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    Cliosport on your mobile..YES!

    Nice find Tom, good to see it works nicely too, we did have a look at the wap plugin for this, but it's just not that easy to get going, esp. with our site.
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    Whoops matey, from the looks of the winning bidders feedback it looks like you might be re-listing this one mate, be careful with it. AnnetteVicky
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    I'm back !

    Hi Jaine, good to see a returning "old skool" member :-) You still got a mini as well as the williams?
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    Post pics of your damaged cars (56k)

    I'll say it in ripped off lyrics.... "If I could offer you only one tip for the future, harnesses would be IT."
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    Post pics of your damaged cars (56k)

    Oh bugger LoL Yoz beat me to it LoL (with better pictures too hahahaha)
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    Post pics of your damaged cars (56k)

    Mine after a seriously bad crash at the end of November 2004, I shouldn't be here right now but for the fact that the harnesses and seat did their job superbly.... got away with only 2 broken wrists - whereas the insurance guy rang on the off-chance that I might not be dead.... he sounded really...
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    172 speaker upgrade

    Dunno about the alpire ones you've linked too but I'd say to have a look at the infinity ones too matey, I put them all round in my car, and it made a fantastic difference to the quality :-)
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    Williams 0001 For Auction

    Erm, how can you say that the williams engine (f7r) is any different to the sport spider engine??? it's the same unit, it's stated as such everywhere :-S
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    Linking a database to a website

    For testing it all out, try WAMP (Windows Apache/MySql/PHP package) - then as long as you have apache/mysql/php on your deployment platform you *should* be ok...... -Roamer.
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    Leeds/Yorks based 172 wanted for chipping (v cheap!)

    I wouldn't dare to run a 172 engine upto 8200rpm mate, the engine is simply not balanced well enough to be able to hold together, it is a risk that your guy will have to take, but if one of his customers who gets an 8200rpm limiter bounces it quite a bit he'll be looking at a shot engine, and a...
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    172 dials - price & fit question

    sorry, but changed your title to something more useful to anyone looking through the forum out there! ;-)
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    LX or LV04 Northbound M1 today

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    Renault Clio Sport 182/V6 Aluminium Door

    Aluminium door??? :-S do you mean bonnet?
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    25/30 BHP = £4000

    And less power than mine due to the shorter inlet tract length ;-)
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    Thanks Renault/Roamer. Oulton Pix Arrived

    Cheers guys, Ive just noticed that my coverage of the two RenaultSport full trackdays this year are now on website:D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Should I Higher My Car

    ^^^^ yup tis true, you want the front a bit lower than the back....
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    Should discs wear faster than pads

    possibly the brake bias isnt working correctly and is putting too much of the braking force to the rear wheels? get them to check it out just incase, if it is the case is could turn out pretty dangerous in an emergency braking situation
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    tim nice but dim!!

    Get them from [Edited by Roamer on 8/2/2005 12:11:23 AM] Dunno if they are the right ones or not, think so but i may be wrong
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    how low can i go

    as always it comes down to wheel size and more importantly offset, if you quote the offset of the wheels people will be able to give you more of an idea as to what you can do (if anything)
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    Hi Spec Brakes

    Fred2001dynamic has got them on his (mk2 ph2 1.2 16v) and its a go-kart! handles like its on rails with the coilovers, and the brakes are genius..... think hes on the original pads and discs still too.
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    Anyone know how to remove the dials

    Yup, remove the top of the dashboard, 3 screws along the back of it next to the window, one either side against doors, and I think the rest are underneath the trim the runs along the front of the dash, if you have got it right you should have 11 screws and/or pushfit connectors.... Then...
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    Urgent Help Needed!!

    just look, it should be common sense, shouldnt really try and take the door card off before you take all the bits off first or youll end up warping or wrecking the door car in the process.
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    Urgent Help Needed!!

    erm I really dont know, but usually theres a centre cap over the rotation point of the winder handle, you pop that out, then there should be a screw you undo and hay presto.... but like I said I aint seen or done one on a clio at all even lol.
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    My Engine has gone.... UNBELIEVABLE.

    gutted for ya mate :-( I know terrible it was was my 172/212 went into pieces at Pod... and then again when I crashed and totaled it :-( As for the job situation, how about going for something a bit different, like ambulance technician (Chris off here has done that now and loves it, though he...
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    Dension iPod Link Fitted

    That looks fantastic, just the job, now if my 172 wasnt crushed into a small cube of metal Id fit one LoL
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    Worry free abs deactivation

    nice, that could be very useful for track use if ya fancy it.
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    the ultra-cheap-mk1-seat-lowering

    LoL Are you serious?????
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    location of IAT Sensor on cup 172

    Sorry mate, but what youre actually doing is taking away one of the sensor readings that the ecu needs to acurately calculate fueling, and like most modifications you get what you pay for, sorry but putting a resistor in instead of an intake temp sensor reading wont help you - if it really did...
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    172 cup vs standard 172

    Go for the 172 mate, all the toys, then if you want more grunt/handling you can do an ITBs conversion (individual throttle bodies) and stick on some well setup coilovers... job done :-)
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    Quote: Originally posted by cliosport1.216v on 24 July 2005 based in bristol fredwhich spring chris ? spring in the drum for the shoe ?> Yup, the spring for the shoe mate.