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  1. Luke

    Home Furniture / Decor Thread

    Hi folks, With the DIY thread going on, I thought it may be a good idea to have a dedicated furniture thread, as I cant be the only one constantly on the lookout for new stuff. I also love perving on other's styles and taking inspiration from them. Anyone got anything new incoming? Where do...
  2. Luke

    South Central Recommended Specialists

    Hi Guys, Hope we’re all well! I’ve been away from the RenaultSport scene for a fair while now and am behind the times! Who’s the ‘go to’ garages down here for servicing/repairs etc? I’d like someone to go over the Megane ideally! Cheers, Luke (sorry mods if this is the wrong place!)
  3. Luke

    Luke’s OG Megane RS 250

    Evening all, After never even being a passenger in a Megane, I naturally decided to fly up to Inverness this weekend to pick one up! Spec: Oyster Grey 250 Lux pack (leather, auto folding mirrors, keyless entry and start, auto dim rear view mirror, auto lights and wipers) Cup pack (limited...
  4. Luke

    Friends Z4 35i

    May be of interest to someone on here, lovely car!
  5. Luke

    Petrol Blue 182 - Chineham Tesco

    I was just pulling out of the back car park for the weekly bottle run. On what looked to be Trophy turini's; looked really smart! Anyone on here?
  6. Luke

    Trophy - xx05 WRC - Witney/Oxford way

    I was in the Mazda in front of you. Trophy's still look so good!
  7. Luke

    My NC2 Mazda MX5 Sport Tech

    Evening! The QS went yesterday, after 3 years i fancied a change. I've liked the idea of a soft top for a while, and was pretty much sold on a 3.0si Z4. Ended up test driving the Mazda on a whim as it was local and put a deposit down! It's a facelift MK3 Sport Tech, which makes it a 2.0 with...
  8. Luke

    Trophy - Alton

    Couple of days back behind the new 'Spoons pub. White 2118's! @Tim. ?
  9. Luke

    My TT QS on Pistonheads Offers will most certainly be considered!
  10. Luke

    172 Cup - Alton > Odiham > Hook > Reading

    On black wheels. Nippy thing, certainly kept up with the TT! Anyone on here?
  11. Luke

    TT QS Cleaned!

    Finally got around to giving the TT a bath this weekend. It was absolutely minging, honestly looks like a different car now! Anyway, took a few snaps this afternoon. Not the best as I only had the one lens on me and was loosing light, but they'll do. Still enjoying the car; it's...
  12. Luke

    Tim in the Banana boost bus

    This morning between Reading and Hook! Hi!
  13. Luke

    What haircut would Sir like today?

    So, after just under 10 months I decided to get shot of the Abarth. It was a good car, but for some unknown reason - and only 'car' people will get this - I just didn't click with it. No idea why. Anyway, picked up this Fagwagon on Saturday: It's a late TT Quattro Sport 240. First...
  14. Luke

    Clio 1*2 tailgate - 99p no reserve Someone bid for this. I just want it gone, lol.
  15. Luke

    Wordpress help (again) please :)

    Yes, I'm an idiot. Please bear with me, I'm not hugely technically minded. I was building a (really basic) site for someone and using a test url to do so, before they purchased the domain that they wanted. It was important to them that it was a CMS so I decided to use Wordpress. Anyway, today...
  16. Luke

    My 50mm Dilemma

    Evening chaps, I <3 my 50mm 1.8, but due to the D5100 not having an in built motor, it proves to be a bit of a pain when shooting anything that isn't a static object. So, I'm going to sell it. Now then, do I buy the AF-S version, or have a bit of a change and buy a 35mm f/1.8 and save £40...
  17. Luke

    My 50mm Dilemma

    Evening chaps, I <3 my 50mm 1.8, but due to the D5100 not having an in built motor, it proves to be a bit of a pain when shooting anything that isn't a static object. So, I'm going to sell it. Now then, do I buy the AF-S version, or have a bit of a change and buy a 35mm f/1.8 and save £40...
  18. Luke

    Excel help - removing duplicate values in different rows

    Alright guys, Hoping someone will be able to help a brother in need! I have two columns. Column A contains 53,604 records. Column B contains 53079 records. So, column A contains all of column B plus 525 new items. Is there a simple way to single out these 525 records, essentially deleting the...
  19. Luke

    Mate's P1 Impreza

    A good mate of mine has just stuck his P1 up for sale. Immaculate example, has to be one of the best out there.
  20. Luke

    My Primer Coloured Fiat 500

    Afternoon CS, As plenty of you know, I got rid of my valver a couple of weeks ago. Gutted, but I really wanted something a bit newer. Anyway, last weekend I picked up it's replacement: I was actually potentially eyeing up Clio 200's for next year until ClioToby posted a thread about 500...
  21. Luke

    Anyone use Wordpress? Help/advice please :)

    I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm completely new to this so please bear with me. At work, I've been asked to create a site for a charity that we support. It needs to be a CMS, so essentially I create it, and hand it over to them if they wish to add anything to it in future. So it seems like...
  22. Luke

    Forza Horizon Picture Thread

    Go go go :D Only one I've taken so far, can see some potential for some cool shots!
  23. Luke

    Editing Techniques | B&W to Colour

    Bonjour, Not strictly photography, but thought that this may be of interest to a few of you. I've been thinking of setting up a photo restoration service for a while now, and one thing that I've fancied teaching myself is how to convert a previous B&W photo into colour. Spent 45 minutes or so...
  24. Luke


    Morning all, With winter around the corner it's got me thinking about keeping my newly purchased rust-free valver, erm, rust-free! It will unfortuantely have to be my daily over the winter months, and I'm quite concerned about the salt after reading a few internet horror stories. So...
  25. Luke


    Ah, everyone's favourite stage. Or not. I hate drying. Like, can't stand it. Currently use some Megs giant towels and personally think that they're awful. No matter how hard I try, there's always water marks left afterwards. Any tips? I've heard that using a QD can help, and obviously my...
  26. Luke

    Trophy, The Oracle - Reading

    Level 2 last night, my valver was parked a few spaces down. Had a proper deja vu moment when I saw it :dapprove: Looked clean!
  27. Luke

    Mk1 16v - Clutch ratchet part number?

    Alright guys, With the help of Coops, I've discovered that my clutch issue seems to be something to do with the ratchet. The issue being that it randomly goes very light and I can't select a gear. A quick yank upwards of the clutch pedal seems to do the trick. Does anyone have a part number...
  28. Luke

    The Trophy's Replacement - Naples 16v

    Evening CS, As I'm sure a lot of you know, I used to drive Trophy 433: Which, unfortunately after an incident last month (see, now looks like this: Now, I loved that car and after spending a small fortune on it just...
  29. Luke

    A favour needed pretty please

    Afternoon Gents (and Ellen), Just wondering whether anyone could possibly do me a massive favour at all please? Do any of you lovely people that are localish to Reading have any spare Renault wheels just lying there that I could borrow for an indefinate amount of time please please? It...
  30. Luke

    RIP Trophy 433/500

    Wrote it off this morning on the way to work. Extremely gutted and a bit sore, but ok. Especially gutted as I've spend just shy of 2 grand last month getting it immaculate so it's ready to be sold. I'm going to attempt to buy it back, as the Turnini's/Recaros/Sachs/Spoiler etc are all in...