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  1. notfastnotfurious

    Best fixed dampened coilovers for my ph1 172

    just got an almost standard 172 today, My low blow engine from my cup will be going in so it needs to handle nicely for fast road set up. Any recommendations? Ktec seem to be cheapest, bilstiens are also appealing but are more expensive, also kw do an entry level. I want fixed as its lessle...
  2. notfastnotfurious

    Which dump valve?

    id like a dump valve for my low boost 172, already have chatter but i want more. Had a baileys in the past on a punto and it was loud but sharp sounding, not sure if thats what im after. Anybody know what the hks or greddy ones sound like? Even turbosmart? Thanks
  3. notfastnotfurious

    Anybody removed the airbag ecu without problems?

    all my airbags are removed so there is no need for the ecu and wiring just sitting there looking a mess, id like to strip it but when its unplugged and sometimes if it gets knocked the engine idles higher than normal sometimes resching 3k, anyone had the same issue and if not how much wiring can...
  4. notfastnotfurious

    Idles at 2k

    Had the car 14 months, Never happened before, just spent the day unplugging and rerouting the interior wiring that runs down the side of the footwells, all earths are in place, but ive pulled out the airbag module ecu and tied up the wiring, thought it might be this so plugged it back in again...
  5. notfastnotfurious

    Slimline fan

    can anyone point me in the direction of one thatl sit nicely on a standard size radiator? 399 x 476, demon tweeks do one thats 280 but doesnt say how it mounts. Do we use what the normal fan mounts to and just swap the fan? Ta
  6. notfastnotfurious

    Clio turbo offer

    just booked my ph1 iceberg shed in for the low boost kit in august, 2400 instead of 3000, getting a new clutch thrown in for an extra 195, very excited. Hopefully a two week turn around like promised. Anybody else using the offer?
  7. notfastnotfurious

    Ph1 rear lights all the same?

    is there any difference between the 172 and 1.2 tail lights? Really liking them at the moment and Want some for my cup. Ta
  8. notfastnotfurious

    brembo shimming/milling

    i really need someone to help me out here with this. I've been quoted £100 to knock back 5mm off the mounting points, plus they say the calipers will get marked as they will have to be clamped. I've bought them new so i don't want them scratched or marked. if i did then id have gone for used...
  9. notfastnotfurious

    Offset help please

    im almost ready to fit my brembo 4pots, i have team dynamics pro race 3's Offset is 35, it should be 43 on my cup I also have 10mm spacers, so i only have 2mm extra width Dont want the calipers to catch and i dont want to be in the situation where its been fitted then have to put originals...
  10. notfastnotfurious

    Any info on this 461bhp 182?

    Cant quite make out where this is. Mentions vag gearbox but not what the engine is. Also i thought standard cams are always better for boost?
  11. notfastnotfurious

    Megane 225 head on 172

    thoughts and experience on this please. Talking with @windle about the least complicated d.i.y turbo job for my daily used cup. Aiming for the 270bhp mark. Hes put the whole 225 engine in his, and seems to think if the head fits onto my bottom half, then as long as we do the pistons, rods ect...
  12. notfastnotfurious

    Czech company doing fibreglass parts Anybody know if theses are any good for quality? 188 euros which is £129 quid for both boot and bonnet Seems a good price to me
  13. notfastnotfurious

    Brembo conversion bracket help

    i need to know who to send my calipers to so they can have the 5mm machined off them? Anybody on here able to do this? Thanks
  14. notfastnotfurious

    Help with coilovers please

    so i have some gaz fully adjustables, they have a knob at the bottom of the rear ones for stiffness and also the two rings to adjust ride height, now cos im on 15s it looks too high at the back for my taste, i like the slammed look of most of the tyre hidden away, i have plenty of clearane to do...
  15. notfastnotfurious

    silver 182, wigan near abram and the flooded roundabout

    i was a blue cup with carbon bonnet, waiting a few cars back at the lights, saw you again in trafford centre
  16. notfastnotfurious

    Fuel rail removal

    I'm sending my spare inlets off to jamsport for porting, I need to send the fuel rail guard as well that I have fitted as it needs painting to match. Don't have a spare. How does it come off? I can't see what's holding it on, also can I run the car while it's not attached? Ta
  17. notfastnotfurious

    Trafford centre event city roundabout

    black 182 with blue wheels **55ttx I think
  18. notfastnotfurious

    De handle problems

    Just whipped out the passenger handle and lock, left the catch and wiring in place, filled the damn thing and then.......b*****d door wont lock!!!!! Obviously until my solenoid is fitted itl be ok just to be opened from the inside but, once the solenoid is on a permanent live anyone can open it...
  19. notfastnotfurious

    Supercharger help

    Does anyone else do a kit for my 172 apart from ktec? I dont want to go down the turbo route, prefeer better low end torque. Thanks
  20. notfastnotfurious

    What ignition leads?

    Are these 80 quid jobbies worth it ? Do they actualy help in any way? Got some decent plugs to change over with so might as well do both while its open.
  21. notfastnotfurious

    Tyre weld

    I want to take out my nasty and heavy spare wheel, how goes is this weld stuff? ive never used it before. Whos had good or bad experiences?
  22. notfastnotfurious

    Need help for custome exhaust

    Guys i want a 197 style exhaust on my 172 cup, but with bigger tail pipes, are there any traders on here in the north west area of england who can help me?. Thanks.
  23. notfastnotfurious

    lightest spare wheel available for 172 cup

    as it says in the title, i have a 15 inch skinny, but it still feels so damn heavy, are the original wheels any lighter? or should i just grab another speedline 2118? thanks
  24. notfastnotfurious

    map sensor high idle

    so I snapped my map sensor off while changing my inlet to the carbon dipped one i got from here last week, got another exact same model but the car revs at 5000rpm constantly when its turned on, all leads and bolts are in as normal, have also tried undoing the battery, no luck. any ideas much...
  25. notfastnotfurious

    Rollcage help

    Hi, im after a bolt in cage that i can still use my rear seats with, similar to the dimma one that the saxo's had. Thanks.
  26. notfastnotfurious

    north west 172 cup :)

    hey, just joined a few days back, finally got myself a blue cup yesterday, mega impressed. got it from a lad in falkirk and not sure if he's on here as the paperwork came in a folder. am hoping to get it down to the event on august 1st if its not too late. so yeah, hi.