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  1. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    Assuming moving house doesn't financially cripple me (!) - I think I'll have to address the rear arches this year - along with the usual petrol filler cap area. Pretty much convinced myself that the filler cap side will most likely require the panel to be cut out and replaced and for the work...
  2. Darren S

    Light use air compressor?

    Chaps, We've purchased a new house just yesterday and it comes with a garage that has mains electricity running to it. I was wondering about the options for a light use air-compressor - one mainly for blowing air through a nozzle for de-dusting and general crap-clearout. I take it that if you...
  3. Darren S

    Oldest game you still play?

    There’s always a race to get hold of the newest and latest game coming out. But have you got some established gems that you still play? Occasionally I’ll have a dabble at some much older titles - probably my record last year was trying out a game from 1990. But for games to actually spend time...
  4. Darren S

    182 spoiler brake light - not working

    Hi all, Followed the wife in my car this morning and noticed that the spoiler brake light didn't come on at all. What's the best process of checking what's failed or needing to be looked at? Cheers, D.
  5. Darren S

    System thoughts - Adobe Creative Cloud and Blender?

    Hi all - I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here (usually gaming systems) and would appreciate any feedback regarding the two main packages mentioned above for a new PC system? I'm trying to help a work colleague make a decision. Does anyone have day-to-day usage of either ACC and/or Blender and...
  6. Darren S

    American Truck Simulator

    This is an oddball one. I've had the game for quite a while, along with Euro Truck Simulator and left both titles lingering in the library for the most part. A few months back, I tried ATS when I had the Logitech G920 wheel all setup, working in conjunction with the Fanatec shifter. The...
  7. Darren S

    Serious Sam 4

    Anyone tried this yet? As per the usual, previous format - it's superbly stupid, insane, cheesy and completely OTT. That however is exactly what makes it great. I also have to say, that it has a significant body-count per level in it too and is one of the few games recently that still...
  8. Darren S

    182 seat options - with the minimum of fuss?

    Hi all, Just a general question really as to what options of seats effectively 'bolt-in & go' for the 182? As many will have had and seen, mine are getting worse for wear after all these years. I loved the wrap around feel of the Recaros that came with the Evo VI, but I don't know how easy...
  9. Darren S

    Painting 182 interior door handles?

    Hi all, Just after some advice and suggestions regarding the interior door handles on the 182. We all know about the crappy rubberised, sticky coating that comes on them and I was just after removing them and spraying them matt black. Is there a best-practice to this? Removing the remnants of...
  10. Darren S

    My BG182 Clio Revamp

    My first project thread on here and one that’s a bit of a stretch to call it ‘my project’ as I did little more than agree to things being done! Anyways, a bit of back-story first… Back in November 2018, I created the thread below and kind of sat on it for a while...
  11. Darren S

    Ace Combat 7

    Took a punt on it after having the game sat on my Steam wishlist for a while and noticed the Deluxe Edition being 67% off at £23. I've always liked the semi-serious arcadey approach to games like these - almost like the classic Sega Afterburner game with a bit of back-story tagged onto it...
  12. Darren S

    The lament of Battlefield... (a semi-serious rant/whinge)

    What has happened? Where did it all go wrong? As an avid BF player from the original days of the BF1942 Tobruk demo, I've seen the series develop, evolve and progress over the years. The pinnacle (for me) without doubt was BF2142, where they balanced game progression with worthy upgrades...
  13. Darren S

    PC/Console gaming achievements - any that you're particularly proud of?

    I'm north of 3,000 achievements through Steam now - the majority have been worked for and required a bit of effort. Some are a joke though, requiring little more than launching the game in the first place. Others I haven't a clue how the other gamers have managed to obtain them. A slightly...
  14. Darren S

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    With my new-found liking for racing sims recently, I decided to opt for Assetto Corsa Competizione on the PC. As you'd expect, its from the same team that brought out Assetto Corsa, but focuses solely on the Blancpain GT series. That in itself is a...
  15. Darren S

    Work colleague purchased an '05 Clio 1.5DCi as their first car...

    ....anything else other than the obvious oil change etc that is specific to these, that they should address? Runs well from what I can gather already - but any oil-burner specifics that they should at least look into, would be welcome. Cheers, D.
  16. Darren S

    List of squidgy bits?

    Do we have a list anywhere that covers all of the bushes, principally for the suspension, on a 1*2? Ideally, we could extend that out to cover the likes of exhaust mounts and, TREs and rear beam bushes - but it would be very useful to have a list all in one place. Bits get tired and when work...
  17. Darren S

    Audible 'rotational' clunk from the rear under light braking

    Any thoughts in general about a noise I can hear on my car, guys? Unless it's one of those weird travelling-noise issues, I am 99% convinced that the noise is coming from the rear of the car, when I'm driving it. Under gradual, slow braking - say coming up to a set of red lights, I can hear an...
  18. Darren S

    Rally-looking white 172, Bala on 15/10/2019

    In white with bonnet mounted spotlamps - new style RS logos down the side. Pulled into the cafe car-park at Bala and left not long after.
  19. Darren S

    Starter motor on its last legs?

    Visited the parents yesterday and stopped at a shopping centre on the way over. The car had been fine, but when we returned from the shops, the 182 wouldn’t start at all. No clicks, could hear the fuel pump engage but zero attempt to fire when the key was fully turned. Did the quick self test...
  20. Darren S

    Backbox heatshield - just remove it?

    After nearly 15 years I think the heatshield above the backbox is finally on its last legs. Over the years, I've added larger washers to some of the bolt sections after the highly robust Alcan foil sheet, has clearly worn through and no longer supported by anything. Could I simply just cut...
  21. Darren S

    Boot-lock not working off the remote (182)

    Before blindly attempting to fix this - what would you guys suggest? I've heard comments about boot solenoids, etc - but is this the first port of call? Essentially the boot is locked at the minute with the boot button in the diamond not being able to be pushed in. The key fob flicks both door...
  22. Darren S

    Stellaris [PC/Console/Mac]

    Has anyone played Paradox's space strategy of Stellaris yet? It's been out a while (2016) and was initially plagued by issues, broken processes and general player frustrations. Now it seems that they have got the measure of most of the problems and have produced several official DLCs for it. On...
  23. Darren S

    Buy 3, get the 4th free?

    Seems like it would be a decent offer. Postage would be a b**ch though.
  24. Darren S

    DAB aerial and phone mic placement?

    Hi all, So, I've just fitted a Pioneer unit to my car and will be running the DAB aerial and the phone mic this weekend to somewhere in the cockpit. I was thinking of having the DAB antenna on the glass, next to the passenger side A-pillar - though I'm not sure at all of where to run the mic...
  25. Darren S

    M6 northbound, Saturday afternoon (9th Feb) - black track 1*2 on a trailer

    We drove past it on the inside lane - the Clio sat on a trailer facing backwards. No headlight units in it, but it clearly had a cage inside. Pretty sure it was a 172, due to the door badging, though I didn't see the rear.
  26. Darren S

    Excel help - ideally before I resort to Hulk Smash and murder...

    First off - MASSIVE kudos to those poor victims of modern society who sit in Excel on a daily basis. I think I would prefer to chew on house-bricks than to spend any length of time trying to work out and at least begin to comprehend the logic used in formulas. I'm pretty sure that there's a...
  27. Darren S

    Clio 182 revamp - initial thoughts

    This same thought has cropped up a few times over the years with regards to my 182. It's well into its twilight years now - and with regular posts of 1*2s being broken, scrapped or simply sold for peanuts - I've repeatedly thought about the revamp route. Why? Well I have a lot of personal...
  28. Darren S

    BG 182 near Darwen Services just now

    Went to Euro Car Parts for a battery and there was a BG182 parked on the corner near there. sticker on the rear window too.
  29. Darren S

    Swapped the headlight bulbs out - now its broken :(

    Must be something that I've done, but for the life of me, I can't think what. Yesterday I replaced the drivers side xenon bulb after it had stopped working. Naturally I did both headlights to ensure that the beam colour matched. I did notice that on the driver's side in particular, the...
  30. Darren S

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Might be one to look out for earlier next year. Really liked the original game on the PC.