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  1. steviekyle13793

    MK1 Megane Coupe

    Hi, More curiosity than anything else ... for now. The Mk1 Megane Coupe, what is the interchangeability like between this and the Mk2 Clio, if any? I currently have a high boost 172 Cup and would love to look in to reselling what I currently have in to something like this? So, basically...
  2. steviekyle13793

    Wiring loom

    Hi, Noticed my wiring loom is falling apart. What gauge wire is used to connect the pas pump, etc. I'm going to rewire this just don't want to use to small a wire which can lead to heat sources. Cheers
  3. steviekyle13793

    HPAS vs. EPAS

    Hi, Currently on with my latest Clio build and unsure on what to go for. My last turbo build I went EPAS but I wasn't overly keen on the steering feel when on track. Now, the HPAS obviously offers more steering feel but isn't without it's negatives ... the dreaded leaks, pump going bang and...
  4. steviekyle13793

    Momo boss tracking problem

    Hi, Recently fitted a Momo boss to my 182 (with cruise control). The Sabelt wheel is currently at around 11oclock when driving in a straight line so obviously something isn't right. I know the Momo boss has an indication to show where the "Top" of the boss should be located, and this is closer...
  5. steviekyle13793

    R888r, NS2r, Speedline wheels, no reserve, 99p start

    I have these all available on eBay with a 0.99p start and no reserve. Grab yourself a bargain! Speedline wheels x 5: R888r x 4...
  6. steviekyle13793

    My 172 Cup Track Car Project

    Hi, I'm Steve, as you can probably tell by my username. Just wanted to clear that up as I regularly get called Kyle and it's quite annoying 😂 A little bit about me: I'm 24 CNC horizontal miller Massive love for all things car related For the last 6 years since passing my test I've...
  7. steviekyle13793

    Laws on road legal track car

    Hi everyone, I am looking at purchasing these seats for my road going track car. They will be fitted with harnesses as well so I am wondering if they will be road legal if they are fixed to the floor ... ...
  8. steviekyle13793

    1.5 DCI 80 1st Gear Trouble

    Hi, I have not long had my 1.5 DCI and sometimes have difficulty putting it into 1st gear, sometimes it goes straight in, other times it needs a good wiggle and some force. My guy instinct was dogbone mount as I was also getting a lot of vibration feedback through the gearstick, however, I had...
  9. steviekyle13793

    AB 182 - SilverLink, North Shields

    CN04RVR ... Lovely looking motor parked outside of Halfords in SilverLink today around 1:30pm :)
  10. steviekyle13793

    Christmas Meet

    It seems everywhere is having a Christmas Meet with the excepion of the North East, has anyone got anything planned or does anyone want to help sort something?
  11. steviekyle13793

    Tips on Cleaning

    Hi all, Recently purchased a BG 182 and the paint work is rather dull. I am new to this whole car detailing thing and would appreciate if some people could recommend a list of products for me to purchase to give my cars paintwork a bit of life. I have read through the stickys but quite...