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    ssd upgrade on macbook pro, best thing i have ever done!

    my mbp is a mid 2010. to be honest i haven't used it in a long time, then when i did need to use it, it ground to a halt it was un useable, i was about to buy a new mbp however decided to try a ssd, purchased a 1tb sandisk pro, wasn't cheap but all online reviews gave it pretty much the best...
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    Auto finesse Aqua delux towel

    Anybody on here got one and had any problems? Don't get me wrong it dries really well but it sheds green fluff all over the place I mean I can shake it and watch the threads fall out.... Not right surely?
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    Vaccume recommendation!

    Ok I needed a wet dry vac, so after looking online I found the Titan range at screw fix, I only wanted something cheap so these were perfect, I paid £49.99 and the thing has impressed me! Not only does it have a suction that is better than our Henry and Dyson, there are no stupid filters so...
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    want to buy a new console, which one? (no fighting)

    ok so i got some spare cash, i want to buy a new console either a ps4 or a xbox one which do i get? will be run through an amp with 5.1 surround, running a 80mbit fiber connection, also have sky hd which i believe the xbo can be linked through?? as for game types, i like racing games...
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    Amg take 2!!!!

    Ok so I was really happy with my e55amg over the moon to be honest, was going to be mapping in the next few weeks... Well that was the plan until a freelander tried to mate with the rear end! Me and the misses were sat still in traffic when with no warning SMASH!!! Guy didn't even attempt to...
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    new car time....

    so the audi s4 has engine issues, and is being sold or broken shortly :( would cost far too much to fix and didn't have the time to do it. fancied a change before it went tits up anyway... so i got this. massively happy with it, pretty much every option possible on it :) not loud enough...
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    Pad + polish help....

    My audi s4 and it has the ebony black paint on it, not looking amazing ATM, I have a das6 pro with some menzerna polishes and sonus pads, even using the restore pad with fast gloss I'm just not getting the finish or close to the finish I want, there is still scratches and holograms that just...
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    New wheels time...

    Ok need some new wheels, had a look at a few in the vag range but they are stupid money for oem wheels and I'm not buying reps! I have decided I want some 3sdm's now I need to decide what model I want... They will be 18/9.5 I thought about 19's but tyres are far to much money and I like the...
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    Wo is the head of apple uk sales?

    It's no longer krispin lowery as he has left, does anyone know who it is now or know of someone I can speak to in the uk that can actually sort my issue to a acceptable standard? Basically I went to an apple retail store to have a warrantee replacement on a iphone.... They replaced it with a...
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    sold the rx7... was gutted but time had come! anyway replaced it with a audi b6 s4, has a 4.2l V8... not massively powerful, but it shifts very well for the car size and weight! at the moment the car is stock. has the silver (actually cream) recaro interior, audi sat nav (rns-d) which isnt...
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    Top secret drag r vs unreliable no torque car

    Time for people to hate... But 9.something 1/4 is pretty impressive... More so to beat what is basically one of the best tuner in the worlds car...
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    Ps3 twisted metal

    Anyone got it? Rented it today, just waiting for downloads and patches to finish before I play, from what I can tell its a remake... I spent hours playing this game lol :)
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    invisible mercedes pretty cool....
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    poll: keep R Magic or go 99 spec

    ok quick poll... do i keep my current front end which is a mega rare R Magic front, one of 2 or 3 in the uk and nearly 2k to bring in to the uk... or do i swap for a genuine oem mazda 99 spec front???? i can't make my mind up,
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    Fao Of englebert and loony (plus any Honda fanbois lol)

    Last night I made a comment on someone locals status who wants to get a nsx, I said as long as its not like the white nsx "type r" from Swindon seeing as its ropey and no such car exists.... If the owner got the body panels aligned it would be a start.... To which I got a reply telling me I...
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    toyota gt86

    not seen anyone mention this yet.... but think subaru make a pretty much identical car anyway rwd... looks fun and already drifting it in d1 in japan lol however one of the "styling" options is massively gay oh and this is the subaru brz.... which is pretty much the same car lol!!
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    iPad and iphone wifi issues...

    Anyone else have performance issues on wifi with either??? I'm almost thinking its a ios5 issue... My iphone used to be fine but my 4s and iPad 2 are both having issues, I'm in the middle of nowhere but still don't expect it to be this bad... It seems to pick and choose when to mess about too...
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    Portfolio app??

    I'm getting my portfolio together and want it all digital so that means having loads of printed film images digitised I want to put it together as a digital portfolio on my iPad, there are a fair few on the AppStore but can't decide which, so anyone use one, paying for it is not an issue....
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    ps3 welcome back

    right ok... i go on to the store and the first time i tried the free games jobby was there... i clicked on the game i wanted... said i needed to accept or download something first i pressed ok and the store then crashed... since then there is no free game option :( have i broked it for good??
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    dragon go drifting bearing in mind ross started drifting as he thought it was gay and it looked easy... he is getting good lol!
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    rotaries and bad fueling (MPG)

    i think its a myth.... check the fuel gauge top left at the start... then check at the end lol!!! its only a short vid but LOL!
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    apple time machine migration??

    if you back up using time machine to an external hdd can you then plug this in to a new mac and migrate all the info, files, folders, apps etc to the new mac??
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    Apple care and stores can suck my toe!

    seriously! had issue with my mbp, called apple care first guy says yeh battery problem. he tells me to run a couple tests and call back if the problem persists. call back, guy number 2 says that its not a battery issue and is hardware... and that i need to go to an apple store for a...
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    drifting hero cars hero drivers hero entry...

    sexy knights vs burst... sexy knights backwards entry... = hero.
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    2 vids first is biggest entry comp... i wanted to see the 86 do the 360 entry lol but sadly guess it doesnt... and re amemiya rx7 incar...
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    gtr smokes veyron...

    first part is impressive, second not so much untill the gtr just f***s off lol!
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    got stretch??

    thats serious stretch lol!
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    random iphone backup question

    mate of mine is having computer issues, his laptop wont back up his iphone itunes is just having a benny. he wants to back up his iphone so everything on it sort of thing... can he plug it in to his gf's laptop and back up everything like pics and apps and numbers etc?? i know music wont go...
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    mum is getting a new car... dimondbrite?

    ok she is replacing her mrk3 mx5 with a mrk3 mx5... but the facelift... now the paint on her current one is TERRIBLE! it scratches so easy, i mean you brush past a bush and it leaves white scratches all over it (car is a blue metallic with a pearl on it, its weird!) and they wont polish out! i...