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    Quick steering alignment Q

    Hey, Just a quicky. My steering wheel is slightly off centre. I.E. top centre (12 o clock) is actually about 2 o clock when moving. Is this something that getting the tracking done will sort out? If not how much extra ontop of tracking does it usually cost. Obviously one of the previous...
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    Quick steering alignment Q

    Hey, Just a quicky. My steering wheel is slightly off centre. I.E. top centre (12 o clock) is actually about 2 o clock when moving. Is this something that getting the tracking done will sort out? If not how much extra ontop of tracking does it usually cost. Obviously one of the previous...
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    Fitting buckets....advice

    Hey all Going to be fitting my buckets tomorrow, just checking a have everything and also that the bolts i need to go from the subframe to the seat are M8x1.25 and that i can reuse the renault bolts to fix the subframe. (cobra monaco seats by the way) Also i got 3.9ohm resistors as heard...
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    Grinding from steering

    Hey all, Got a problem and need some light shedding on it. Just went out to the car a sec ago to garage it for the night (it seen the road today in a very rare outing) and there is a grinding noise when rocking the steering, like a metal on metal noise. Does it engine on and off so not...
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    5mm spacers...would you bother with longer studs?

    Need to add 5mm spacers to my rear alloys to stop a slight rub when turning on the left hand side. If i was going above 5mm i would def get longer studs but will it matter if only spacing 5mm? Whats peoples thoughts?
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    Ph-Quick Offset and Ph2 Wheels

    Hey guys Will Mk2 Ph2 172 Alloys (Offset being 48.5) fit a Ph-Quick or will i need 5mm spacers so they dont rub? Need a quick answer if poss as getting some ph2 alloys tomorrow and need to know whether or not i need to pick up some spacers in the morning to lower the offset from 48.5...
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    Silver Ph-Quick - M6 heading north

    Saturday Night, Bout 7 ish i think, maybe half past Had a little play on the motorway heading up towards knutsford services, caught you up just after junction 16 M6. Didnt see any CS stickers but car looked nice W Reg, didnt get your reg as whilst having a blast with you i was also trying to...
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    Part No. Airbox and Arch??

    Anyone got access to renault part numbers? I need a part number for a Mk2 Ph1 172 (2001) Airbox and also a passenger wheel arch liner, The section that attaches to the underside of the front bumper (with the little flap vent thing in) Any help would be great thanks Rick
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    Lap Dancing Van!!!

    Sorry if this is a repost but here you go... Anyone up for a business oppertunity?
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    Dutty racing round warrington....

    ...Seen you on brigefoot tonight in your clio with a silver civic. I think it was you, big clio sport sticker in the back and white wheels. I was coming out of the village hotel. Caught up to you when the lad on the scooter was having a word to the guy in the civic. Then you both ran a red light...
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    Locking Wheel Nuts :S

    Any advice for removing these when you have been a pleb and lost the key? Need to get at least 1 off (Change the wheel) but need to di it without damaging the alloys Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Spotted Maz...Thelwall Viaduct

    Spotted you in the middle lane. I was in a yellow 106 Gti on the inside lane, car was looking nice. Rick
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    De-Cat and no light....

    As above, anyone know where i can get a decat for my Mk2 172 from that wont bring on the management light/f**k things up. Been waiting for BB tuning one but its forever in development...Fred? GDI? how much we looking at for a de-cat that wont bring my light on? ( i know its the wimps way but i...
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    Had a clean and thought i would post some pics

    Never posted pics of my car after a clean but thought i might as well as others have :)
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    Very quick conversion question.

    Coverting BHP@Wheels to BHP@FLY is it BHP@Wheels x 1.2 = BHP@FLY?? I think it is but just checking. Thanks
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    Photoshop Favour

    Can anyone do me a really big favour, tried on photoshop myself but made a hash of it. Can someone please photoshop my wheels in black and side badge and also in a dark grey colour please. Would be doing me a huge favour. Cheers
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    Next engine step...running out of money tho :)

    Hi all. Just after some advice really as what to do next and approx costs. Interested in advice from people that have taken things further also. Story so far Performance Panel Filter Re-routed Air Feed to Fog Light Well Hillpower Silicone elbow Matched & Ported Inlet Matched & Ported Plenium...
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    Really quick proline question.

    Just fitted my prolines today. Do i need to get the tracking done or will it be ok? When i tested it afterwards it was pulling to the right quite badly and when i checked the right hand side was lower than the left but noticed the tyre was a little low on pressure so will pump it up in the...
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    I know this has been done to death but....

    ....All i am after is a yes or no answer from the people in the know. I currently have a green panel filter, i was wondering about an induction kit and the highest my budget will reach is viper or bmc money really. I know the best would be maxogen but i dont fancy paying silly money for a IK...
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    Baffles on way out, need advice...

    as above my baffles in my magnex system are starting to go, only had the bugger 4 months. Anyway i know its covered under lifetime warrenty but to be honest i dont really like the twin pipes sitting under the bumber anymore and the design of the backbox means they cant be lifted and cut into...
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    Back from Hillpower

    Hey all. Finally got into see nick today for my ported inlets and ported plendum chamber. Also got a silicone bend while i was there. Rolling roaded before and after shown a gain of 6-7bhp. so now i am getting ever closer to the actual 172 quoted by renault lol. Figures meaning nothing tho the...
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    Checking gearbox oil levels?

    Hi all Just wondered if there is a way to check the gearbox oil level as had it changed the other weekend and there is oil in the drip tray under the car. Now i am worrying they didnt put the bung back in right, either that or when they drained it they didnt care where it all went and got it...
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    GAZ coilovers on ebay, 2 days left...

    Apologise if its a repost but if anyones after some might be a bargain... anyone on here selling these?
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    £800 to burn :)

    hi all. Spent the weekend pricing up some trophy turinis and tyres, anyway long story short after working out its gonna be about £800 in all i went to the window, looked out on my 172 with standard alloys and thought...i really like those, why bother changing them. So therefore i am keeping the...
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    Trophy Wheels on mk2 172

    Hi all Thinking about getting some trophy wheels for the 172. Question is how would the trophy offset of 45 sit on my 172 mk2 FF (think my offset is 48?? correct me if i am wrong. Will these get any rubbing? it is lowered on sportlines. Cheers guys, Need a quickish answer please
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    oh the continuing mystery suspension gremlins!

    Right here we go again. After checking last weekend to find my mystery straining noise at the back, and might i add failing its time for drastic action. Presuming its suspension related its given me the excuse to order some coilovers (john @ 2modified should be expecting a call). However...
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    182 cup springs onto 172 FF mk2

    Any advantage to this? any lower? better handling? can it be done? anymore questions? :) Only looking for new springs for the back incase that has anything to do with the creaking noise i cant find (see other threads) and someone on here is selling 182 cup springs second had (done 10000...
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    Found the noise!!! But still need help

    While changing my pads at the front today (car on axel stands at front) i noticed while jacking oneside of the car down after removing one axel stand the rear made the same straining noise as it does when i take a left hand corner. Didnt do it when dropping the other side tho. Am i right in...
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    More suspension problems

    ok all i have sorted the tapping from the rear, dodgy renault zorst rubber! Now the problem is when turning left a get a creaking/straining noise coming from the rear left of the car. It does it more when straightening up after turning a left....any ideas please as i can have a look at sorting...
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    BMW Priceless!

    53 plate BMW 3 Series 330ci Covertable - Circa £28,000 Fake tan to attract ladies - £10 per week Driving at 9pm in the dark with just sidelights and fogs - Saving £10 replacing main beam lamps Pulling up at the lights and laughing at a little clio - Free but the chain on his neck must...