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  1. Stacy82

    Is there going to be any meets in the southwest? (after lockdown is over)

    If this does go ahead, I’d be interested
  2. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

  3. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

  4. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

    Been a while since i last updated this but 2 years down the line, and still have the RB. I've not done much other than drive it and maintain it really. I have added a Milltek exhaust to replace the cracked, poorly fitting Toyosports one the car came with, some washer blanks that i painted in the...
  5. Stacy82

    Tessa intake manifold turbo?

    they were posting pictures of their carbon intake a few days ago, still about just quieter than they used to be
  6. Stacy82

    Bristol RS Clios and other French stuff.

    I'm from Bristol
  7. Stacy82

    172 Cup Kings Head Bristol

    yeah, i didnt catch the plate but have seen a clean cup at the queens square breakfast meets before
  8. Stacy82

    172 Cup Kings Head Bristol

    Clean looking 172 cup near the kings head pub on the A38 IN South Bristol. Anyone on here?
  9. Stacy82

    Who are you, and what do you drive (South West Area)

    FF 182 from Bristol
  10. Stacy82

    Red 182 Bristol m5/m4

    I saw this coming out of Tesco in Eastville, looked clean.
  11. Stacy82

    **show us Your Engine Bay**

    not perfect but better than when i bought it
  12. Stacy82

    Black 182 Portway Bristol

    Saw a black 182 with grey stripe on the A4 Portway in Bristol, anyone on here?
  13. Stacy82

    My little rb 182 team

    The bolts normally come with the boss
  14. Stacy82

    Spring Action Day @ Castle Combe

    I'l be there but on the South Wales Renaultsport stand
  15. Stacy82

    RyG's RB182.

    where do you get the stripes already spaced?
  16. Stacy82

    Gloucertershire Clio's

    I'm Bristol based too, see a few Clio's around but not sure if they're on here.
  17. Stacy82

    182 Heater temperature stuck on hot

    free fix, just have to swap the facias over as i painted it but yeah, cheers matey
  18. Stacy82

    182 Heater temperature stuck on hot

    yep, plugged the spare in and i can change the temp again
  19. Stacy82

    182 Heater temperature stuck on hot

    I have a spare, i replaced the original because the buttons were worn out and painted the replacement. I'll give that a go.
  20. Stacy82

    182 Heater temperature stuck on hot

    Hi, yesterday I was feeling a bit toasty so put the A/C on min to cool down, but noticed the temperature was stuck on hot. The fan speed still works as does the direction control but I cant adjust the temperature. I looked on here and saw the issue with the gears on the heater box and their...
  21. Stacy82

    Car ramps

    They aren't called widowmakers for nothing.
  22. Stacy82

    Black 182 and Red 200 Bristol

    Saw a black 182 at Cribbs Causeway and a red 200 in Filton this afternoon/evening. Anyone on here?
  23. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

    Every time I take this car apart I find bits of work i don't like. 3 out of 4 springs missing from the pads, and the fourth bent to poke out of the slot in the caliper. This along with the spring cap on the front strut not even remotely lined up with the spring, and the burned wires on the old...
  24. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

    Haha, never trust a German car. The stripes on the dash were my 13 year old daughters idea, she loves this car.
  25. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

    So it's been an expensive week, had the aux belt and tensioner done as its been on for just shy of 30k, couple of new PS3'sand got rid of the bus wheel and tidied up some of the dash plastics. Also tidied up the the headlights. I also have a habit of taking photos when I park next to...
  26. Stacy82

    What tyres for fast road?

    I'm running PS3's on my 182, really nice tyre in all conditions. Nice price too though.
  27. Stacy82

    My RB 182 :)

    where did you order the stripes?
  28. Stacy82

    Black 1*2 on turbines, Cheddar

    Black 172/182 on clio turbines parked up in Cheddar Gorge
  29. Stacy82

    White wide bodied mk2 track car Bristol

    Hartcliffe roundabout Bristol, looked like a bit of a beast.
  30. Stacy82

    Black 200t Hengrove Bristol

    Black 200t spotted on the A4174 in Bristol, looked mean in my mirrors.