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    iPod transmitter, where to buy?

    Hey Guys I would like one where the iPod sits smartly and you dont see to much cable and not a bulky clip-in holder. Hope you can help guys. Thanks
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    Why doesnt my download on soundsbox never complete ?

    As per title.... It goes so far then stops. Im using vista but had the same problem on xp. Thanks.
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    Can i change my contract with 02 as im still in my first 14 days ?

    Sorry guys, just double checked and im in my 17th day, so i cant change. Thanks guys
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    problem downloading from soundsbox

    Hey Guys After purchasing my selected music, i proceed with the download and it starts dowloading at 250kb and after a minute or so it suddenly stops. This is happening constantly. Any idea ? Thanks
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    Iphone 3g s or Blackberry curve 8900

    I currently have the first Iphone released, its jaibroken. I cant go on the net etc so i use the basics - calls,texts and pictures. My contract is basically finished and i have received my pac code from vodafone as im thinking of going onto 02 to take out a contract on the Iphone 3g s, then i...
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    Can Vodafone send my PAC code by text ?

    Hey Guys Im currently on Vodafone but im going to with 02 for the Iphone 3g S. Im in my last 30 days of my contract and requested my Pac code, but Vodafone said it will come thorugh the post and cannot send by text. They always say this, i have had it via text before. Im really busy...
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    New desktop for around £400 - ideas ?

    Hey Guys Im looking to spend around £400 for a new desktop. I dont need a screen,mouse or keyboard. Im the simple pc user. I surf the net, upload pictures, Itunes. I need one today so im going to go to pc world, i know they bend you but i need one. Im not clued up on pc spec's Thanks
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    Going to view a car tomorrow, want to leave a deposit.

    Im going to view a car tomorrow and as im going alone in my clio i cant drive away in the new car if i decide to buy. So i want to leave a deposit. Do i tell him before hand my intentions ? Its my first time on my own. Any advice on viewing ? Thanks
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    Whats the main points you look for when buying a car ?

    As per title... Thanks :D
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    How to install windows xp on the asus eee pc 900 with linux xandros

    Hey guys Following on from my other thread, i now have windows xp cd and was looking for some help. I have hardly no knowledge to do with computers, so go easy :D Thanks :D
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    Fed up with linux on my eee pc. Need to install xp

    As per title... Hey guys i need help. I have a eee pc 900 and it has linux but im fed up with linux as the webcam it comes with doesnt work with the messenger linux provides. There are ways around it but seems to complicated for me to do. So i was wondering has anyone installed xp on a...
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    Buying an iPhone. What to look for ?

    I may look into buying a iphone off eBay. Im not fussed about the new 3G version. Whats the term jai broken mean ? Im not up on the phone scene. What do i need to look for if i want a brand new iPhone to work on vodafone ? Thanks :D
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    Samung Omnia

    Due an upgrade and im looking into the samsung Omnia I have watched some of the videos on youtube and the phone looks great but im not to keen on the menu. The contacts page looks dull as does the main menu. How much customization can you do ? Overall whats the phone like ? Thanks :D...
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    mk2 ph1 window wipers, where to buy ?

    Hey I need new window wipers for my 1999 mk2 ph1 and not sure which ones to buy. Would one of you guys in the know post a link so i buy online if its possible. Thanks :D
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    How much to install a sat nav set up ?

    In a ph2 172 Either like Mike@Rentech or Has' Thanks :)
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    Is it hard to find mint ph2 flame red 172's

    As per title ... Both bodywork and mechanically. Thanks :D
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    Flame red owners

    Hey Guys When i see fellow members flame reds in pictures i have mixed feelings. Some shots i think WOW thats a great example and then another i think the colour doesnt look that good. I suppose it may be how the picture was taken etc Anyone had seconds thoughts after purchasing th flame...
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    Best colour for ph2 172 ?

    As per title ...... Thanks:)
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    High mileage mk2 ph1

    Hi Guys I have a mk2 ph1 and its approaching 117,000 and was wondering should i look to sell now ?
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    How reliable are mk2 ph2 172's ?

    Hi Guys How reliable are the mk2 ph2 172's ? Thanks
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    Best product to remove stain from cloth seat

    As per title... I was looking into buying auto glym stain and scuff kit, any good ?
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    Good 172 replica or not ?
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    Can this lcd act as a pc monitor aswell ? Looking into getting an lcd the same as above but as i dont know much about tv's and pc's, i was wondering could someone could tell me if i can use it as a pc...
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    Need help with finding a wireless router for broadband cable modem

    Hey guys Im thinking of investing in a laptop and would like wireless internet. I have broadband via a cable modem and understand i will need a wireless router. Any of you guys know what i would need to buy to have the full set up ? Thanks :D
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    Msn Messenger F****D

    Once someone signs in and i open up a convo box it just disconnects. It constantly happens. I have reinstalled it but no joy. Need help :(
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    Need anti virus protection for pc

    Hi Guys My anti virus is soon to expire and was wondering whats the best anti virus to run. Im currently using zonealarm on windows xp home edition. I want a complete package to protect my pc. Whats do you guys suggest ?
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    What do you guys think of this mini laptop ? I only ever you msn and go on the internet on the pc. I dont play games or do hardly any microsoft word documents even though it can handle using a word type program. To me it looks perfect for what i use a pc for. Built in camera...
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    SE W960i released tomorrow say tomorrow and sony ericsson have taken the star off it on their website meaning that its not a coming soon phone now. Im going to rinf orange now and see if i can upgrade :D
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    Do you think LCD's and the PS3 will drop alot after xmas

    As per title.... Im thinking of buying a 32" LCD and a PS3 but was wondering if you guys think its worth while waiting till after christmas. Thanks :D
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    Due an upgrade from today

    As per title.... Im thinking of waiting for the SE W960i but it there doesnt seem to be a date for its release. I like the Viewty and the p1i. Im not to keen on the K850i now after hearing of the problems and also seeing the phones mentioned above. If anyone has the p1i are they quiet big...