel pump is ok, the fuel pump relay is ok, i am thinking on a broke wire some where behind steering wheel to engine bay , what...
  28. Danix60

    clio 172 gear linkage repair

    Hi, trying to find the correct Renault part numbers for the parts needed to fix the movement in the gear knob, which bushes/parts, ? Daniel.
  29. Danix60

    Clio 172 shocks, need help.

    Hi, i need to replace all 4 shocks , it a ph1 rs, how can i confirm the part number from renault?
  30. Danix60

    Clio 172 ball joint.

    Hi, I need to replace the ball joints on my 172, thinking to order lemforder from euro car parts, they have 2 size, 10mm and 12mm holes, how can i check which one i need? Another question about the end toe rod, if i want to replace them, should i replace the link bar too?