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    iPhone Cup Holder Mount

    Has anyone used anything like this?
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    ClioSport Calendar 2013

    It's that time again. Couple of things.. 1) Please have high-res copies of the images. If you don't and they were taken with your phone or something, then please don't post them. Like 2500px on the shortest side as the originals. They need to be biiiiiig. 2) If you've taken a pic of...
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    Small Photobooks

    Hi. Anyone know where I can order photobooks with a small amount of pages? Photobox etc seem to do loads but they're all 26+ pages. I want something with half of that or the option to add/remove pages. Any suggestions?
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    Friday iPhone Apple Queue People

    Hi. I need a favour. Can someone please try and get me one of these - Don't want to wait the 2-3 weeks to get one from Apple. Thankyou!
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    iPhone 5.

    Official Details 4-inch, 1136 x 640 resolution Retina display The Apple A6: a smaller, faster processor for the iPhone 5 New 8MP Panoramic Camera LTE Worldwide Lightning Connector 16/32/64GB storage
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    Trax 2012 Video
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    Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2012

    Every August Bank Holiday for the last 30 years this scooters invade. About 5,000 apparently. It means it's impossible to do above 30MPH anywhere as they ride in big groups and you can't over-take. But some of them look pretty good.
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    Lens Exchange

    Hi. Is there anywhere decent/reputable that will do this? I have a Sigma 10-20mm that is mint but I want a Sigma 50-150mm and I thought doing a swap might be easier than the hassle of selling it on myself. Any links/help would be appreciated. And a rough guide as to what I should...
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    ClioSport Saturday 2012 Video
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    Latest offering featuring Kenny from the Block..
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    Pic Request - Standard Ph1 Engine - Official Renault Photos

    Anyone got an original brochure that has an engine picture in it? Or a press photo from when they came out? Not one you've taken yourself. Ta.
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    Sky+ Question

    I have two cables into my Sky+ (obviously) but they only just reach in its current location. I want to move the box and obviously the cables won't reach. Can I just buy a male > female connector and then another few metres of cable? Is it that simple? Ta.
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    No Power

    Pull away in 1st, into 2nd and there's no power. Even with my foot flat to the floor there's no acceleration at all. Almost like I've put it into 4th by mistake (I haven't) but it doesn't do it every time. Although seems to be more frequent now and driving home tonight was f**king awful. Once...
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    Fans Issue - Possibly not Resistor Pack

    I still haven't solved this and now it's hella hot, I want my A/C. 1) When I bought it it only worked on 4. 2) It would work. Then not. Then work. 3) Fred fitted resistor pack at CSS. All worked. 4) Back to just 4 working intermittently. 5) Nothing at all 6) If you wiggle the bottom...
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    T5 PHY

    Joe sold this didn't he? Had the smaller numberplate so it must still be on here! Lol.
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    New Siri Ads

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    Just curious as to how many of our members like to go on track with their cars.
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    iPad 3 - Released March 16th. Pre-Orders start 7th March

    10AM PST So thats 6PM GMT
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    Sky Insurance FTW

    Superb service. PM'd Ollie yesterday about getting a quote. He arranged for Luke to call me today. Called exactly when he said he would. Knows what he's talking about, got all my details sorted and offered me a very competitive quote with all the extras I need (Special Admin cover because I'm...
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    Resistor Pack

    Heaters only worked on 4 when I bought the car. After a while they would work on and off whenever they felt like it, but only on 4. Got another resistor pack at CSS, Fred fitted it for me :o and then all was well for the drive home. Lol. After that it just seems to work when it felt like it...
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    Heatshield Rattling - Nuts?

    Reeeet, my exhaust is rattling. Well, the heatshield. The two parts at the back that join together. There's a bolt that is attached to the car, then these two pieces go over that, nut on the end. M6 fits but the thread won't tighten. M8 is too big and just falls off. Are there special...
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    I'm on Instagram now. 'TheRevels' No idea what I'm doing and I haven't taken a picture of anything yet. But it's a start. iPhone only picture taking/sharing app..
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    XBOX Headset Question This. Does it connect to the controller instead of the system? I have an original 360, so its hella old...
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    ClioSport Calendar 2012

    It's that time again. Couple of things.. 1) Please have high-res copies of the images. If you don't and they were taken with your phone or something, then please don't post them. 2) If you've taken a pic of your car on your drive, with Doris' Corsa blocking out half of it, it's dirty and out...
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    iPhone 4S - Read post #1 before asking questions

    So, the news.. iOS 5 Launched on the 12th of October to mortals, along with iCloud. Cards app announced for iOS Find my Friends app announced for iOS Updates to iPod line, shuffle has revised OS and is now cheaper. iPod Touch now comes in white and is cheaper. iPod classic no longer on sale...
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    Big Cats

    Went to the zoo zoo zoo today. Haven't been for a while and really I only go to give me some shots to put in the calendar I make at Christmas. As usual, fences ruin everything. Anyway, here's a few..
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    I need two new ones and my spare is dead, so going to buy a full set. Tweeks quote £161 for a set of T1R's. Should get a bit of CS discount off that. I don't mind paying that but I've seen a few threads where people say they're only getting 6k from them. Don't really like the idea of...
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    B5 Wagon
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    CSS Attendees - Motor Museum

    Please select on the poll..