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  1. Leo182

    Seat tilt forward wire broke

    Anyone know a decent cable to replace it with. Seat won't tilt forward and I've replaced the cable with a bike gear/brake wire a few times over the last year but it always fails, so annoying. Ta.
  2. Leo182

    Locking wheel nut slipping

    Any ideas on how to get it off? No problem with 3 of them but the drivers side front is just slipping off.
  3. Leo182

    Spongy brake pedal after front pad change

    Changed front pads today and afterwards my foot goes to the floor :( now I've done pads a few times and never had this issue. I realise 9/10 it's air in the system but not sure that's the issue tbh. I did crack open the bleed nipples whilst compressing the piston back - only drained less than...
  4. Leo182

    Mot today guaranteed fail unless...

    ... I can get the airbag light off, any suggestions? I've got a CLIP however I can't install the software for some reason so any other way to get it off? It's intermittent when the seats slide back etc so it will be the wiring under, got some resistors knocked about but not 100% where they...
  5. Leo182

    Clip but missing bits?

    Here I've been after a clip for a while but i see it comes with only the 16pin obd lead so no 12pin Renault lead or CD software. Can the 12pin and software be got separately? couldn't find it after a quick search.
  6. Leo182

    Handbrake cable fitting

    Quicky lads, I am changing both cables tomorrow - car is currently on axle stands after i took out the one that had snapped. I have an idea of what's involved however when I took the knackered one off it wouldn't slide through the hole as the the nipple end (oh er) was obviously too big. I...
  7. Leo182

    Metallic Screech on full lock - Crank Pulley??

    Evening all. Here goes. I am getting a like metallic like screech sound on full lock and for the first time today I heard the same type of noise when I started the the car up then it went virtually straight away. It's a piercing noise that sounds bloody awful, I did notice the other month -...
  8. Leo182

    Handbrake cable Suppliers?

    Best place to get a set from for my 182 please lads? One sides gone on mine and finally decided to sort them out. Checked RPD and one side is oos and heard ECP ones don't fit. Cheers.
  9. Leo182

    182 clock/radio display not lighting up after replacing bulbs

    Well annoyed (n) Took the top dash off to get at the bulbs replaced them with some blue leds, swapped the orange filter film out replaced with some white film connected back up and nothing :( I checked the leds compared to the ones I took out and they seem to be missing some contacts where...
  10. Leo182

    Big Coolant leak - Waterpump?

    Thoughts lads? I'm thinking waterpump perhaps? can't see any pipes leaking etc. I've been under the car today and filmed that, sorry about the low quality. Having a mare at the moment with the motor and MOT is tomorrow! Will they even test it like this? can drive it but...
  11. Leo182

    72k Service Quote, about right?

    Car is due the dreaded 72k service shortly and been quoted £865 from a specialist and to be honest that's not what I wanted to hear! I am thinking about it, love the 182 to bits but not sure about paying that, I expected £600 or £700 MAX! It does include all belts/dephaser/water pump (leaking...
  12. Leo182

    Car is now Dead

    Hi lads, last resort you boys! Not happy, thought it would be a piece of pish and away I go. Here goes. I have changed a broken injector - car ran fine before this, made sure they are all seated correctly etc connected the fuel rail back up and the bloody thing won't start up :( I've tried...
  13. Leo182

    Broken Injector?

    What a shi**er of a day (n) had nothing but car trouble today, here is the latest balls up. I took the fuel rail guard to gain better access to the oil filter in order to change the oil. I was super careful or so I thought and I only realised something was amiss when I went to start the car...
  14. Leo182

    Exhaust or Engine/Coolant leak

    Anyone know what this could be from? I noticed some puddles on the tarmac but not sure the cause of them. I've also noticed the coolant dropping rapidly. I can't see any leaks pouring out from the engine bay although the exhaust leak is a lot.
  15. Leo182

    Air Bag Fault Codes, photos included

    Air bag light is on, does sometimes go off but more often than not comes on, got MOT in a few weeks so need to sort it out. I also have the SERV light on but that I think is down to the rain sensor being unattached - new windscreen fitted but wrong type! I turned off the SERV light but it does...
  16. Leo182

    Xenons - Can you strip them down?

    Quicky lads. I was wondering - I have no idea If it's possible but can you strip down a 182 Xenon headlight in order to basically swap out the bits n bobs into a new lens?? I have a working Xenon which is all good inside but the lens is cracked and was wondering If I could transfer all the...
  17. Leo182

    Bumper repair price

    Evening all. I've been quoted £360 to get it sorted by a bodyshop near me , take 3 days apparently! and £120 by a mobile who have a decent rep, is that about right? It is not me who will be paying, person who went into the car - his fault wants to settle away from insurance but I doubt he...
  18. Leo182

    Write Off or Not??

    Advice please all. Mrs was involved in a low speed collision in Tesco car park, other drivers fault on a mobile phone failing to stop at a junction going staight into the passenger front side. She took all his details. Rang my insurance and they tell me it could be wrote off! bit shocked tbh...
  19. Leo182

    Heator resistor fuse?

    Anyone tell me which fuse it is as I am stuck at work and the Mrs needs to stop the fans as they ate on full blast! I know its on the fuse box cover but shes a woman lol Cheers.
  20. Leo182

    Air Con woes Part 2 :0(

    Alrite lads, I'd like to pick your brains for a final time before I get ready to launch my French friend into a river ? Ok following on from this thread here --> clicky where basically I had a hole in the high pressure pipe which I then replaced with a second hand used one - was assured it was...
  21. Leo182

    Air con pipe replacement

    How hard/easy is it? Do you have to take the bumper off? I have a very small hole on the smaller of the two air con pipes caused by a plastic bit of clip rubbing against it grrrrrrr Any help much appreciated. Cheers.
  22. Leo182

    Engine bay Smoking!

    Afternoon guys, Mrs was driving the 182 and basically it started smoking! she rang me fearing for her life!! Car is parked up and this is the problem. Supposed to be going away on Wed, easy fix or not?? Cheers.
  23. Leo182

    Serv light and MOT

    Hi lads, My serv light is on - no other lights just that and my car is currently getting MOT'ed at the moment, now I reading this thread and I have had a new windscreen fitted however I didnt get one with the autowiper bracket...
  24. Leo182

    Temperature Gauge Erratic after long Run

    Any ideas? I was coming back from Wales and 40mins or so in on the motorway the needle on the temp gauge decided to dance about :confused: thing bounced about, never done that before. I tested it again today for about 10mins and the needle climbed to the middle and stayed there and didn't...
  25. Leo182

    182 Third brake light fitting

    Anyone tell us how you fit one :blush: Took my old one out ok but I can't seem to remove the white connector that the old one has left behind. . I looked at this thread but it doesnt really mention fitment just removel...
  26. Leo182

    Help! Rear Pads won't Fit MOT later!!

    Help :( I thought it would be dead easy too. Replaced rear disc no problem but coming to put the caliper on then the new pads the holes dont mstch up on the caliper to bolt it up. Its the pad on the outer side, the inner is fine having wound the piston in Mot at 5 eek!
  27. Leo182

    Front wipers just Died

    Well p!ssed off :rage: Anyone help us out here :cry: I was just driving the car in the rain then they stopped just like that, then a burning smell followed. I have pulled over and turning everything off, tried the wipers after 10mins and nothing. I lifted the bonnet and scuttle panel to see...
  28. Leo182

    Balls, Snapped High Tensile Bolt :(

    Fuming :rage: I am changing the Discs on the Mrs's car and the Caliper bolts were on silly tight and on trying to undo the second one it snapped right off :rage: Any ideas on how to get this out? trying drilling it with a HSS drill bit but it hardly marked it 😞 Pic of Bolt and...
  29. Leo182

    Climate not very Cold

    Alright guys, Any ideas why my Climate/Air con is not blowing out cold when set to min? it used to be pretty chilly but now it's not. I posted in this thread but got no response. It doesn't seem to be that issue anyway...
  30. Leo182

    Climate Control/Heating Won't Turn Off!

    My 182 ff has all of a sudden developed this fault 😞 No matter what I do I can't switch it off unless I take the keys out the ignition! It works ok but as I say it won't turn off. Any ideas people? Ta.